NBA Trade Rumors: Extreme Makeover, Oklahoma City Thunder Roster Edition

Casey Womack@caseywomackCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2010

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With the trade deadline coming to a close within 24 hours, just about every GM's phone will be ringing off the hook all day long. Thunder GM Sam Presti definitely fits into that category.

So just for fun, let's play the 'what if' game with the Oklahoma City Thunder and try to throw some trade ideas out there.

My favorite trade idea, which is extremely unlikely, is going after somebody like Marc Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies. The Thunder could send something like Nenad Krstic, Kyle Weaver and a first round draft pick for Gasol.

Yes, it's just about as realistic as the Thunder getting Dwight Howard. But who cares? We can throw the idea out there.  

It would dump off some cap space for the Thunder and add some extra experience for the Memphis Grizzlies, who are quickly falling into a slump.

A big man is all the Thunder need.  If Presti goes after somebody other than a center, I will put my face in a bowl of fire.  

So what big guys in the NBA other than Gasol would be a realistic fit for the Thunder?

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It needs to be somebody who is aggressive. That's been the weak link for the Thunder by having Krstic starting.  He can have his average nights playing defense, but he'll never be an aggressive shot blocker.

Another highly unrealistic target could be somebody like Andrew Bynum.  If you have read any of my previous trade rumor articles you would know how high I am on this guy.

The Lakers have shown interest in trading him. However, it would cost the Thunder somebody like Jeff Green and a young guard, which I'm hesitant to give up.  

Although, Bynum is a young guy who is one of the last pure centers in the league. He has an unknown ceiling and could go as high as his work ethic takes him.

Next, what about somebody like DeJuan Blair? The young rookie is showing he can be a beast down low. The only thing that could be sketchy would be his knees issues that everyone has worried about.

He's extremely aggressive and fits into the defensive mindset the Thunder has created. He wouldn't be impossible to get if you include Nick Collison, a solid post player that San Antonio could really use right now.

Now let's look at somebody who is completely random, but could actually be a high reward. Channing Frye from the Suns would fit the offensive mold of using hybrid-like players to create mismatches.  

He's a big guy who can play down low and step back beyond the arch and fire some trey balls up if he really needs to.

It is definitely out of the loop, but that's what we do on the deadline day: We can speculate and throw ideas out there.  

Even though I'm about 90 percent sure that there won't be a single move including the Thunder all day, the Thunder community is hoping the management will pull some miracle and get an All-Star big guy.  

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