To Gary Bettman, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament

Nick JamesContributor IFebruary 18, 2010

PITTSBURGH - OCTOBER 2:  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman addresses the media before a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers on October 2, 2009 at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Dear Gary,

Please stop treating us like we're idiots.

The Coyotes don't belong in Phoenix, no matter what you want us to think.

Your experiment has run its course, and now it's time to plug the positives into a system that actually works.

And that means letting the Coyotes go on home to Winnipeg.

What I'm about to say may come as a shock to you, but Canadians actually enjoys watching hockey. In fact, they're crazy about it. Canada and Hockey are the Joanie and Chachi of the sports world. Why keep them apart?

Now I don't mean to offend the one or two loyal 'Yotes fans that troll around B/R because it's gotta' be tough being a fan of this team considering the lack of excitement (see: playoff berth) they've generated during their tenure in Arizona.

And it's especially hard for me to advocate a move considering the season they're having (37 wins in 63 games, good for 4th in the Western Conference) but with the current state of flux as far as ownership goes (see: complete cluster****) a move seems like the best possible option.

Think about it, you know there is a fan base in Winnipeg waiting to be given a team. You know the franchise will actually make money with arena sellouts almost a sure thing. And you know that even if the team goes south, the fans will still be there. Canadians are crazy like that.

Look no further than the clinically insane population that calls themselves Maple Leaf fans.

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The team is awful, and hasn't been good in years. But the blind optimism among these poor souls is astounding.

Canada has some great fans, and the Coyotes deserve some with the way they've been fighting this year. And let's give them competent ownership this time. Basically look at what's being done in Tampa right now and do everything the opposite way.

This franchise was dropped off in Phoenix like a Prom Night Dumpster Baby after the NHL's American expansion changed the financial look of the league. Give Winnipeg the shot it deserves now that there is a CBA to protect teams and keep things competitive.

The Expansion Era hasn't been a complete failure, but it's time to fix what's broken.


The Fans

PS-We know about your crush on Sidney, let us talk to him for you, maybe we can set something up for the two of you.


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