Tracy McGrady Can Make The Bulls a Contender

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2010

Even though the reports are saying that Tracy McGrady will be headed to the New York Knicks by Thursday, the Bulls still have time to get him and they should.

The Bulls have nothing to lose and need to realize that T-Mac can still play. T-Mac has been training with Tim Grover, the same trainer who trained Michael Jordan. Grover is a proven trainer and recently helped Dwyane Wade save his career. Wade came back to the Olympics in 2008 and just dominated and then he went on to have one of his best seasons in 2008-09. 

McGrady is arguably the hungriest player in the NBA right now. This man has too much to prove and he is mad. McGrady can still average 25 in this league, but people don't believe that because he hasn't played a full season for so long. Tracy was a great player when he was healthy and never really got to showcase his abilities when he was out for so long and people just counted him out.

Now he wants to show the world he can still play and still be effective. Tracy can still play and he will prove that no matter what team picks him up. But whichever team picks him up will be lucky because that team can make a serious run depending on who they are.

The Knicks are a good team for McGrady to go to because in Mike D'Antoni's open offense he will be free to showcase his abilities and can show people he can still score. But the Bulls need him more than any team. They are currently 26-26 and are sitting as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. Derrick Rose has been playing extremely well as of late and is already becoming a star.

Rose is the perfect star to build around and can make this franchise super successful in the future but the Bulls have the pieces to win now and they are that one piece away from being that team that can beat anyone no matter what their record is. That piece is a guy like Tracy McGrady. A guy who can take games over with his scoring and can make plays because he is so big and athletic.

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McGrady is a match up nightmare and he would taken a lot of pressure off of Rose. T-Mac and Rose could make a great 1-2 punch and even though the Bulls can't be a first seed in the East they can still be a fifth or sixth seed and they would have enough firepower to beat teams like the Celtics, Magic, Hawks, and maybe even the Cavs in the playoffs. 

McGrady, who is not a selfish player, would be fine with Rose getting the shine and they could really make things happen in the East. If the Bulls are serious about winning they need T-Mac NOW! This guy is going to make a lot of owners feel stupid once he plays, but the Knicks are playing meaningless basketball and probably won't make the playoffs.

If T-Mac goes to Chicago and plays well they can even re-sign him in the offseason and they would be a big man away form being serious contenders for many years. McGrady is the perfect fit for the Bulls and it could be a magic season for the Bulls if they work out a trade for him in the next day. 


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