NBA Daily Dribbles-Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers On Verge Of Winning Lottery

Pat DeCola@Pat_DeColaCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2010

Countdown to NBA Trade Deadline: Three Days

What I’m Reading

• While there might be a record amount of snowfall in Dallas, trade talks heated up during All-Star Weekend, particularly regarding Amar’e to the Cavs. Wait, what?

• The Celtics either have or haven’t been active in trade talks, depending on if you choose to believe Danny Ainge. But if you live on the logical side of the fence, sources indicate that Boston is looking to get younger via shipping out Ray Allen.

• Now that Caron Butler is a Mav, the Wiz might have had enough of this trading thing. Expect them to sulk and moan for the next two months. Or at least just not trade Antawn Jamison.

• Whoa. Looks like the Bobcats really are getting sold. In the next 60 days , no less.

• I’ll admit it. I have a man crush on Patrick Ewing. Because of this, I feel the need to relay any news regarding Pattycakes to you fine people.

What I Think About It

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• Oh my. The Cavs might be getting their hands on Amar’e. And they’d have to give up practically nothing, with the exception of young J.J. Hickson. And they’re probably going to get Jason Richardson along with Stoudemire in the deal. Did I say “oh my” yet? I feel like my awe needs to be emphasized.

I don’t see how Cleveland doesn’t instantly just project themselves light-years ahead of the rest of the league if this happens.

Look at this potential playoffs starting lineup: Mo Williams, Delonte West/Jason Richardson, LeBron, Amar’e, Shaq.

Just. Plain. Scary.

Accompanying this lineup would also be a solid backup core of Daniel Gibson, West/Richardson , Anthony Parker (who has played the second most minutes on the team), Anderson Varejao, and any number of interchangeable big men at center.

All sources indicate that the Cavs are easily the front runners to steal Amar’e away from Phoenix, though the Suns might wait until deadline day to pull the trigger. But if they do, watch out, Eastern Conference.


• Unless the C’s come storming out of the All-Star break like a brute-force tornado and beat the Kings by 50 tomorrow, they’re likely to make a move. They have to. They have failed miserably to live up to the forecasted potential that was put upon them to start the season.

Sure, they’re still a formidable 32-18, but they sit in fourth place and have yet to prove that they can consistently beat any of the three heavyweights in front of them in the standings.

It’s going to be painful for Boston fans to see the Ray Allen, the starting shooting guard of the All-Time-Likable NBA players, go, but at this point, it almost seems inevitable.

The C’s are desperately trying to get younger and stronger to beef up the aging core that has been less and less intimidating as time passes.

Look for several wacky rumors to come out about the Celtics today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, but don’t shrug any of them off, because at least one of them is probably true.


• I have to feel bad for Jamison.

He’s been so loyal to this franchise. He never says a word whenever the Wiz are just treading water waiting for Gilbert Arenas to return the next season after he finds a way to miss the majority of the team’s games via injury or stupidity.

This has literally happened each of the past three seasons. Jamison ain’t no spring chicken, either. He’s in the twilight of his career. Washington owes it to him to trade him.

Yes, he doesn’t have the friendliest contract (he’s due to make $28 million over the next two seasons) so the time to move him is now, anyway. They don’t benefit financially from keeping him.

The Wiz are going to be launching into mega-rebuilding mode, so why not do one of your players a favor and send him somewhere that he can win a ring?


• I’m currently in the middle of writing up my offer sheet to buy the Bobcats. I have about $83 to spare, so I figured it’s worth a shot.

By my estimation, that should be good for at least the third highest bid. Hmm. I might give MJ a call and see if he’s willing to jump in on the exclusivity of my NBA ownership quest.

Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be totally interested in what I have to say, seeing as how he already is a minority owner and will likely be the one taking over soon enough.

If he does end up fully owning the team, it’s going to be a great thing for the city of Charlotte. He’s a native of the state and will only bring more interest and revenue in for the suddenly-relevant Bobcats.

Alright, I just left him a voicemail. Hopefully he’ll get it, but it might be buried under 26 other voice mails left by Charlie Sheen.


• Give Patrick Ewing a chance!

I was shocked to find out that he has never even received an interview to be a head coach, even though he’s expressed heavy interest.

It doesn’t matter that he coached the first losing Sophomore team since 2002 in the All-Star Rookie Challenge, he’s proven himself to be a great assistant coach and has a knack of connecting with the players in his arsenal.

It’s no coincidence that the NBA is shifting to a point-guard first league and plenty of current coaches were former point guards. Centers dominated in Ewing’s day and he has a lot to offer to the talented, yet unrefined big men around the league.

He’ll definitely be getting a coaching job in the next five years, but I’m starting the petition now: EWING! EWING! EWING!

‘Til Tuesday…


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