Three-Way Trade That Improves Cavaliers and Heat, Rebuilds Wizards

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2009

I just read an article on B/R that showed five trade possibilities for Cleveland Cavaliers. I found the NBA Trade Machine through that article.

With the trade machine, I managed to find a trade that benefits all parties involved. The Cavaliers need a trade that will put them over the top. The Miami Heat need a trade that helps them contend. The Washington Wizards need a trade that helps remove cap space.

My Proposed Three-Way Trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers get:
- Wizard's F Caron Butler
- Wizard's C Brendan Haywood

The Washington Wizards get:
- Heat's G Mario Chalmers
- Heat's G Quentin Richardson
- Heat's F Udonis Haslem
- Cavalier's C Zadrunas Ilgalskus

The Miami Heat gets:
- Wizard's G Gilbert Arenas
- Cavalier's G/F Anthony Parker
- Cavalier's F JJ Hickson

At first glance, the trade may seem lopsided but trust me it works.

In Cleveland, it's either Shaquille O'Neal or Zadrunas Ilgalskus. One's gotta give. The Cavaliers give up their slow backup center and expendable JJ Hickson and Anthony Parker for their new starting SG and backup C.

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Yes, Butler's primary position is SF but a rotation between Butler, Delonte West, and JaMario Moon could really work. Both Butler and Moon can play SF, so the team could be capable of scoring and defending with LeBron off of the court.

With Leon Powe returning to play soon, the Cavs replace Z with Haywood, Parker with Butler, and JJ with Powe. This really upgrades their overall team.

Cavaliers Rotation after trade (when Powe returns):
PG—Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson
SG—Caron Butler, Delonte West
SF—LeBron James, JaMario Moon
PF—Leon Powe, Anderson Varajao
C—Shaquille O'Neal, Brendan Haywood

In Washington, the team chemistry is horrible. The team is on the downfall. This trade clears $27.3 million of cap space by next season. Richardson, Haslem, and Z are all free agents by the end of the season.

Also, many other players for the Wizards will be free agents as well:
- Javaris Crittenton ($1.477 million)
- Randy Foye ($3.575 million)
- Mike James ($6.466 million)
- Mike Miller ($9.78 million)
- DeShawn Stevenson ($3.883 million)
- Fabricio Oberto ($1.99 million)
- Dominic McGuire ($0.825 million)

Easily put, this trade gives the Wizards around a little more than $55 million in cap space. Considering the currently are minus-$24 million in cap room, this gives them $31 million to spend and no debt.

This would be the restart of the failing Wizards. Antawn Jamison is the team leader, with young players like PG Chalmers (23), PF Andray Blatche (23), C Javale McGee (21), and SG Nick Young (24) as the future in Washington.

With the draft and free agency and $31 million, this offseason would be a special one for the Wizards, molding the team into future contenders.

They are currently 10-19, and near the playoffs. Drafting early with so much money and have talented young players gives them a future.

In Miami, the Heat gives up a less-than-stellar starter in Richardson, an older backup in Haslem, and an expendable player in Chalmers for an all-star in Arenas and an aggressive young man in JJ.

Dwyane Wade has been talking about his team's performance lately. JJ and Michael Beasley make one aggressive and energy-filled rotation at PF, and Arenas' production at PG, a position the Heat have been struggling at.

Heat's Rotation after trade:
PG- Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Arroyo
SG- Dwayne Wade, Daequan Cook
SF- Anthony Parker, James Jones
PF- Michael Beasley, JJ Hickson
C- Jermaine O'Neal, Jamaal Magloire

According to Hollinger's Analysis (says how many wins the team improves by), the Cavaliers and Heat don't improve or get worse, and the Wizards add three wins.

I personally think the Cavs and Heat become much better teams, while the Wizards can now start to rebuild.

This can put the Cavaliers over the top.

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