The World Junior Hockey Championships: The Holidays' Best Sports Event

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2009

5 Jan 1999:  Rico Fata #9 of Team Canada stands with his teammates before the World Junior Hockey Championships Game against Team Russia at the Winnepeg Arena in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. Team Russia defeated Team Canada 3-2 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Elsa Hasch  /Allsport
Elsa/Getty Images

This holiday season, many North American sports fans feast on the traditional holiday sports buffet items such as bowl games, and the NBA's Christmas Day games. Meanwhile, the IIHF World Under 20 Hockey Championship, dubbed the World Juniors for short, is sitting in the salad bar, untouched by many Americans.

And I think that should change.

The tournament is the highest rated event of the Christmas season in Canada, and it should, the Candadians are going for their Sixth straight gold medal. And would be a lock if most of our tournament eligible all stars weren't already producing in the NHL.

The tournament features some of the purest and most entertaining hockey you can ever see. With all the emphasis the US puts on college hockey they should maybe see what the rest of the amatuers' in the rest of the world have to offer on the junior games biggest stage

This display of young hockey talent is followed meticulously by Canadians as exhibition games or shown on TSN, but is left in the television wasteland that is the NHL Network in the United States.

I urge all Americans to tune in and show the display of talent and intensity these youngsters bring. Team Canada's supercharged roster, the United States big line, and Team Russia's display of finesse always make for entertaining hockey.

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It also features what Americans love the most, watching their country dominate. The Americans, while being on a down year

The rivalries are special and bring Ohio State-Michigan to shame. The U.S. and Canada face off almost ever year, with the epic twenty minute shootout that featured Patrick Kane squaring off with his eventual teammate Jonathan Toews being the most famous example, and Canada-Russia always seem to find each other in the finals for another chapter in their storied rivalry.

So I invite all sports fans to welcome a new sporting event into their holidays and join us Canadians while we watch our young countrymen make their "Six Pack" drive for straight gold medals in the World Juniors.