The Time Has Come for Chicago's Vinny Del Negro To Go

Josh Herman@@JoshHermanPJSCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2009

Recent history (as recent as within the last month), the Chicago Bulls have set pace to crash and burn just in time for the merriest time of the year.

After Monday night's embarrassment against the Sacramento Kings, it seemed as if this disappointing season had finally seen itself garnished with national attention.

As if a home loss to the Toronto Raptors by 32 earlier this month wasn't enough to scar such a young season.

Or even falling victim to the New Jersey Nets, again at the United Center, for only their second win all season didn't have the analysts talking.

Instead it took a Lohan-esque meltdown against a sub-.500 team for the world to be exposed to the disaster that is the 2009-2010 Chicago Bulls.

Not only did they have a 35-point lead as late as 8:30 remaining in the third-quarter against the Kings, but they only managed a total of 31 points in the entire second half.

And now, with Chicago dropping another game tonight to the New York Knicks, it seems as if the holidays may not be so bright for the Del Negro family.

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In true Christmas tradition, another Bulls coach should be canned.

Is this team young? Yes.

Did the team lose its leading scorer this off-season? Yes.

But having the seventh best team in the Eastern Conference a year ago and turning them into the mess that they are, now falls solely on the coach's shoulders.

He doesn't run an offense; period.

When the transition game is working, they suddenly shy away from it.

At the end of games, he puts the ball in John Salmons' hands.

Could it be that no one on the roster knows how to shoot in the fourth quarter because Ben Gordon was the only one that would? Even so, the fact that you don't have the ball in your best players' hands (Rose or Deng) is absolutely handicapping this team in crunch time.

And to add to it, the fact that they can't close out a 35-point lead shows that the guy making the calls doesn't know what he's doing. He's not even able to keep a fire under his team for having by far their biggest lead of the season and so they collapsed.

Like a boxer taking his last blow, they hit the floor and they hit it hard.

So now they have to make a move at the top and fire a guy who shouldn't even have the job. A guy with no experience as a coach, head or assistant, and yet whose resume was impressive enough that he managed a head coaching job in the highest professional basketball league in the world?

With the amount of embarrassment that Del Negro has caused his players and his fans, he could do the dignified thing and resign.

That's if his dignity wasn't already lost on the court.


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