Carlos Silva-Milton Bradley MLB Trade

Vernon CroyCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2009

The Chicago Cubs finished trading away Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva and a pile of cash to cover part of Silva’s hefty contract on Friday, December 18th.

Reports say that the Cubs will get Carlos Silva from the Mariners along with six million dollars to cover part of Silva’s remaining contract. The Cubs fans could not be happier to see the under-performing, over-paid Bradley leave Chicago. This, however, is not a bad deal for the Mariners because Bradley will be a very good fit in Seattle.

The Mariners get Milton Bradley, who is capable of hitting .300 if he would only stay healthy. Bradley is also a switch hitter so that would also help the Mariners line-up.

The Mariners had to send six million dollars with Carlos Silva to help cover the right hander's 25 million dollar contract. Milton Bradley who batted just .257 in 2009 for the Cubs is owed 21 million over two years. This Milton Bradley trade works great for both the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners.

Bradley has had a troubled past that most recently involved a 15 game suspension back in September, so the Mariner club house better put Bradley in his place quickly if he gets out of line.

Carlos Silva, who is 30 years old, was limited to just six starts in 2009 for the Mariners because of a right shoulder injury. The Cubs better hope that this is not a injury that will reappear during the 2010 season, however getting the cancer out of the club house is definitely a good thing for this Cubs organization.

This Carlos Silva-Milton Bradley MLB trade is likely just one of several that will happen leading up to spring training.

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