Ten Legitimate Reasons to Despise LeBron James

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IDecember 16, 2009

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In a technologically-evolving society, you can’t just hate on sports figures because they are good at what they do and aren’t doing it for your squad.

Between YouTube, blogs, and Colin Cowherd, you should have logical reasoning for your spite and find comfort in the fact that you aren’t just a jealous, unfulfilled jerk shouting obscenities at the television in front of your child.

Take Wizards fans and LeBron James, for example.

James is beloved around the world for being a basketball prodigy and a youthful representative of the game’s future. But he’s immature, goofy, self-entitled, and most of the time, his worst qualities are on display against a team he insists is not a rival of his Cleveland Cavaliers.

So, rather than saying, “I hate LeBron’s guts ... he thinks he’s so freakin’ hot because he can throw a basketball in the hoop from a mezzanine,” why not invest in some research and reasoning. Deploy your hatred against worthy targets within character, not his talent.

Here are 10 of the likely 46 reasons why you can despise LeBron James and still look at yourself in the morning.

10. LeBron James is a Goofball.

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To have so much respect throughout the league and the athletic world, you’d think he’d take cues for hi-jinks from someone other than Danny Green.

9. LeBron James is a Crybaby.

As quiet as it is kept, LeBron, all 6′9″, 270 pounds of him, cries for more calls than any other superstar in the league.

8. LeBron James doesn’t care about rules.

Perhaps this is the doing of the NBA, but LeBron never met an extra step he didn't like that didn't have a twin sister.

7. LeBron James hates his hometown.

Can you really respect a guy who spends his free time wishing he was from New York ?

6. LeBron James is a sore loser.

You can’t be the next Michael Jordan and be a bigger on-court douche than Jordan.

5. LeBron James is not genuine.

He says great things on camera, but his T-Shirts tell an entirely different story about his personality.

4. LeBron James doesn’t value his talent.

For years, people have been begging for him to add a post-up game to his repertoire. And in truth, the Cavs would probably win the NBA Championship if he did. But a post-up game isn’t as sexy as a bull-charging crab-dribble through the lane, so why bother?

3. LeBron James is wasteful.

Really? All of that talc? There are babies and barbershops in desperate need of the stuff that comprises his stolen pre-game ritual.

2. LeBron James’s puppet is voiced by Keenan Thompson.

Need I say more?

1. LeBron James steals food from children.

He can afford to purchase 25 percent of the McDonald’s corporation, yet he finds it cute to take fries from a child.

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