Where is Chris Wilcox?

Steve HamptonContributor IDecember 10, 2009

13 points per game, 7.7 rebounds per game, 1 steal per game, and .5 blocks per game over 82 games. Sounds like the stat line of a fairly solid contributor. Unfortunately, this was the stat line from Chris Wilcox in 2006-07 for the Seattle Super Sonics. The Sonics have since disappeared and so have Wilcox's numbers.

Where is Chris Wilcox?

Many fans have been perplexed by this Pistons team this year. A team in the midst of rebuilding, suffering from injuries, and forging a new identity for a new era in Pistons basketball. The off-season brought some familiar veterans, a few surprising rookies, and an x-factor.

Many applauded the Wilcox signing while scoffing at the Wallace signing, citing Wilcox's breakout season for the Sonics as what he's capable of. Like Darko of the Larry Brown era, this kid sees more pine than a logger.

Wilcox's game seems to be a great fit for the Pistons, especially with injuries mounting, players fitting into new roles, and Ben Wallace playing upwards of 30-35 minutes a night. Wilcox was thought to be the lead dog in a potential fight for minutes with Brown and Wallace. Wallace, of true alpha spirit, took the reigns back from this team and continues to guide this young group.

What happened to Chris Wilcox? Why this assent to 2006-07 where he reached his pinnacle of performance at just 24, then he began on his slow descent into marginal bench player for the likes of New York.

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His projected path up to 2006-07 had him being a post bruiser in the form of Carlos Boozer or Ben Wallace by now. By NBA standards he should be reaching his prime this year or next, but why does he have trouble cracking an NBA second team?

This is my question to you Pistons Nation and NBA fans alike, why isn't Wilcox performing at or above his 2006-07 season?

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