Celtics-Lakers: NBA Finals Aftermath

Alex McVeighSenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

With all of the storylines coming into the NBA Finals, it's only natural to want the answers at the end.

Questions about Kobe, Pau, Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, KG, Pierce, as well as the historical implications, all have answers.

Here are some random thoughts I had throughout Game Six and the Finals.

If you didn't watch all of the game, and you need a stat or two to show just how dominant the Celtics was and how awful the Lakers played, here they are:

Rondo had more offensive rebounds than the ENTIRE Lakers team. A POINT GUARD had more than Pau, Odom, Kobe, and company combined. Amazing.

In the first half, the Celtics had more steals than the Lakers had field goals. Is that the latest point in a season that something like that has happened? It was absolutely mind boggling.

Have you ever seen a more badass move than when Pau turned to face KG, and KG forced a jump ball with one hand? Talk about hardcore.

As much crap as Gasol has gotten, probably rightfully so, for his performance in the series, I would bet a lot of money that he performed a billion times better than Kwame Brown would have.

That was the single most dominating home crowd I have ever seen during a sporting event. Even when the game was in the bag, the crowd was insane.

How many times did this sequence happen? Offensive rebound by Lakers, three by Radmanovic or Vujacic, followed by a wide open Ray Allen nailing a trey from the corner, followed by Radman or Sasha coming back and jacking up an awful three. I saw it at least four times.

I gained a respect for Jordan Farmar after he helped Rondo up after his flagrant foul. Although, it does seem like the ultimate surrender move. If that game was anywhere close to being close, no way that would have happened.

Attention Rick Carlisle and the Mavs: Watch the Celtics offense, especially the halfcourt set. That's how it works when you run things other than an Iso.

What looked worse last night: The Lakers or the awful shows that ABC kept showing previews of?

I love those WNBA commercials. When those "stars" say all those things that are supposed to be ironic about the quality of play, they literally take the words our of my mouth. Only I would and do say that.

Overstock.com got their money's worth for their ad. As soon as I saw their commercial, and they said something about cheap watches, I ordered a watch for myself.

Surprisingly, the biggest dick move of the night came not from Kobe, but from your Finals MVP. Why would you dump Gatorade on a parquet floor, with time left on the clock? People have to clean that up.

The absolute funniest moment of the NBA season: when ABC brought mics over the Celtics bench to record the thoughts of KG and Pierce, and they kept having to dump the sound because KG kept screaming profanities. I was hysterical.

Unless you are a die-hard Lakers fan, how could you not be moved by KG absolutely losing it during his interview with Michelle Tafoya? I'm 100 percent sure that he had given up hope of ever winning a title two years ago. Even when he went to the Celtics, even when they were winning, I don't think he ever expected it to happen. It was quite the sight.

Was it just me, or could you read David Stern's mind, and he was thinking "I told those goddam refs to make sure this thing goes to a Game Seven. I am going to have Bennett Salvatore killed."

Who puts the plastic around the Celtics locker room for the celebration? Someone had to sprint to the locker room in the middle of the postgame celebration on court and make sure everything was covered.

Kobe's legacy might be destroyed from this Finals. Sure, he's the best player on the planet, but he had the best team on paper, and he couldn't put his stamp in a single game outside of the first quarter. In the end, all it amounts to is another wasted year of his prime.

Does anyone else think Andrew Bynum is just being set up for failure? During the press conference, it seemed like all the Lakers were saying things to the effect of, "we'll be better when he comes back."

That's the kind of pressure that was put on him when he wasn't traded, and it took him a while to come out of that. Don't get me wrong; I think he's good, but he's being set up like the savior of this franchise, and that's a lot to put on a young guy with a few knee surgeries under his belt.

How rewarding would it be to be Paul Pierce right now? He had chances to get out of Boston, and he didn't, because he wanted to be the one to restore Celtic pride. And he did exactly that. You think he's stressing about all those awful seasons now? Don't think so.

I'd be curious to know how Timberwolves fans felt last night. I would ask them, but I've never met another human being who answered the question: "What's your NBA team?" with, "the T-Wolves."

I'd think they would be happy for KG, and not betrayed, because there's no way KG would have gotten that far without that combination of players, but I have no way of knowing.

The last three titles in sports have gone: Boston (Red Sox), New York (Giants), Boston (Celtics). Add that to the impending demise of the storied Yankee Stadium, and this could be A-Rod's year. Okay, maybe not.

Finally, I know I will sleep better knowing that Brian Scalabrine finally got his ring.


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