My Predictions for the BCS Bowl Games

Andrew GarriganContributor IDecember 6, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 07:  The Coaches' Trophy is displayed before the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Louisiana State University Tigers in the AllState BCS National Championship on January 7, 2008 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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Currently it is 6:25pm on Saturday December 5 and on television is Florida vs Alabama in the SEC Title/Who's going to the BCS National Championship Game. It got me thinking, and I know I am not the only one, who is going to play in these BCS bowl games?  I am no expert by any means but I did some research and this is what I came up with

BCS National Championship Game (BCS No. 1 v BCS No. 2)

Alabama vs Texas

It is looking better and better that the Tide isn't going to let up against Florida and is up by 13 points right now, easy call right now I know.  Nebraksa is no contest for Colt McCoy and the Longhorns, especially with the enormous chip on their shoulder from being snubbed last year in the title game.  Texas should roll Nebraska and grab that #2 spot and find themselves in the National Championship.

Orange Bowl (ACC vs At Large)

Georiga Tech vs Cincinnati

The scoreboard is going to explode in this one.  GT cannot be stopped running the ball and Cincy showed during its Big East *championship* game against Pittsburgh that no lead is safe.  This is the type of game that could either be 65-64 or higher if it should go to OT. 

Clemson is good, as is CJ Spiller but he is no Josh Nesbitt. When your Qb accounts for 2300+ all purpose yards and 23 TDs and your RB accounts for 1236 rushing yards and 12 TDs, AND your team AVERAGES 305 yards on the ground, your bound to win the game.

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Fiesta Bowl (Big 12 vs At Large)

Oklahoma St. vs TCU

This one I will probably have wrong for a number of reasons, but I didnt do these in order of what I am typing and you'll find out why I picked this match up for this game.  I feel the BCS HAS to give TCU its chance this year, even though the only two ranked teams they beat were BYU and Utah. 

The other games, they didn't just win, they slaughtered teams, averaging 40.7 points for and only 12.4 against.  They only scored less than 20 points twice and scored over 50 four times.  The most points they had scored against them was 28 by Utah, but they countered Utah's 28 by putting a 55 spot on them.

With Texas winning the Big 12 that leaves Nebraska and Oklahoma St for the Big 12 spot. Even though Nebraska makes it to the Big 12 championship game, a loss from Texas puts them at 9-4(6-3), while idle Oklahoma St. stays at 9-3(6-2). I dont believe the BCS would put a 4 loss team in a BCS game.  The loss to Oklahoma hurts them but the loss to Texas hurts Nebraska more.

Sugar Bowl (At Large vs SEC)

Boise St. vs Florida

This is why Ok. State is going to play TCU, so Boise St. can put its money where its mouth is.  Neutral field against one of the top teams in the nation for the last two years.  Boise St made its open invitation to play any team and travel anywhere to do it. 

The BCS hears their calls and pits them against the posterboy Tim Tebow and the media frenzy Florida Gators in a neutral site.

Although the only ranked team Boise St played was Oregon in week one, which if they played now could be a different story, they only beat them 19-8 but rolled through their conference as usual, and their impressive out of conference schedule that included the likes of MAC conference power houses Miami (OH), Bowling Green and Great West Conference powerhouse UC Davis.

Nonetheless they are undefeated and Florida will be the only one-loss team in the top six, so the BCS has to put them in.  They couldn't not put Boise State in and put a two-loss team ahead of them in the game.

Rose Bowl (Big Ten vs Pac 10)

Ohio State vs Oregon

I guarantee I'll get this one right. Just saying.  


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