Imagine If the Detroit Pistons Had Decided to Draft Carmelo Anthony

Mike B.Correspondent IDecember 3, 2009

Each and every morning, Detroit Pistons president Joe Dumars probably wakes up and bangs his head against the wall a couple of times.

He then stares at a giant portrait of Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony hanging over his fireplace and asks himself, "Why did I ever draft Darko Milicic?"

Okay, I'm sure that doesn't happen, but you never know. I've seen stranger things in my day.

The decision to use the second overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft on Milicic, the mysterious seven-foot Serbian instead of Anthony, the freshman who led Syracuse to a national championship, was perhaps the worst move of Dumars' executive career.

Darko turned out to be a major bust while Anthony quickly blossomed into one of the league's brightest stars after he was selected by the Nuggets with the third overall pick.

But who could blame Dumars, though. Milicic was widely considered the best big man prospect in the entire draft and was said to possess the skills to score inside and out which was just what the Pistons needed.

So what if Dumars and co. had selected Anthony instead of Milicic?

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Sure, the Pistons won a championship in 2004 over the highly favored Lakers with Milicic on the bench, but just imagine how many rings they may have won with 'Melo in the lineup.

With a ridiculous starting lineup of Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, and Rip Hamilton, the Pistons could've beaten San Antonio in the 2005 finals  and Dallas in 2006. Yes, they could've become a dynasty.

But then on the other hand, Anthony could've totally ruined the team's chemistry since he wasn't exactly known for his defense like everyone else on the squad. Head coach Larry Brown could've helped him, though, with that aspect of his game.

It's uncertain what would've happened with Tayshaun Prince. He wouldn't have ever cracked the starting five with Anthony around so he likely would've become the sixth man or been traded for frontcourt help to back up the Wallaces.

Oh well, no one will ever know exactly what may have happened if Carmelo ended up in Detroit. We'll just have to wonder, "what could have been," just like Joe D does everyday, right before he looks at his other portraits of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Just kidding, Joe.

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