Pull the Trigger or Pull the Plug: Re-Signing A.I. Is Sixers' Only Hope

Harrison MooreAnalyst IINovember 30, 2009

With last night's loss to the Spurs in the books, the Sixers stand at a dismal 5-12, their most offensively potent guard (Lou Williams) may be out for as many as eight weeks, and their attendance is the second worst in the league, yet their management hasn't decided whether they even want to try to re-sign Allen Iverson.

Someone's gonna have to explain that to me.

It's one thing to worry about your team's chemistry when the chemistry in place has proven successful, but what exactly do the Sixers have to lose?

Don't give me that "development of your younger players" BS. Passing on Allen Iverson for the sake of "developing" Jrue Holiday or Lou Williams is like turning down a job offer in the White House for the sake of purchasing additional tickets in a lottery with a three digit jackpot.

With their meager 96 point per game average, the Sixers have already proven that they don't have the offensive firepower to hang with the big boys, and Iverson's name has been synonymous with putting points on the board since the '96 NBA draft. So what's the hold up? At 5-12, can things really get that much worse?

Short answer: no.

Even the five wins the Sixers do have paint a deceiving picture. Of those wins, only one of them was against a team with a record over .500, and two of them were against a Nets team that hasn’t won a game since Apr. 13th.

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I’ll repeat it: What do the Sixers have to lose?

Even if re-signing Allen Iverson doesn't improve the team's condition, it will put butts in seats and will bring some level of national attention back to this team, if on nothing but Iverson's raw star power alone. If given a chance to shine, Iverson will likely rebuild his marketability enough for a decent trade regardless of how the team performs.

Simply being content with increasing Jrue Holiday's minutes equates to medicating a bullet wound with a Band-Aid, and now with the losses pouring in, the Sixers are bleeding heavily enough to make a scene of their own in a Quentin Tarantino flick.

Something's going to give. Whether it'll be management's overly cautious disposition towards Iverson or the last breaths of the Sixers' relevancy, I don't know.

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