Pivot Points: Has Gilbert Arenas Fallen Victim to His Agent Zero Persona?

Hadarii JonesSenior Writer INovember 24, 2009

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Just when you thought it was safe to turn the microphones off, Gilbert Arenas donned his Agent 0 persona, and the fireworks commenced.

If you haven't heard, after the Washington Wizards latest blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Arenas decided that his vow to remain silent in the face of the media was declared null and void, and he proceeded to throw his teammates under the bus.

When asked what his opinion was as to the problems of the Wizards, Arenas said that his teammates had a slate of "hidden agendas", and that was causing turmoil in the locker room.

In spite of the vague nature of the comment, it's exactly the type of conspiratorial response expected from Agent 0, but it's kind of disappointing coming out of the mouth of Arenas.

With the return of Arenas the Wizards were predicted to challenge for a top tier spot in the Eastern Conference postseason, and it's clear that the early expectations are weighing heavily on him.

To lay the blame at the feet of your teammates however, might be the worse thing that you could do, considering the task is nothing that can be accomplished alone, and you are the one being re-acclimated, not your teammates.

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Coach Flip Saunders was installed during Arenas' absence, and with him he brought an entirely new offensive scheme that the club has been accustomed to, but is brand new to Arenas.

I feel that Arenas understands that there is going to be a period of adjustment to get comfortable in that scheme, but Agent 0 is for no such nonsense and feels that his team, not him, are the ones who must adjust.

For instance, Agent 0 may be quick to dismiss the fact that he takes 20 shots per game, more than Kobe, more than LeBron, and more than Dwayne Wade, and he shoots for a much lower percentage than all three.

Agent 0 would also say that his complete domination of the basketball is a need bore out of necessity while forgetting that the Wizards may be deeper than at any previous point of his tenure.

Could the "hidden agenda" that Agent 0 speaks of be the fact that five of the current Wizards are in the final years of their contracts, and might be playing for a payday next season?

Center Brendan Haywood seems to think so, but when asked if the vague comment was directed towards him, he declined to respond but did offer the insight that the Wizards' problems are a matter of ego.

If Haywood has an ego problem then it is hidden deep beneath the confines of his seven foot frame, because he may be one of the meekest players in the entire league.

He masks his shortcomings by exerting supreme effort and that is seen in the double-double that he is currently averaging. So to picture Haywood with a hidden agenda is a stretch.

The same can be said of the rest of Arenas' teammates also, who more than willingly to defer to him even when they are in a better position to make a play.

It's telling that only Arenas or Agent 0 was comfortable deflecting blame to someone else, because with all the problems the Wizards have there is plenty of room for finger-pointing and most of the fingers point to 0.

I tend to drift to what Haywood said when he called it a matter of ego, and I don't think he was talking about Arenas either, after all Arenas was in ear-shot and could have responded to the remark, but chose not to.

I think that Haywood's remarks were directed to Arenas' alter-ego, Agent 0, because Arenas has never been the type of player to shift blame to his teammates.

He may be guilty of quirkiness, speaking in the third person, and making statements that only he can understand, but he has never been a turn-coat.

So I am left to assume that Agent 0 has invaded Arenas' body and rendered him totally reckless and incompetent, because I refuse to believe that Arenas is all of a sudden that shallow.

Some may think that my theory is really far out in left field, but when considering that it is Gilbert Arenas that I am speaking of it kind of makes anything possible, after all this is the guy that called himself a hibachi grill.