Dwayne Roloson Wanted in Connection with Robbery at "The Hanger"

Eric WarrenCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2009

TORONTO - NOVEMBER 23: Phil Kessel #81 and Carl Gunnarsson #36 look for a loose puck in front of Dwayne Roloson #30 and Jack Hillen #38 of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the New York Islanders during game action November 23, 2009 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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The Toronto Maple Leafs lead the league in "shots per game" with an average of 34.7 shots on goal. That doesn't include those that missed.

Dwayne Roloson absolutely stole the show last night for the visiting Islanders, as the Leafs peppered 61 shots on the visiting goal tender in a 4-3 OT loss at the ACC.

While Roloson, now 40, is enjoying a resurgence of sorts in the Big Apple, we aren't here to recap last nights game.

As I stated before, the Toronto Maple Leafs lead the league in shots on net per game, with an average of 34.7 per. However, they are near the bottom when it comes to goal per game, sitting in 23rd place with an average of 2.54 goals per game.

If we were talking New Jersey Devils , that number would be spectacular. (The Devils are actually in 20th at 2.62 per game.)

The obvious issue isn't the amount of shot's the Leafs are taking, nor is is really the amount of goals they are scoring, a good defensive team can win with those kind of numbers.

No, my friends, the issue is, the Leafs can't seem to keep the puck out of their own net. With a GA/PG average of 3.64, good enough for last in the NHL, any team with a respectable defense would be chomping at the bit to play this club.

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One of the obvious reason for this disparity is goal tending. Although Vesa Toskala has certainly started to turn his game around over the last couple of starts and has stopped 48 of 52 shots, better, but still not good enough.

The argument could be made however that for the most part he is stopping shots that he should be now whereas, a week ago, that probably wouldn't have been the case.

Gustavsson , on the other hand, looks like he is on a bit of a down turn. He looked, like Nik Antropov in net last night. Really big, but a little slow, and a little awkward. He seems to have lost a little bit of confidence. I would expect to see him in goal for Friday's game.

While the Leafs did well to limit the Islanders in shots last night allowing only 21, the team defense is still allowing too many chances down low.

I know, you're going to say," Toskala should have had that shot by Tambellini ." Well you may be right, but I've never been on the receiving end of a shot from him so it's hard to say really.

All the Leafs have to do, is keep playing the way they are for the most part. The defensive zone coverage has to be a bit better, and a bit faster. The Leafs defense has got to start racing for the puck in their zone if they can't keep it from getting in, but having said that, they also need to start standing the opposition up at the blue line more.

There are still a lot of changes coming for this team, with them seemingly playing a little better, even with the loss's, Burke and Wilson will have to be careful to not rock the boat too much all at once.