The Most Entertaining Wrestlers to Watch in WWE and AEW Right Now

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 23, 2022

The Most Entertaining Wrestlers to Watch in WWE and AEW Right Now

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    At its core, professional wrestling is just another form of entertainment. It's like any movie or sitcom you may watch, but with more headbutts and suplexes. 

    The biggest stars in the business are usually those who generate the biggest live reactions, move the most merchandise and put on the best matches, but that doesn't always mean they are the most entertaining personalities to watch.

    Some top names are as boring as a bread sandwich, while others who sometimes struggle to move up the card are regularly producing the most memorable moments.

    When it comes to a list of the most entertaining stars in WWE and All Elite Wrestling, we need to define what we mean by "entertaining." These will be the people who either make us laugh the most, or they will be the ones whose segments are talked about the most, so don't expect a list of just the best technical wrestlers. 

    With that said, this is all subjective and meant for fun, so let's take a look at some of the most entertaining people in all of WWE and AEW at this moment. 

Sami Zayn

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    For many years, Sami Zayn has been one of the low-key MVPs across all WWE programming because no matter what he is being asked to do, he makes it fun.

    Whether he is tearing the house down against Shinsuke Nakamura, having a comedy match with the cast of Jackass or sucking up to Roman Reigns, The Great Liberator makes it work.

    Zayn re-signed with WWE in January, so he is clearly enjoying himself enough to stick around for the foreseeable future, and that is good news for WWE fans.

    While he has mostly been known for his conspiracy theories and comedic moments for the past couple of years, management could easily build him up into a top babyface at a moment's notice.

    Let's hope Zayn gets the chance to prove he can be a top guy at some point. 

Hook and Danhausen

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    The rise of Hook in AEW has been one of the great rookie years in recent pro wrestling, but his current storyline is likely to divide some fans.

    Despite the ridiculous nature of this business, there are some people who take it extremely seriously. They want everything to be realistic and grounded, so Hook's direction might not be everybody's cup of tea.

    For fans of the absurd, having Hook align with Danhausen has been one of the funniest and most enjoyable storylines in recent memory. And the best part about it is that Hook has said fewer words during this whole program than most people say to themselves in the mirror every morning. 

    Danhausen's rise in popularity over the past year has been a joy to watch, especially for those who followed his career before he was on national television every week. Everything about his character is unique and yet somehow familiar. 

    Hookhausen is the tag team we need but don't deserve in 2022. If AEW does this right, this could end up being one of the funniest things the company ever does. 

Kevin Owens

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    Quick, name a performer who takes terrible ideas that would fail in anybody else's hands and somehow makes them the best part of the show. 

    Did you say Kevin Owens? If you did, you're not alone. 

    The Prizefighter has been one of WWE's most valuable assets since the night he first debuted and powerbombed Zayn into the apron moments after winning the NXT Championship in December 2014. 

    Owens is a capable fighter who can take on everybody from the lightest cruiserweight to the heaviest powerhouses and make it look great, but his ability to make the crowd react with a few simple words might be his best trait.

    KO can be intimidating and make us laugh in the same sentence. Being able to walk that line is a talent most wrestlers would love to have, but few possess.

    The way Owens has taken the current Elias/Ezekiel storyline and turned it into something that works on any level is a testament to his immense skill. 

Blackpool Combat Club

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    Hook, Danhausen, Zayn and Owens are all fantastic performers, but sometimes in wrestling, we just want to watch a group of people beat the life out of another group of people.

    In the end, that's the entire basis of this business. We can dress it up with as much pomp and circumstance as we like, but it always comes down to the bout that takes place in the ring.

    Having William Regal lead a stable comprised of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta is one of those ideas that almost sounds too good to actually happen. It's a fantasy booking scenario come to life in many ways. 

    And the best part about all of this is that the Blackpool Combat Club isn't just a bunch of great workers. They can carry promos and produce some laughs when they need to just like when Regal recently told Chris Jericho about what he has been doing with his toothbrush for several years. 

    It's hard to tell the exact direction this group's story will take them, but if it turns Yuta into a household name like Moxley and Danielson, it will all be worth it. 

Becky Lynch

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    When you want a woman who can work the main event of WrestleMania, you call Becky Lynch. When you want a woman who can comedically sell a shot of green mist of Asuka, you call Becky Lynch.

    Big Time Becks is one of those performers who can be the star of the show or make somebody else the star by putting them over in a way that benefits everyone. It sounds like it would be easy, but there is more to it than you might think.

    Watch the video above. Look at how Lynch is acting like she was sprayed with the most dangerous substance in the world like an overacting brat. It's probably one of the most humorous videos of her we have seen since she returned to action last year.

    The fact that she went to acting school is probably why she is so good at these little things. Her facial expressions and body language always add to the story she is trying to tell, and that is the kind of thing that develops over time with training and experience.

    If we're lucky, Lynch will be around for a long time to keep us smiling. 

Nyla Rose

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    Nyla Rose may have rightfully won the AEW Award for Best Twitter Follow by being hilarious on social media, but she also seems to create a memorable moment every time she appears on television.

    Simple quotes such as "Surprise, b---h" and "I like cake and violence" instantly became memeable content for thousands of fans online. 

    The Native Beast has sat back and allowed the rest of the division to shine, but her dominance as a competitor is going to put her back at the top of the mountain before too long. It's inevitable at this point.

    She might be a comedian on Twitter, but don't let the laughter disarm you. Rose is a serious competitor who is going to have a long and fruitful career in this business. 

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes

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    The moment Cody Rhodes made his WWE comeback at WrestleMania 38, he entered into a program with Seth Rollins. Ever since, these two have had one of the company's most engaging feuds.

    It's not groundbreaking in terms of the storyline, but the way both guys have made every promo, match and segment work has been impressive.

    The Visionary is one of the best acts in all of WWE these days, and seeing him work so hard to put over Rhodes as he reenters the company tells you what a valuable talent he has become.

    Even if he takes a third pay-per-view loss to The American Nightmare at Hell in a Cell, Rollins could be inserted back into the world title picture without anyone batting an eye. He is kind of like Randy Orton in that way. Both men can lose multiple feuds and go right back to being a top guy after the years of work they have put in. 

    Rhodes needed someone special as a first rival upon his return, and WWE could not have picked a better opponent. 

Eddie Kingston

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    Eddie Kingston has always hated when people call him one of the best promos guys in pro wrestling, but on some level, you know he appreciates that kind of compliment.

    Every time he picks up a microphone, he either says the funniest thing of the night or gives a promo so passionate and real that you can't help but get hyped up on his behalf. 

    His current program has him aligned with Santana and Ortiz, and they have formed an even looser alliance with the Blackpool Combat Club to take on The Jericho Appreciation Society, so there are a lot of moving parts to this.

    One thing is for sure, though, and that is Kingston has continually shown himself to be one of the most naturally over talents on the entire AEW roster. It kind of makes you sad that it took this long for somebody to put him on TV because a lot of fans were robbed of seeing his work on the indie scene. 

The Street Profits and Alpha Academy

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    The Usos might be the undisputed WWE tag team champions after defeating RK-Bro on Friday's SmackDown to unify the titles, but when it comes to pure entertainment value, The Street Profits and Alpha Academy take the cake in WWE.

    Both teams have the ability to make an entire arena burst into laughter one minute with a funny line, and then a few minutes later, everyone is cheering when they are putting on a stellar match.

    The great thing about both teams is that each member brings something unique to the group. With the Profits, Montez Ford provides highlight-reel moments almost every time he steps into the ring, and Angelo Dawkins has developed one of the best hot tags in the business.

    When it comes to Alpha Academy, Otis is the hulking brute who is nearly impossible to knock over, while Chad Gable delivers some of the best technical wrestling in the company. 

    Both duos have helped carry the tag team division during one of its weakest periods, and they deserve to be recognized for their ability to blend comedy with top-tier professional wrestling on a regular basis.


    The names on this list all contribute to their respective promotions in different ways, and they are often the people producing the most memorable moments every week. But they aren't the only ones.

    Who do you think are the most entertaining people in WWE and AEW today?