Predicting Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at AEW Double or Nothing 2022

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 26, 2022

Predicting Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at AEW Double or Nothing 2022

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Double or Nothing 2022 has the potential to be one of the biggest nights in All Elite Wrestling's history. "Hangman" Adam Page will fight the biggest star in the company, CM Punk, and Thunder Rosa will defend her title against arguably the best female wrestler in the world, Serena Deeb.

    Jurassic Express and Jade Cargill will put their titles on the line. Wardlow will finally gets his hands on MJF. House of Black and Death Triangle will clash as will Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club.

    The event will be loaded with big matches, which leaves plenty of opportunity for surprise moments. These stories need to end in major moments or move in fresh directions.

    One of the best ways to create a huge moment on this show is to set up a dramatic turn that changes the fans' perspective on a key babyface or heel.

    This show has many opportunities to turn top stars as well as rising talent ranging from Christian Cage to Daniel Garcia. The following are the most likely turns at the weekend.

Heel: Christian Cage

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Christian Cage has taken Jurassic Express under his wing in an attempt to mold them into stars in AEW.

    While his mentorship seems genuine, there is an undercurrent to this story: The veteran seems ready to turn on his students if they fail.

    He has been harder on Jungle Boy lately, which seems to be hurting the 24-year-old's confidence. He is losing matches and taking it hard. If he cannot hold onto the AEW Tag Team Championships, he will likely break down.

    If so, Captain Charisma will have little patience for the pouting. He barely stopped himself from snapping at Jungle Boy when the young star lost his bid to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

    There is even a chance Christian chooses to turn on Jurassic Express for the sake of Team Taz. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs are major stars with potential that could move beyond The Human Suplex Machine.

    No matter how it plays out, Christian is in need of a fresh angle. He has done his job well to date, but he has not clicked with Jurassic Express enough to stay as their manager.

Face: Daniel Garcia

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    Daniel Garcia is an awkward fit in The Jericho Appreciation Society. That was clear from the start. It is just a question of how long he will last in the group before turning away.

    This has been the story of Garcia's run in AEW. Red Death is a technician who hopes to one day challenge Bryan Danielson for his title as the greatest. He is a professional wrestler who would struggle in WWE if he were to go there.

    Despite this, he has aligned himself with talent like 2point0 and Chris Jericho. He has called himself a "sports entertainer" while continuing to work his aggressive style in the ring.

    The American Dragon has professed his interest in training Garcia, and he will be unlikely to give up in that pursuit, especially in competition with The Wizard.

    It may be too early for Garcia to switch sides, but the story is certain to continue building. He is made for Blackpool Combat Club, and a spot will be open for him when he is ready.

Heel: Julia Hart

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    At just 20 years old, Julia Hart is still learning her craft. This is likely the reason she has been held back, working mostly AEW Dark over the past year. However, a story has been waiting for her when she is ready to step into the spotlight.

    Malakai Black spit black mist into her eye in December, leaving her with a patch that she has refused to remove. Others who have been misted have recovered, but her "injury" lingers, festering as she grows more aggressive in the ring.

    The mystery of The House of Black is constantly evolving, but Hart's place in the group is clear. She will join them when the time is right, and based on recent interactions, the time may be soon.

    Death Triangle vs. House of Black is an even fight. Either team could win on their own. If Hart were to join The House at Double or Nothing, she would be the unexpected element that can help the stable win.

Heel: CM Punk (or 'Hangman' Adam Page)

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    In any face vs. face matchup, there is always the possibility one of those involved will turn bad to get the victory. "Hangman" Adam Page vs. CM Punk has major stakes. The AEW World Championship is a heavily protected title having been held by four men over three years.

    The current champion has defeated Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Lance Archer and more. Punk may have hype behind him, but he is no more capable than the other men The Cowboy has defeated.

    The Best in the World will have to do more than just outwrestle Hangman; he will have to outlast him. He will need to be able to find the crack in the champion's armor. This may require him to take something from his old rival MJF's playbook.

    Page has said for weeks since this match was first announced that Punk is not all he appears to be. If he is going to proved right, the former WWE Superstar will need to show how underhanded he truly is.

    The Best in the World has always been a better heel than face, and he has never been more ready in his AEW run to turn than now. When he fought Eddie Kingston, he teased it, but it was too soon. He has played the fan favorite for nine months, waiting for the right opponent to push him over the edge.

    It is more likely Punk turns than Hangman, but The Cowboy could also choose to learn from his past rivals and cheat his way to win. He has held the title for nearly 200 days, and he is wearing down.

    Sometimes, it takes short cuts to remain champion when every challenger is more dangerous than the last.