What Will Be WWE's Picks for Hell in a Cell Matches at 2022 PPV?

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2022

What Will Be WWE's Picks for Hell in a Cell Matches at 2022 PPV?

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    Will Seth Rollins step inside The Devil's Playground once again at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022?
    Will Seth Rollins step inside The Devil's Playground once again at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022?Credit: WWE.com

    WWE has traditionally used its annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view as a place to settle scores and blow off long-running rivalries. Based on what we've seen recently on Raw and SmackDown, this year's installment should be no exception.

    As entertaining as WrestleMania Backlash was from an in-ring standpoint, the show was primarily designed to further feuds, not culminate them. That should be what Hell in a Cell is reserved for, specifically when it comes to the matches contested inside the demonic structure.

    On average, two Hell in a Cell matches have been held at the event since its inception in 2009. Realistically speaking, only one is necessary, but it is understandable that one would be given to Raw and the other to SmackDown.

    Women's Hell in a Cell matches have also become a staple over the years and that should continue to be the case going forward so long as the stipulation is needed. The lack of Roman Reigns on the card for the upcoming installment will be noticeable, but there will be plenty of other marquee bouts to make up for his absence.

    These are the best possible picks for bouts WWE could consider putting inside Hell in a Cell come June 5.

AJ Styles vs. Edge

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    AJ Styles has had many "firsts" since joining WWE in January 2016 and has accomplished more than anyone imagined he could—including headlining WrestleMania—but competing in a Hell in a Cell match has surprisingly not been among them.

    The Phenomenal One has been in action on a handful of HIAC shows since 2017, but not once did he have a match of his own inside the cage. The closest he came was probably at the 2017 installment against Samoa Joe, but it was kept a standard singles contest instead.

    Styles vs. Edge has been an equally intense feud in recent months, so it would make sense for the next chapter of their storyline to take place inside The Devil's Playground.

    It was only seven months ago that The Ultimate Opportunist had an all-time HIAC clash with Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel. While it will be tough for him to top that masterpiece, he and Styles have strong enough chemistry in the ring that they would likely leave the audience amazed anyway.

    In theory, Hell in a Cell would also eliminate the possibility of anyone else from The Judgment Day stable getting involved, so it makes perfect sense. It would be quite cool to see these two spotlighted in the main event of a pay-per-view despite there being nothing on the line.

Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

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    After six months of having to prove herself all over again, Bianca Belair finally conquered Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship in thrilling fashion at WrestleMania 38. She's been booked well since then but has only scratched the surface of what she's capable of in the role.

    Last Monday on Raw, we got a pretty clear picture of what her next feud is going to be now that she's beaten Sonya Deville decisively. Lynch interrupted Belair's bout with Asuka and was the last woman standing as the show went off the air, signaling a Triple Threat match may be in the works.

    The EST of WWE and The Empress of Tomorrow have no established bad blood, but the common denominator here is Big Time Becks. She and Asuka have plenty of history from previous years, while she and Lynch just wrapped up their rivalry a month ago at The Show of Shows.

    Putting Lynch in the ring with Belair and Auska will surely be an attraction, but it's arguably not worthy of the stipulation because it's a relatively new rivalry with this updated dynamic. Then again, no other women's matches make sense for the show unless Charlotte Flair challenges Ronda Rousey to a rubber match, this time inside Hell in a Cell.

    Regardless of the outcome, Lynch and Asuka obviously wouldn't be done with Belair beyond the PPV and that would therefore defeat the purpose of the stipulation. Of course, there would be no complaints over these three tremendous talents raising the bar and having a wonderful match.

The Usos vs. RK-Bro

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    RK-Bro and The Usos have been at each other's throats for a while now and will finally face off with both the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles up for grabs in a monumental Winners Take All match on Friday night.

    However, the fact that it's happening on free television (despite it being announced one week in advance) should be seen as a red flag. WWE doesn't ordinarily do that sort of stuff, and when it does, it's usually for a reason, such as saving it for a grander stage.

    That's bound to be the case here at Hell in a Cell with this highly anticipated encounter. A tag title unification is long overdue by this point and for the championships to get the HIAC treatment would make the contest that much more important.

    The Usos are no strangers to the demonic structure, having won against The New Day inside the cage five years ago. They would likely love to run it back with a team as over as they are in RK-Bro in a match Randy Orton has competed in countless times throughout his career.

    This would be a more-than-suitable main event for the show if Reigns doesn't defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on the card as seems likely.

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

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    We're mere months into 2022 and already it feels like Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes has been one of the best executed feuds WWE has done all year.

    Rhodes' return at WrestleMania 38 was obviously iconic, but Rollins wasn't wrong when he said he had no time to prepare for who his opponent was going to be that night. That set up the need for a rematch at WrestleMania Backlash, which was also won by the returning Superstar.

    The Visionary made it clear with his actions the next night on Raw that he will not rest until his rival is in his rear view. This is undoubtedly the most personal rivalry currently in WWE and would be befitting of the stipulation at stake.

    Similar to Styles vs. Edge, there wouldn't need to be any championships on the line for this to be an outstanding affair. Their first two matches were fantastic and a third inside Hell in a Cell creates a plethora of possibilities from both men, specifically from a storytelling standpoint.

    Having had four Hell in a Cell matches previously, Rollins has more experience than anyone else on the active roster in it. Meanwhile, Rhodes has only one match inside the structure to his credit, but he wouldn't look out of place in there one bit.

    With The American Nightmare being the sole featured face on the Hell in a Cell promotional poster as of now, the chances are high he'll be either positioned toward the top of the card with Rollins if not main-eventing the whole thing in the eponymous gimmick match.


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