FCF 2022 Week 2 Rosters, Schedule, Live Stream and Format

Kristopher Knox@@kris_knoxFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2022

FCF 2022 Week 2 Rosters, Schedule, Live Stream and Format

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    Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    The second season (season v2.0) of Fan Controlled Football kicked off last weekend, and it brought plenty of entertainment and excitement.

    It also saw the professional return of Terrell Owens, who scored a touchdown in his FCF debut. It wasn't enough to deliver a win for the Zappers, though, and the NFL Hall of Famer will look to make more of an impact in Week 2.

    The 48-year-old won't make an impact in fantasy, as DFS sites and oddsmakers still aren't offering FCF for fantasy games or betting. This is likely due to the weekly-redraft nature of rosters and it being early in the season. Fans can dictate "franchise" players to keep, though, and we may see odds closer to the playoffs. Bovada, for example, eventually had odds for the championship winner last year.

    Fans can feel a part of the game, as they control the play-calling and roster-building—with weekly redrafts taking place on Wednesdays. It's named Fan Controlled Football for a reason.

    Fans interested in checking out Week 2 of the 2022 season should have little trouble. FCF expanded from four to eight teams this year and also expanded its collection of streaming partners. Fans have numerous ways to watch and, as always, can download the FCF App to stream and get into the play-calling action.

    Here, you'll find all the information you need for Week 2, including scheduling, live-stream, roster and format information.  

Week 1 Scores, Week 2 Schedule and Live Stream

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    Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    Week 1 Results

    Beasts 36, Glacier Boyz 20

    Shoulda Been Stars 20, Zappers 12

    8oki 28, Kingpins 26

    Bored Ape FC 36, Knights of Degen 32


    Week 2 Schedule (all games, Saturday, April 23)

    Bored Ape FC vs, 8oki: 1 p.m. ET

    Kingpins vs. Knights of Degen: 3 p.m. ET

    Glazier Boyz vs. Zappers: 7 p.m. ET

    Beasts vs. Shoulda Been Stars: 9 p.m. ET


    Live Stream

    DAZN, NBCLX, Peacock, Twitch and the FCF App.

Season V2.0 Rules and Format

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    Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    We covered the rules—which were voted on by fans—last year and again in Week 1. It's worth a quick refresher, though, as many fans may be new to FCF entering Week 2. The rules are quite a bit different from traditional American football and other indoor leagues.

    For one, there's no kicking in FCF, which means no field goals and no punts. Matchups are played on a 50-yard indoor field. Offenses begin on their own 10-yard line and must drive 40 yards to the end zone, and the opening possession is decided by rock paper, scissors instead of a coin toss.

    Extra points (two-point conversions) are decided by a one-vs.-one battle between a wide receiver and defensive back from the five-yard line—with the quarterback having just four seconds to deliver a pass.

    Games are played with a running clock, except in the last 30 seconds of the half and overtime, and are expected to fit within a one-hour window.

    Backup quarterbacks must be involved in the game plan, with each team's signal-caller having to play at least one out of three possessions (barring injury). This adds a unique element to roster building, one that separates FCF drafting from traditional fantasy drafts. Waiting until the final pick for a backup quarterback could be a mistake, because he will be playing.

    Starting lineups consist of seven players, with three-man offensive lines. Each offense also features one quarterback and three skill players.

    Offensive lines and defenses are drafted as units, while quarterbacks and the offensive skill players—wide receivers, slot receivers and running backsare drafted individually. New drafts take place each Wednesday, with fans able to keep one "franchise" player each week.

    This year, FCF will feature two divisions—the OGs and the Ballerz—with each team playing its divisional opponents twice in the season along with one non-divisional game. Fans can become owners of an expansion team by purchasing NFT avatars for their respective squad. From the FCF website:

    "Ballerz are customizable avatars that drop you into the Ballerz Collective. Four FCF expansion teams will be exclusively managed by fans holding the 20,500 unique, programmatically generated Ballerz in the league. ...Some Rare Gear items will also provide additional utility and benefits, including Enhanced voting power for player drafting, play calling, replay review, team and league operations, and branding decisions, access to behind the scenes content, ability to design and sell merch in the team store, game day tickets and event access."

    In other words, fans can become true ownership partners if they land the right NFT drops. NFTs were still available for 8oki and Kingpins as of Friday morning.

    There will be a seven-week regular season, followed by the playoffs and the championship game. Each week features afternoon and evening windows with two games apiece.

    The full season schedule, which can also be found at DAZN, is as follows:

    Week 2: Saturday, April 23

    Week 3: Saturday, April 30

    Week 4: Saturday, May 7

    Week 5: Saturday, May 14

    Week 6: Saturday, May 21

    Week 7: Saturday, May 28

    Playoffs: Saturday, June 4

    Championship: Saturday, June 11 

Week 2 Rosters

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    Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

    Here's a look at all eight teams for Week 2, including their team owners and starting lineups—according to the FCF official website:

    Glacier Boys: Quavo Hunco, Adin Ross, Richard Sherman and Deestroying

    QB: Dentarrius Yon, Devlin Isadore

    RB: Brycen Alleyne, Malcolm Ballard

    WR: Andrew Jamiel, Vance Leonard

    SR: Harrison Dreher

    OL: The Trenchmen

    DEF: The Hitmen


    Beasts: Marshawn Lynch, Renee Montgomery and Miro

    QB: Alphonso Howard, Jason Stewart

    RB: Quinn Porter

    WR: Tra Chandler, LaMarcus Caradine, Justin Nicholls, Jordus Smith

    OL: Block Party

    DEF: Heavy Hitters


    Shoulda Been Stars: Rachel Lindsay, Austin Ekeler, Altered State Machines and Druski

    QB: D'Vonn Gibbons, Slade Jarman

    RB: LaDarius Galloway

    WR: Just'N Thymes, Slade Jarman, Tyis Boykin, Travalle Calvin

    OL: The Wall

    DEF: D-Block


    Zappers: Bob Menery, Ronnie Singh, Trevor May and Dalvin Cook

    QB: Johnny Manziel, Brian Allen

    RB: John Robinson

    WR: Terrell Owens, Antonio Turner, Ismail Brooks

    SR: James Harden

    OL: Force Field

    DEF: Shut Down Squad


    Kingpins: NFT Kingpins

    QB: Danny Southwick, Tirri Jones

    RB: Daryl Virgies

    WR: Keyston Fuller, Tony Dixon

    SR: Elijah Rogers, Eterrious Giles

    OL: The Trenchmen

    DEF: Heavy Hitters


    Bored Ape FC: Bored Ape NFT

    QB: Deondre Francois, Vidal Woodruff

    RB: Jakobie Baker

    WR: Collin Andrews, Jordan Andrews, Connor Andrews

    SR: Maurice Thomas

    OL: The Wall

    DEF: The Hitmen


    Knights of Degen: Knights of Degen

    QB: Ed Crouch, Laquan Horton

    RB: Terelle West

    WR: Jacoby Herring, Yedidiah Louis, Keyon Thomas

    SR: Drake Wells

    OL: Force Field

    DEF: The D-Block


    8oki: 8oki

    QB: Mitch Kidd, Brandon Pearson

    WR: Joseph Boykin, Patrick Smith, Joshua Johnson, Tracy Gaston

    SL: Cedric Byrd

    OL: Block Party

    DEF: Shut Down Squad


    *A full list of FCF players can be found here.