Eric Bischoff Brings Old-School Vibe to Miz vs. Edge Feud, More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 28, 2021

Eric Bischoff Brings Old-School Vibe to Miz vs. Edge Feud, More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Due to a reported COVID-19 outbreak, the December 27 edition of Monday Night Raw was understaffed, and it showed.

    Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported news of the outbreak Wednesday after a loop of live events and TV tapings. Promised matches for Raw were since changed, and not everyone got a big highlight just days before WWE Day 1.

    The Miz and Edge continued their unique rivalry as The Miz and Maryse renewed their vows with Eric Bischoff officiating. Of course, The Rated-R Superstar had to get involved and give the lovebirds a Brood Bath.

    Grayson Waller made a surprise appearance on Raw to continue his feud with AJ Styles. It seems NXT 2.0 will cross over with Raw more and more to keep the shows fresh.

    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins returned to action to defeat Rey and Dominik Mysterio and earn a shot at Randy Orton and Riddle at WWE Day 1.

    WWE continues to tease that Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H may no longer need one another. While the tag team is floundering, it is hard to imagine the women's tag team division surviving without this unique pair.

    The show did not shine as bright as it could have with a complete roster, but there were moments to talk about for the future of the brand.

The Miz and Edge Continue to Tell Quality Old-School Story

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    While The Miz felt like an odd fit for Edge's next opponent at first, the two men have made this work by telling the kind of old-school story that would have played well in the late '90s.

    It's nice to see wrestlers embrace a memorable style again rather than falling into the same trap of promos. Miz and Maryse have used fake marital troubles to get the upper hand, while The Rated-R Superstar is pouring black goo over people.

    It's ridiculous, but it works. While Big E's feud at the moment is all over the place with Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley, this story is clear. Miz thinks Edge is his jumping-off point to another title reign, while Edge wants to humiliate The A-Lister into bringing out his violent side.

    The two should have a great match at Day 1. It is one of the few that feels guaranteed. Edge has not missed since returning. Miz is in his wheelhouse and has been waiting for a match at this level again.

Raw/NXT Crossovers Are Good for NXT 2.0, Even If They're Done Out of Necessity

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    Grayson Waller is a charismatic star with a bright future. That has been obvious for weeks. His heel turn is really working. While he is not ready for Raw yet, an occasionally appearance certainly does not hurt.

    This was a nice surprise, especially since Omos could not fight The Phenomenal One this week. For some reason, it all ended with Styles fighting Apollo Crews, but that is mainly because WWE has plans for Styles vs. Waller in future months.

    These NXT 2.0 crossovers have been a smart way to get stars on the smaller show, and it seems NXT is coming to Raw as well. This is a great way to test young talent without forcing them into the spotlight.

    Bron Breakker can make an appearance on Raw every now and then to pick up a win or cross paths with a star. It can be a soft debut like Waller's.

    WWE is betting a lot on the young talent of NXT 2.0 as the future. The best way to prove they deserve it is by testing them on the biggest stage.

The Street Profits Are Not in Good Position to Dethrone RK-Bro

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    RK-Bro remain a rare bright spot on Raw, but their challenger pool is more than a little weak. The Street Profits still feel like they were tag team champions weeks ago, yet Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are just not on Randy Orton's level at the moment.

    To be fair, no one outside of a truly game AJ Styles has been on Orton's level in the tag team division this past year. He's found his funny side with Riddle by working as the straight man to The Original Bro's eccentricity.

    If anyone is going to make the Raw Tag Team Championships relevant at WrestleMania 38, it is RK-Bro. This team has earned that.

    Street Profits remain entertaining and charismatic. A time will come soon when Ford and Dawkins can reclaim the gold. It just is not quite that time yet.

The Last Thing the Women's Tag Division Can Afford Is Another Break-Up

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    The women's tag team division is incredibly shallow. Carmella and Queen Zelina rule atop a division where the only challengers are the women they beat to become champions, Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H.

    Ripley and Nikki forged an unlikely team that has worked well when highlighted, but WWE is once again teasing to break up a tag team. It feels like WWE believes no women can ever get along.

    It is time to start rebuilding tag teams on Raw and SmackDown. The blue brand has some options, but no one has fully established themselves yet. It is certainly not time to break up the former champions.

    The only excuse WWE could have would be to bring up Raquel Gonzalez to team with Ripley as a dominant pairing of powerhouses. This would leave Nikki to find her own new partner, with plenty of options.