Predicting the WWE Day 1 Match Results That Will Anger Fans

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 31, 2021

Predicting the WWE Day 1 Match Results That Will Anger Fans

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    WWE Day 1 is a special night for the company. After a month without any pay-per-view, WWE will open the new year in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

    This is a chance to start fresh. It is an opportunity to make a statement that can resonate through months to come. It could well be the starting point on the Road to WrestleMania.

    While big moments are welcome in WWE, these situations often lead to frustration. The WWE Universe wants moves that highlight the young talent while bringing out the best in everyone involved.

    Fans are rooting for Big E and Liv Morgan to defeat dangerous threats like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. This show still has yet to set up the perfect challenger for Roman Reigns, yet there's certainly a chance Brock Lesnar dethrones the long-time champion.

    Certain results stand out as the most likely to draw the ire of fans that fight for the best possible WWE. Not all of them will come to fruition, but it is likely that fans will not get everything they want, either.

Seth Rollins Defeats Big E

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    Big E is one of the rare exciting young wrestlers to capture the WWE Championship. He earned it through consistent charismatic work. He is devoted to WWE through and through, finally getting his due.

    It is his time to shine. He should get a chance to ride into WrestleMania. However, Drew McIntyre was in a similar position last year, and he ended up fighting as the challenger on the Grandest Stage of Them All instead.

    All it takes is for WWE to decide some other big name should have the world title instead. Seth Rollins is a safe bet. He has been champion at WrestleMania before. Many have labelled him the new Mr. WrestleMania given his consistent performances.

    It is just not his time. Rollins has created a new alliance with Kevin Owens. He has a story away from gold or as a challenger. The four-time world champion does not need another reign just yet.

    WWE is not always one to let a young star shine. It's always about paying dues and establishing stars. Rollins is a star who can feature on the WrestleMania posters, but The Power of Positivity can do the same with the gold he earned.

Brock Lesnar Defeats Roman Reigns

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    Roman Reigns is approaching 500 days as WWE universal champion. If he survives his latest fight with Brock Lesnar, he will break The Beast Incarnate's 504-day title reign in a much more impressive way given his consistent title defenses.

    The Head of the Table is doing something remarkable. It is important that when he loses, it comes on a major stage to a worthy new champion. Lesnar is certainly a worthy challenger, but he's not the man to dethrone Reigns.

    This should be a stop to highlight the future of the business. WWE has struggled to build genuine challengers for The Head of the Table, though, so Lesnar could be the safest option if WWE wants to make a quick switch and get people talking.

    The Beast Incarnate has been WWE's safest move for a long time. Lesnar dethroned Goldberg. He stopped the reign of Kofi Kingston. He slowed the ascent of Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

    It would not be shocking for him to add to his eight world title reigns, even if The Head of The Table should be setting up new talent rather than facing the familiar.

    It would be a slap in the face if WWE kept the week-to-week MVP away from breaking a part-time star's ill-gotten record to put that same star over again.

The Miz Defeats Edge

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    WWE has been building up Edge as a dominant veteran with a clear focus for his future. After defeating Seth Rollins, he looked poised to go after the WWE Championship. Instead, he was thrust into a feud with The Miz.

    While The A-Lister is a reliable veteran, he has never been at the same level as The Rated-R Superstar. He is certainly not the type of talent poised to take the momentum Edge gained from Rollins and run with it.

    If Miz were to get a win, especially clean, over The Rated-R Superstar, it would be a massive blow to the future of Edge in WWE. Miz already got his veteran title reign in 2021. He's not likely to get back to the gold a third time in 2022.

    This should be Edge's time to shine. Miz should just be a stepping stone. However, WWE loves to give the bad guys the win.

    Either result in this match would not be truly surprising. It's just a matter of how it is delivered. This rivalry may last several months to come.

Becky Lynch Defeats Liv Morgan Again

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    Becky Lynch defeated Liv Morgan on the December 6 edition of Monday Night Raw with a cheap roll-up. While it was a successful test of Morgan's talent, fans were frustrated with the result.

    As shown by WWE on Twitter, cameras even caught a very frustrated young girl at ringside, drawing comparisons to the night The Miz won the WWE Championship for the first time.

    WWE has committed to a sequel with a promise that something will change. The hope is that Morgan will finally win big. One of WWE's most popular young stars, Morgan has had a rough 2021, especially because of the release of Ruby Soho.

    It would be only right for her to finally get her due. At the age of 27, Morgan has spent many years in WWE already to get to this moment, this opportunity.

    However, Big Time Becks is the safer bet. She has always been the safe bet. WWE rarely goes against the safe bet. Lynch is the biggest women's star in WWE today by a solid margin. The WWE Universe will not be happy if she wins, but it would not be the first or last time WWE did not care.