AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 17

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2021

AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 17

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Since AEW Rampage only lasts an hour, we are used to seeing fewer matches than we see on Dynamite. But that doesn't mean we have to see fewer wrestlers.

    All Elite Wrestling featured two huge tag matches on Friday with a combined total of 18 wrestlers, and that's not even counting the women's bout.

    There was also the return of Dan Lambert in a promo alongside Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky, which saw The Men of the Year enter a possible feud with Cody and Dustin Rhodes.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on Friday's episode of AEW Rampage. 

The Undisputed Elite Superkliq vs. Roppongi Chaos Best Friends (8-Man Tag Match)

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Rampage opened up with a match that has been building for a few weeks. Adam Cole, The Young Bucks and Bobby Fish took on Trent, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero.

    Eight-man tag matches are chaotic as it is, and with these eight guys involved, you know this one was full of various team-based spots. Instead of giving you a full breakdown, we will keep the recap brief.

    Both teams managed to have a number of moments, and every wrestler got a chance to be in control for at least a few seconds. When the dust settled, the team of Cassidy, Romero, Taylor and Trent scored the win when Trent pinned Fish. 

    Grade: B



    Considering this match had a lot of moving parts, the pace during the first half was surprisingly tame. They didn't immediately start going 100 mph while hitting all of their big moves. They gave certain moments time to breathe.

    That said, it also meant this match did not reach the level of excitement many fans probably expected, at least not until later. Slower is better sometimes, but when you have this many guys in the ring, you can't waste a single second.

    If you are a fan of any of these guys, be it their work in NJPW or AEW, then this is going to be a fun match for you. If you don't, then it won't. There's not much else to say other than all eight competitors did a good job with the spots they were given. 

    Trent was one of the major highlights of this match, which was nice to see after he had to spend months on the shelf with an injury. 

This Guy Again

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Lambert, Sky and Page returned for a promo segment this week, but they were quickly interrupted by Cody Rhodes.

    The American Nightmare has been getting booed by AEW fans recently, so AEW probably thought putting him in a segment with a guy the crowd hates more would help.

    Predictably, things got physical after a few minutes. Page and Sky got the upper hand, but Dustin Rhodes was there to make the save. Sammy Guevara also came down to lend the Rhodes family a hand. 

    Grade: C+



    As a way to set up a future tag team match between the Rhodes brothers and Men of the Year, this segment accomplished its goal. It wasn't groundbreaking or special, but it was effective. 

    The inclusion of Guevara is going to help lead into his next TNT title defense, but the real story here is the tag match this whole thing set in motion.

    With Lambert being able to generate big heat, it's going to be a toss-up as to whether the crowd cheers for Cody by default or only offers support to Dustin. 

Tay Conti vs. Penelope Ford (Submission Match)

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Conti tackled Ford as soon as she got to the ring, and the ref called for the bell to get the match underway. After a few moments, Ford found her footing and brought Conti down on the back of her head.

    Conti was the first to employ submissions in an attempt to win, but The Bunny was there to assist her friend by pushing the bottom rope closer to her so she could force a break.

    Ford countered out of a triangle and applied a reverse bow and arrow, but Conti reversed the hold and turned it into a modified armbar. Anna Jay and The Bunny almost got into it at ringside after The Bunny distracted Conti to break her grip.

    Ford got her in a dragon sleeper, but Conti broke free. Conti eventually locked in one final submission to score the win. 

    Grade: C+



    Conti and Ford have both improved by leaps and bounds since coming to AEW, but both of them still have work to do before they are as smooth as they could be. 

    The bell did not ring at the end of the match, so it was a little confusing when Conti was announced as the winner. It made the whole ending feel a little anticlimactic. 

    Ford looked like she tried to apply a certain hold the wrong way at one point, but otherwise, the use of submissions was solid. 

Lucha Bros, Kingston, Santana and Ortiz vs. 2.0, Garcia and The Acclaimed

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    If you thought the eight-man tag match that opened the show was a lot, then wait until you see the 10-man tag that closed this week's Rampage.

    Eddie Kingston led a team that included Santana, Ortiz, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo against Daniel Garcia, 2.0 and The Acclaimed. Like the opening bout, we will summarize this bout because there was too much action to cover.

    Garcia's team was able to score the win when he rolled up Kingston with a handful of trunks for the pin. As the heels attacked their fallen opponents, Jurassic Express and Christian made the save. 

    Grade: B+



    This bout contained a few mini feuds within it, so as soon as the fight started outside the ring, everyone paired up and started brawling with one of their rivals.

    Having Garcia, 2.0 and The Acclaimed get the win was the right call. It keeps all of the various feuds going and positions 2.0 and The Acclaimed as potential challengers for the tag titles in the future, but Jurassic Express also clearly wants a shot. 

    This bout had more urgency to it than the opening bout, but they did a good job juggling everything so nobody was left out too much. Both matches were solid, but this one was slightly better.