Are Lesnar and Heyman Back Together? Hook's AEW Debut and More Friday Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2021

Are Lesnar and Heyman Back Together? Hook's AEW Debut and More Friday Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Friday night was packed with storyline developments and great matches from both WWE and All Elite Wrestling, which made the three hours fly by much faster than usual.

    Brock Lesnar was back on SmackDown while Roman Reigns was on a sabbatical. He not only attacked Sami Zayn again, but he also played some mind games by implying he and Paul Heyman were still associates.

    Sonya Deville tried to get one over on Naomi, only for Xia Li to show up and save the day like a superhero. She even conjured some lightning on her way to the ring. We also saw Toni Storm finally get her chance to face Charlotte Flair.

    Over on Rampage, the feud between The Elite and Best Friends took another step forward when Adam Cole faced Wheeler Yuta, but social media was all about the debut of Hook.

    Let's take a look at some of the biggest moments from Friday's shows.

Are Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in Cahoots?

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    Friday's show opened with Zayn in a wheelchair, with two nurses accompanying him to the ring. He was soon joined by Heyman before Lesnar made his way out too.

    The whole thing led to The Beast taking out Zayn and both of his nurses as Heyman looked on from ringside with a huge smile on his face. When Kayla Braxton tried to ask Lesnar a question backstage, he told her to direct it to Heyman.

    While this could all be Lesnar playing more mind games, there is always the possibility that Heyman is planning to turn on Roman Reigns and align himself with The Beast once more.

    We all know Heyman's history. He once stabbed Lesnar in the back to side with Big Show, so he has a history of jumping ship when the waves get a little too rocky for him.

    Lesnar and Reigns are set to square off at Day 1 on January 1. If Heyman does turn on The Tribal Chief, we will likely see a new universal champion crowned that night.

Naomi Gets Some Help from Xia Li

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    After several weeks of buildup, Friday's show had Naomi vs. Deville booked to take place. The authority figure shed her suit for the night and put on some wrestling gear, but she still had something up her sleeve.

    She introduced Natalya as the special guest ring announcer and Shayna Baszler as the timekeeper. Naomi knew what was coming so tried to get ahead of the situation by attacking Baszler and Natalya before they could get to her.

    That was when Xia Li made an unexpected appearance. She and Naomi cleared the ring, so the match never officially took place. Li and Naomi showed each other respect to end the segment.

    This feud with Naomi and Daddy Deville has been building for months, and it feels like a pay-per-view is the only place it should conclude. Expect WWE to book this for Day 1, possibly with some kind of stipulation to up the stakes.

    As far as Li goes, we could see her engage in a feud with Baszler or Natalya after what happened on this show.

A Severe Storm Warning Is in Effect

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    This match has had a couple of weeks of story behind it, and Friday finally saw Storm and Flair step into the ring for a singles bout.

    The Queen made her mark by hitting a huge right hand as soon as the bell rang, but Storm was quick to recover and take control of the situation.

    Whether or not she won or lost, the real test for Storm here was how well she performed. If she could hang with the SmackDown women's champion, she would show management that she deserves more opportunities in the future.

    The Queen got herself disqualified by refusing to obey the ref's count while she was attacking Storm, but the beatdown didn't end there. She delivered a big boot before making her exit.

    While this match was short, it was a setup for something bigger in the future. Now that Storm can claim she has a win over Charlotte, she is going to use it to request a rematch and that one may see the title on the line.

They Finally Sent Hook

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Hook has been hanging around with Team Taz for a long time, but he finally got a chance to step into the ring Friday for a match against Fuego Del Sol.

    Taz's soon looked impressive in his debut match, using a variety of suplexes, takedowns and submissions before employing one of his dad's favorite finishing moves to score the victory.

    Moments later, Tony Khan announced via Twitter that Hook was officially All Elite, which means he has some sort of contract with AEW.

    After an impressive showing and generating a ton of social media buzz, it would be easy to see why Khan might consider giving Hook a big push right out of the gate. He is young, popular and responsible for more than a few memes. Pushing him seems like a no-brainer.

    He might not go after a title right away, but there is a good chance we see a lot more of this young man in the near future, especially on Dark and Elevation, where he can grow while facing other rising stars.

The Rivalry Between Best Friends and the Elite Heats Up

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Yuta took on Cole in Friday's Rampage main event, but what happened after Cole got the win is more important to the ongoing storyline.

    The Elite and Best Friends have entered into a feud, and it looks like AEW is building up to a big 10-man tag match.

    Yuta, Orange Cassidy, Trent, Chuck Taylor and Rocky Romero vs. The Young Bucks, Cole, Bobby Fish and Brandon Cutler seems like an obvious way for this to end.

    How long it takes us to get to that point is the mystery. AEW has so many different combos of tag and singles matches it could do with this group that it could run this feud for a few months before we see a rematch.

    This could all be done by the end of the year or this feud could last until the next PPV, Revolution in March. Either way, there are some potential show-stealing matches that could take place with these 10 stars.