Predicting Who Will Be Trending on Social Media After WWE Survivor Series 2021

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2021

Predicting Who Will Be Trending on Social Media After WWE Survivor Series 2021

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    WWE presents one of its biggest shows of the year, Survivor Series, live from Brooklyn's Barclay Center Sunday night, and several Superstars are expected to be trending during and after their matches on the stacked the card.

    Controversial industry giants Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair are guaranteed to do so, if for no other reason than reputation. Randy Orton is preparing to eclipse a historic record that will leave him alone atop the mountain as WWE's most storied pay-per-view performer.

    And then there is a certain Great One whose name dominated speculation in the days leading into Sunday's extravaganza.

    Might a shocking appearance to set up a WrestleMania dream match be in the works?

The Rock

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    The Rock's name has been on the lips of wrestling fans leading into Sunday's show, which will be an unofficial celebration of the fact that it's been 25 years since The Great One's WWE debut. It was even mentioned by Jimmy Fallon during Roman Reigns' appearance on The Tonight Show earlier this week.

    There will be expectations typical of any of WWE's big shows, and many of them will be set around the idea of a surprise appearance from The Rock to set up a magical dream match against Reigns.

    If he does show up, social media will be ablaze with fan excitement. Anticipation will run wild of a showdown with The Tribal Chief, and WWE will have on its hands the blockbuster match around which it can hype WrestleMania 38 inside Dallas' 100,000-seat AT&T Stadium.

    If not, disappointment will fuel angry tweets about the lack of surprises and effort on WWE's part.

    The Rock will have fans talking for better or worse.

Roman Reigns

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    Universal champion Reigns is the biggest star in the industry, has a match with WWE champion Big E on Sunday and a potential showdown with The Rock on the horizon.

    Add those three up, and you have a guy who is always going to be on the minds of WWE fans.

    If he manages to turn in another show-defining performance against a star in Big E who will be looking to solidify his reign as the guy on Raw, he will earn acclaim across Twitter.

    There is always the possibility that fans will turn on him because they are tired of his dominance over the company, but his work has been so ridiculously good over the past two years that the anti-Tribal Chief sentiment has been curbed exponentially.

    If he loses to Big E, the shock of it will spur even more discussion.

Charlotte Flair

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    Charlotte Flair has been one of the hottest topics in professional wrestling thanks to real-life drama with Becky Lynch and her reaction to it.

    On Sunday, she squares off with Big Time Becks in an interpromotional battle between Raw and SmackDown women's champions.

    The match, if handled professionally, should be excellent. We have enough evidence of superb matches between the two to expect that. What will determine whether Flair trends at all is whether she can resist the urge to lash out during or after the contest.

    The altercation between the two was reportedly caused by Flair going off-script because she felt the original plans made her look week. What happens if the finish of the match calls for something similar? What if she doesn't agree with plans and decides to take business into her own hands?

    Will she be able to maintain her cool, win or lose, after the bell rings and the women go their separate ways?

    Even if everything goes according to plan and the women have an absolute banger of a match, Flair will likely be the topic of conversation given her star power and the quality of her performance.

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton will make history as the most prolific pay-per-view performer in WWE history Sunday when he competes in his 177th match, teaming with Riddle to battle SmackDown's Usos.

    The Viper is one of the most decorated and well-respected wrestlers of all time, and the record-smashing appearance will almost certainly have fans discussing his place in history, not to mention anything else that occurs within the match itself.

    Recent teases of Orton's mounting frustration with his RK-Bro teammate has some thinking a breakup is on the horizon. While it feels too early to do away with an act that is over and selling its fair share of merchandise, WWE has never been one to shy away from pulling the proverbial trigger.

    Especially if it seeks that epic WrestleMania program.

    Still, expect considerable buzz surrounding Orton in what will be a celebration of his Hall of Fame-worthy career, which coincidentally started with three consecutive years (2003-05) of being the sole survivor in traditional Survivor Series elimination matches.