The Usos Send Violent Message to Kingston and Woods, More WWE SmackDown Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2021

Credit: WWE.com

Friday's SmackDown was light on storyline developments, but the feuds that got attention were focused on heavily.

We saw Roman Reigns and The Usos have a confrontation with the new King of the Ring and his right-hand man, Naomi faced Shayna Baszler again and Mansoor might have found himself a new tag team partner already.

Let's take a look at the some of the bigger moments from Friday's show.


The King and Tribal Chief Have a Dispute

Reigns returned to SmackDown to talk about how he enjoyed some time off following his win over Brock Lesnar.

He joked about the Beast being suspended and fined seven figures before he got serious and asked about The Usos losing to The New Day on the previous week's show.

This brought out King Woods and Kofi Kingston to respond with some of their signature brand of trash talk before throwing down a challenge. Woods said he wanted a match with Jimmy Uso. If Uso won, Woods said he would acknowledge Reigns. But if Woods won, Jimmy would have to bend the knee to his king.

The Usos were going to turn down the challenge before Reigns took the mic and accepted on behalf of Jimmy. They had a competitive back-and-forth exchange that made it seem like it could go either way, but the recently crowned King of the Ring was able to score the win.

Before the loser could bend the knee, Reigns came out of nowhere and helped The Usos decimate The New Day. The three-on-two advantage led to The Bloodline ending the show standing over Woods and Kingston's bodies.

While this may only be a tag team feud for the titles, the inclusion of Reigns so prominently in the buildup segment and post-match beatdown may indicate more is being planned.

Kingston getting a universal title shot wouldn't be surprising, but what if WWE decided to give Woods a chance at the gold? So many fans would be stoked to see him get that opportunity.


Sonya Deville Continues to Torment Naomi

Naomi received another match against Baszler on Friday instead of the woman she wanted to face, Sonya Deville. The SmackDown authority figure booked this bout thinking it would be a walk in the park for The Queen of Spades.

The Queen of Glow had other plans and proceeded to give Baszler a tough fight. They fought in and out of the ring as both Superstars attempted the get the upper hand.

Naomi was able to get the pin with a victory roll counter out of the Kirifuda Clutch, but her celebrations were short-lived. Deville came out and said the match needed to be restarted because Baszler grabbed the bottom rope before she was pinned.

The ref called for the bell, and Naomi turned around to run right into Baszler's grasp. The former MMA fighter choked her out for the win.

This feud has been going on for several weeks, but it appears to be coming to a head. There is only so much Naomi can take before she snaps and goes after Deville for treating her so unfairly.

After an initial attack, they will be booked in a grudge match of some kind, possibly at Survivor Series. To keep with the theme of survivors, we could see a stipulation added like Last Woman Standing.

This storyline has allowed Naomi to get a lot more screen time, but it needs to end with her winning. If WWE builds up this story of her vs. the machine, only to have the machine win, it will upset a lot of fans.


A New Tag Team for Mansoor

Just a couple of weeks after his partnership with Mustafa Ali dissolved, Mansoor teamed up with Cesaro on SmackDown.

The young Superstar was dominated by Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza for a few minutes before he was able to crawl his way over to the corner and make the tag.

The Swiss Superman went on a rampage and took out both opponents, but a miscommunication with Mansoor led to Los Lotharios picking up the W.

It appears WWE wants to push Mansoor in some way, but putting him right into another random tag team indicates management has no idea what it wants to do with him.

The pairing with Ali was starting to work before WWE broke them up. If Mansoor was just going to be a tag team guy anyway, that duo should have stayed together.

The fact that he is having the same timing issues with Cesaro that he had with Ali also indicates WWE put little thought into how to push him once he got to the blue brand.

This team with Cesaro probably won't work out. In fact, this might be a one-and-done situation. Time will tell.