Ed Stefanski: Philadelphia 76ers Fans Want Allen Iverson Back

Gabe AllenContributor INovember 21, 2009

Dear Ed Stefanski (76ers GM),

I am a former 76ers season ticket holder. The 76ers recently gave me two tickets to see the 4-6 Sixers host the 3-7 Bobcats on Wednesday night. It was a good game.

The Sixers made a great comeback in the last couple minutes and won on a layup by Lou Williams with three seconds left.

Then on Friday night, I had already bought tickets, as I was planning on seeing Iverson make his only visit to Philadelphia of the season. But as we are all aware Iverson is not on the Grizzlies anymore.

The 5-6 Sixers lost to the 3-8 Grizzlies in a terrible performance that saw the Sixers get outrebounded 48-28. Only Lou Williams showed up.

This Sixer team is going to do the same thing as the last couple of years' teams: win enough games to make the playoffs and lose in the first round.

Allen Iverson was the heart and soul of the 76ers for a decade. The Sixers have been unable to escape mediocrity since trading Iverson.

The GM before you, you know, Billy King; there are a lot of reasons why he was fired. He traded for the washed up Webber. He re-signed Willie Green over John Salmons.

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He also signed Samuel Dalembert to a contract extension that goes through the 2010 season. This contract is one that pays him $12 million to disrupt the flow of the 76ers offense on a nightly basis.

The guy has absolutely no clue what to do on offense. It's really sad to watch. And yes, he traded away the Answer too.

And you can fix his mistake. And if you don't, you can bet the Wachovia Center will remain empty.

Re-uniting with Iverson is a move you can make without risk. And a move that you must make.

First and most obviously, the 76ers attendance is terrible. It's last in the league. No one wants to pay for tickets, parking, a hot dog, and a soda to see Willie Green and Sammy Dalembert get all these minutes. 

I think it's safe to say that if Iverson became a Sixer, we could say good-bye to any worries regarding attendance.

Next, Iverson would not stunt the development of any up and coming players. A starting lineup of Lou Williams, Allen Iverson, Andre Iguodala and two of these three: Elton Brand, and Marreesse Speights, Thaddeus Young, with the odd man out still seeing plenty of time as the sixth man.

The rest of the time would go to Holiday, Jason Smith, Samuel Dalembert, Jason Kapono, Rodney Carney and Willie Green.

If there is one thing that the fans in Philly and Allen Iverson deserve, it's to be re-united.


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