AEW Booking Wishes for Kenny Omega on His 38th Birthday

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2021

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 15: Kenny Omega attends the WarnerMedia 2019 Upfront at One Penn Plaza on May 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)
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As All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega celebrates his 38th birthday, wrestling fans around the world are fantasy booking the elite talent's next moves.

While Omega is the world champion, Adam Page continues to nip at his heels, and a plethora of new faces have joined the company in recent months, all dead set on ending the Best Bout Machine's record-setting title reign.

Every championship run comes to an end, and the writing is on the wall for some major character changes for Omega. Here are the best booking options for the current champion as he moves forward as the 38-year-old face of the franchise.


Adam Page Takes World Title

The first step to the next iteration of Kenny Omega will be losing what he holds most dear since making the jump to AEW; the World Heavyweight Championship. The man who needs to take the title is Omega's former friend and tag team partner, Adam Page.

November's Full Gear pay-per-view was named after a bit on the YouTube show Being the Elite, so it makes sense for Page to return from paternity leave, earn a shot at the title and take the championship from Omega at the next PPV.

After over 310 days as the world champion, it's time for a change at the top of the heavyweight division. While Omega has been the best overall wrestler in the world over the last several years, the reaction Page received in Philadelphia when he returned proved he's the man for the job.

With Page on top of the card and Omega forced to collect his thoughts and refocus moving forward, a championship loss would be the best thing that could happen to the current champion's character and progression.


Omega Starts Losing, Cole Takes Over

After the devastation of losing the title to his long-time foe, Omega should begin a losing streak that causes him to question everything. If dropping the AEW Championship to Page wasn't enough, his next bout should be a rematch against Bryan Danielson.

While the two men fought to a time-limit draw the first time they met, Omega should take a clean loss against Danielson in the rematch, essentially dropping Omega out of contention for a shot at the world title.

With Omega questioning himself and The Elite starting to wonder if he should still be the group's leader, Adam Cole should begin posturing to take charge of the stable by undermining the former champion and making the others question his ability.

Eventually, Omega should take one-too-many losses and the rest of The Elite should attack him, which would confirm a power shift at the top of the stable. Just as the Bullet Club kicked out former leaders in brutal fashion, Cole turning on Omega and taking over the group would be best for business.


Descent Into Madness, New Character Debut

Omega is one of the smartest wrestlers in history, and his vision of the industry is unparalleled. With all of that in mind, a broken and abandoned Omega would set the stage for an epic character shift.

While wrestling fans love The Cleaner gimmick and have embraced the dastardly heel champion version of Omega, it's time for the long-time veteran to give AEW and the world another iteration of himself, this time as a now beloved anti-hero who stands against The Elite.

Omega should become the 2022 version of Sting combating the nWo.

With Cole, The Young Bucks, Gallows and Anderson and Don Callis parading around, ruining main events and running roughshod over the roster, Omega should return as an anti-hero dead set on destroying The Elite.

While Omega wouldn't be fighting for the title, becoming the man who takes down the Elite would make for one of the best storylines in wrestling.

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