The Demon Sends Roman Reigns Violent Message and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2021

The Demon Sends Roman Reigns Violent Message and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

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    Friday's go-home edition of SmackDown before Extreme Rules on Sunday failed to add any hardcore stipulation to the card, but it did deliver a good show.

    Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair kicked things off with a talking segment that ended with The EST taking out The Man before they meet on Sunday for the SmackDown women's title.

    Shinsuke Nakamura and Apollo Crews met for another showdown over the Intercontinental Championship, Baron Corbin debuted his new talk show, Happy Talk, and Montez Ford got a huge opportunity when he faced Roman Reigns in the main event.

    Let's take a look at the biggest moments from SmackDown and what they may lead to in the future. 

Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair Hype Their Title Match

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    Lynch came out at the top of the show looking like a smug heel as she rewatched footage of her attacking Belair last week during her homecoming celebration with Kane. It was hard to tell how much was real and how much was editing, but the crowd gave her some decent heel heat. 

    She was salty that nobody threw her a party when she returned and won the title in record time less than a year after giving birth. She tried to justify her actions by saying WWE runs by the law of the jungle and she had no choice. 

    Belair came down and looked as confident as ever as she danced around The Man while her music played. She talked about all of the things she has done while Lynch was away. She made sure to brag about being able to do all of it much quicker than Lynch did. 

    The EST offered her hand, but Lynch responded with a slap to the face. Belair came back with a flurry of punches and the Kiss of Death before leaving up the ramp. 

    While it was great to see Belair get the upper hand, this probably means she is going to lose on Sunday. WWE has a habit of booking the loser of a PPV bout to look strong right before the match because management thinks it makes the outcome less predictable. In reality, it has been the opposite for a long time. 

    They put a lot of emphasis on how quick their SummerSlam match was, so it felt like this might have been building to the announcement of an Ironwoman match. Maybe we will still get that down the line. 

Who Left with the Intercontinental Championship?

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    Nakamura and Rick Boogs were out first for The King of Strong Style's IC title defense against the former champion, Crews. As always, Commander Azeez was by his side. 

    Like their 937 previous matches, Nakamura and Crews had an energetic and competitive exchange. The King and Boogs took out Azeez at ringside before Nakamura was able to score the pin.

    The best part about the finish was that it didn't require a finisher or a distraction. Nakamura used a beautiful pinning combination that looked like it would be genuinely difficult for anyone to escape.

    With the draft coming up on October 4, it felt like this could be the last time we see these two in the ring together for a little while, which is definitely a good thing.

    These guys always put on good performances, but you can only see the same people fight so often in such a short time before it gets stale. That happened about four matches ago with these two.

    It would be great to see somebody like Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Chad Gable or Otis go after the IC title next, but we'll see how things look after the draft. 

Happy Talk

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    Corbin has been riding high ever since he struck it right in Las Vegas, and this week he brought his brand of joy to his new talk show, Happy Talk. 

    Unfortunately, he revealed that he was his own first guest and proceeded to talk about all of the expensive things he was wearing. 

    He showed a clip of him beating up Kevin Owens last week before their match could even take place. Predictably, KO didn't wait long to come out to the ring.

    As he walked down the ramp, Owens was blindsided by a man in a hoodie who revealed himself to be Riddick Moss. We haven't seen the former 24/7 champion in months, so his appearance was a genuine shock.

    It's clear the feud between Corbin and Owens is nowhere near finished. Unless WWE adds it, they don't have a spot on the Extreme Rules card, so we will probably see Owens face Moss next week before he gets his hands on Corbin the week after. 

Montez Ford Gets a Big Opportunity

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    This week's main event was the biggest singles match of Ford's career as he took on The Tribal Chief. Unfortunately, he did not have Angelo Dawkins by his side for support.

    Reigns had The Usos on hand backstage and Paul Heyman in his corner, so in addition to having the power advantage, he also had the numbers advantage. 

    He wanted to make an example out of Ford after he badmouthed The Bloodline earlier in the show. Heyman suggested the match, and Reigns immediately agreed. 

    Ford was the underdog in this bout against the dominant universal champion, but the tag team specialist was able to get in enough offense to impress the crowd.

    WWE gave them a lot of time, so they were able to tell a story instead of just focusing on quick spots. It led to this being a solid match that definitely put a lot of eyes on Ford. 

    Reigns got the win and kept attacking Ford until the lights went out and The Demon appeared on top of one of the ring posts before taking out the entire Bloodline with a huge crossbody. He grabbed a kendo stick and destroyed The Usos before he and Reigns fought in the ring.

    Finn Balor ended the show standing tall. If the previously mentioned pattern applies to this feud, he is going to lose on Sunday. Maybe we'll get lucky and WWE will break from tradition. 


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