Bold Predictions for Bills' 2021 NFL Season

Joe Tansey@JTansey90Featured ColumnistAugust 25, 2021

Bold Predictions for Bills' 2021 NFL Season

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    Paul Sancya/Associated Press

    The Buffalo Bills are once again going to have one of the most entertaining offenses in the NFL

    Josh Allen took a major step forward as a top-tier quarterback in 2020, and that earned him a massive contract extension that was finalized in August. 

    The scary part about Allen's talent is that he will likely get even better than what we saw from him a year ago.

    Allen and the loaded Buffalo offense have a lot more pressure to burden in 2021 because of the AFC East title that was earned last season, but on paper, the Bills have a chance to be even better than their 13-3 campaign.

    Allen will be the driving force of a season that could produce more than 13 victories, and he has the potential to put up totals that win him the Most Valuable Player award. 

Josh Allen Wins NFL MVP

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    Rick Osentoski/Associated Press

    Allen has all the tools at his disposal to become the next MVP winner. 

    Buffalo is going to win a significant number of games, and it has the potential to start the season 4-0 before facing Kansas City and Tennessee in consecutive road games in Weeks 5 and 6. 

    The Bills also have to go on the road to face the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers later in the season.

    If Allen performs well in all four of those contests, his MVP case will be incredibly strong because that would mean he went to head-to-head with four of the best franchises and two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL on the road. 

    If Buffalo somehow emerges 4-0 from that quartet of contests, Allen should be the front-runner for MVP. 

    Allen will undoubtedly put up eye-popping numbers because his offense got even better with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders to an already-loaded wide receiver corps.

    The fourth-year player could make a push to throw for 5,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. He had 4,544 yards and 37 scoring throws in 2020. 

    Even though Zack Moss and Devin Singletary are expected to improve in the ground game, Allen should still pick up some decent totals in those categories to bolster his resume.

    If Allen has close to 50 total touchdowns and leads Buffalo to a top-two seed in the AFC, he must be considered for the award. 

    If he beats Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, or at least wins one of those games, it could be hard for any of the MVP candidates to match his resume. 

Zack Moss Makes the Jump to Become a Top-Tier Running Back

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    Joshua Bessex/Associated Press

    The one significant piece that Buffalo's offense is missing is a 1,000-yard running back. 

    Moss and Singletary split the workload in 2020, but Moss emerged as the favorite for the starting position during the second half of the season. 

    The second-year player is in a position to vault himself into the top tier of running backs in 2021 because of the promise he displayed in November and December. 

    Moss earned nine or more carries in six games past Week 8 last season. He finished the campaign with 4.3 yards per carry, 37 yards per game and four rushing touchdowns. 

    If Moss takes hold of the starting job ahead of Singletary, he can make a push toward 1,000 rushing yards, even if Allen keeps the ball a good amount. 

    Moss is the more powerful back between him and Singletary, and he is more than capable of making the leap to a 1,000-yard rusher. He hit that milestone in three straight seasons at Utah. 

    Moss' elevation into the top tier of running backs could be aided by his pass-catching ability. He had 14 receptions on 18 targets last season. Singletary was the more active player of the duo in that facet of the offense with 38 catches on 50 targets. 

    Since Buffalo has shown willingness to involve running backs in the passing game, Moss could easily get to 30-35 receptions on top of the work load he will have on the ground. 

    If everything goes right for Moss, he could be one of the offensive players who takes a large step forward in his progression similar to what Allen has done in the previous two seasons. 

Buffalo Finishes 15-2

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    Jeffrey T. Barnes/Associated Press

    It is hard to find any guaranteed losses on the Bills' schedule. 

    Buffalo will be competitive with Kansas City, Tampa Bay and Tennessee, and it should get past New Orleans and its boisterous crowd because of the edge Allen holds over Jameis Winston at quarterback. 

    The rest of Buffalo's schedule is not frightening. The Bills went 6-0 in the AFC East last season, so they should not have much trouble navigating through the challenges presented by the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots

    Buffalo should start 4-0 since it has three home games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans and Washington Football Team. A Week 2 trip to Miami is the lone road game in that opening stretch. Buffalo put up 87 points in two wins over Miami in 2020. 

    After the Kansas City-Tennessee road trip, the Bills have one other set of consecutive road games. Those contests are against the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets

    Buffalo will be in a good position to contest for the No. 1 seed in December since it has home games with the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and the Jets. 

    If Buffalo dominates the division once again and beats both of New Orleans and Tennessee, there is a favorable path to 15-2. In that scenario, the two losses would come against the pair of Super Bowl participants from last season.

    The Bills have the potential to outscore any NFL team, even the Chiefs and Bucs, and their young talent will only get better, which will make them one of the most exciting to teams to watch and one of the scariest foes for opponents to tackle. 


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