Warriors-Blazers: Golden State Stops Portland 108-94

Busta BucketCorrespondent INovember 21, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 20:  Monta Ellis #8 of the Golden State Warriors defends against Joel Przybilla #10 of the Portland Trail Blazers during an NBA game at Oracle Arena on November 20, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

I'm really starting to wonder.

It's been a strange first 14 games in Portland this season. We've had success overall, but against who? A lot of terrible teams.

The Blazers have played well below what they are capable of achieving. Luckily, those bad games against bad teams ended up as wins.

But tonight? All the glaring weaknesses, from coaching to execution, were fully magnified.

What the Hell was that tonight?

Don't get me wrong, the first quarter was excellent. The Blazers went right at Mikki Moore and Oden got him in foul trouble early. Greg looked aggressive, capable and willing to score and rebound.

Brandon was hitting, things were smooth like they should be. Then LaMarcus and Greg got two fouls and were yanked from the game. Our two best big men, guys who can change the entire game with tempo and skill, were not playing.

That's when the meltdown started. The Blazers looked completely atrocious in the second quarter. They were stagnant on offense and unwilling on defense. An incredible 10 turnovers in one quarter! It's really amazing that Portland even scored 15 points.

Why do I get the feeling that guys aren't playing basketball, but more like trying to be too perfect? Nate's "two fouls and out" rule or quick hook for scrubs other than Blake may be causing mental anxiety amongst the troops.

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Speaking of Steve Blake, Does it get any worse than watching him run an offense? If it's not Blake holding up a fast break during a fast break, it's him missing wide open threes.

Golden State was barely interested in guarding him; they weren't concerned. Blake only technically had two turnovers, but the over conservative handling of the game was just as bad as turnovers.

At this point, we have major flaws as a unit. We cannot guard a team like Golden State who runs like that. We have one guy playing defense or one guy defending and blocking out while everyone else stands around. What gives?

On offense, I feel like we barely have one guy capable of taking his man off the dribble and legitimately get into the paint. Brandon can do it, but even he's struggling right now.

Portland was supposed to win this game by 11 against a team with only eight players, including a guy who just got brought up from a D league team called the Bats, or Cats, or Salamanders. Who knows, who cares. Ridiculous.

Why deviate from the game plan? Why was Greg not involved again after the first quarter? Why do I feel like this team is on the brink of either getting better quickly or collapsing before our eyes?

I turned it off with six minutes left. No one was trying, and for one night it made me sick that I pay for Comcast to watch NBA basketball.

It's not just this one game, it's a culmination of games where highly paid professional athletes can't figure out how to play the game they've been playing for years.

A win tomorrow doesn't satisfy me. Portland needs to beat a couple good teams at home and some mediocre or better teams on the road. It's been a long week at work and this was supposed to be the reward. Come on, fellas!

Anyway, rant over, just needed to get that out. Agree, disagree, let it all out fellow Blazer fans!

Box Score

  • Anthony Morrow torching us again for 23 points.
  • Warriors with 15 steals, Blazers with 23 total turnovers.
  • Knowing all they had was Monta and still letting him get 34 pts, 8 asts.
  • Another miserable night of 4 for 19 from the three point line.
  • Not freeing Bayless and Cunningham to run with opposing young guys.
  • Martell and Juwan were pretty irrelevant in their time on the floor.
  • Excellent first quarter, sticking with the gameplan.
  • Oden was solid early on.
  • Przybilla worked the boards and played great defense, but got no help.
  • Red jerseys looked tight.