Bobby Lashley Shows Attitude, Ricochet vs. John Morrison, More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJuly 13, 2021

Bobby Lashley Shows Attitude, Ricochet vs. John Morrison, More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Money in the Bank has always been one of the most important nights on the WWE calendar, but it will be especially vital this year, as lives could be changed on Sunday night.

    The July 12 edition of WWE Raw emphasized that with some of the strongest performances from several Superstars ahead of the pay-per-view, ending the Thunderdome era for the red brand with a bang.

    After a shocking loss to Xavier Woods, Bobby Lashley lost his cool. He destroyed MVP's VIP Lounge and then promised to end the career of Kofi Kingston.

    Ricochet and John Morrison put the final touches on their trilogy on Raw with their best match to date. Their Fall Count Anywhere clash was a sight to behold.

    Nikki A.S.H. picked up a huge win by catching Asuka in a pinfall, but it felt like another fluke victory. WWE will need to eventually commit to her if she is to thrive.

    Damian Priest stepped up to Sheamus after The Celtic Warrior avoided a fair fight with Humberto Carrillo by attacking him in the back. The Archer of Infamy looks poised to finally start building momentum.

    The show was packed with talent who all wanted to prove themselves and moments that signal what is to come as the company prepares to return to touring.

Bobby Lashley on the Edge Is Best Side of WWE Champion We Have Seen

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    While Bobby Lashley has been a solid WWE champion, he has lost his edge recently. This seems to have been intentional to build to The All Mighty's blowup Monday night when a loss to Xavier Woods was the final straw for him.

    The way he cut this fiery promo showed that his overall skills as a performer are still undersold. He may never be able to match the greats on the microphone, but he can certainly speak for himself when it matters.

    The All Mighty is a dangerous force when motivated. It will be fun to see how he and Kofi Kingston shape the story of their match in the ring. The New Day man is going in with anger but also confidence, while Lashley is driven by pure rage.

    Monday set the stage for Lashley vs. Kofi to be special. It is a chance for both veterans of the ring to do something special at Money in the Bank.

    No matter who walks out with the gold, both should get a chance to sell themselves as main event names in a company that took its time seeing them in that position.

Nikki A.S.H. Needs More Than Fluke Wins to Thrive

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    The evolution of Nikki A.S.H. has been hard to buy. Her recent run of wins have come by fluke, but they have also made her more prominent.

    Her new superhero attire will take time to settle with fans, but if the Scot remains in the spotlight, she can prove herself worthy of the opportunity.

    It is starting to feel like WWE may believe in this angle rather than just throwing it together to make fun of her. She has established herself through her plucky excitement, which is an endearing quality.

    What will come of it all? Only time can tell. She has built momentum on Raw, but she is still unlikely to win the Money in the Bank briefcase Sunday against several bigger names.

    However, a strong showing with a few memorable spots might be all she needs to become the superhero she strives to be. Then, she might just make this story work.

Damian Priest Steps Up as Sheamus' Most Dangerous Challenger

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    Damian Priest has been on the sideline recently due to injury, but he felt oddly placed on Raw even before that.

    His feud with The Miz and John Morrison that ran through WrestleMania 37 was always more about Bad Bunny. So, venturing out on his own will allow him to thrive, especially against great veterans.

    Sheamus is one of the best in the business and can elevate anyone. The Celtic Warrior versus The Archer of Infamy feels like an ideal match. Priest is someone who will not be intimidated by anyone and has the goodwill of the fans as a big man who helps others.

    The United States champion has taken to bullying everyone in his path, and it takes a big man to step up to such a character in order to change his behavior.

    This is the first time since Sheamus won the title at The Show of Shows in April that he seems likely to lose it. Priest winning the U.S. belt in front of fans Sunday would be a huge moment in solidifying his status in WWE.

Ricochet and John Morrison Produce Match of the Night

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    Ricochet and John Morrison have been going too far over the past month without rest. While both are good stuntmen, they can also be great wrestlers. This was the Raw where they got to prove just that.

    This was an intense PPV-worthy battle, which the right man won. The One and Only picked up a necessary victory that should be the first step toward a better future.

    The contest was easily the best on Monday night and is vying for match of the whole week, including Sunday's Money in the Bank. It was great to see two wrestlers at their best fighting with this much fire and passion.

    This should be the end of this rivalry, but it should also be a sign to WWE officials that both men deserve more. These are two of the most talented Superstars in the business.

    If Money in the Bank cannot keep up with this level of quality come Sunday night, it is time for WWE to consider adjusting to accommodate two new top stars.