Reacting to B/R Community Takes on Cena vs. Lashley, Omega, Live Crowds and More

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 8, 2021

Reacting to B/R Community Takes on Cena vs. Lashley, Omega, Live Crowds and More

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    Welcome to the Bleacher Report WWE and All Elite Wrestling mailbag.

    The B/R community has always been outspoken, especially when it comes to opinions on pro wrestling and its biggest stars.

    We will answer your questions and react to your hot takes about WWE, All Elite Wrestling and the wider world of pro wrestling.

    A variety of questions about everything from specific wrestlers to broader topics were submitted. Check out what was on the minds of the B/R community this week.

Do We Need More Managers in Pro Wrestling?

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    "WWE and AEW need to bring more managers into the picture." (@mccrates)

    WWE has Paul Heyman and MVP on the main roster serving as managers. MVP even wrestles occasionally, so he qualifies more as a partner than a manager.

    The lack of managers in WWE has been an issue for years, but with people like Robert Stone, Malcolm Bivens and Scarlett in NXT, WWE has a few it can call up at any time.

    In AEW, managers are more common. Jake Roberts, Alex Abrahantes, Taz, Vickie Guerrero, Arn Anderson, Mark Sterling, Don Callis and Tully Blanchard are more than enough. Even Matt Hardy could be included in this list as the manager of the Hardy Family Office.

    If anything, AEW may have too many managers because some of them barely appear on television on a weekly basis and provide no advantage during their clients' matches.

    Managers can be great tools to help get people over who aren't as comfortable on the mic as they are in the ring, but eventually, everyone has to be able to stand on their own two feet. Even The Undertaker eventually parted ways with Paul Bearer.

Sami Zayn for Mr. Money in the Bank

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    "Sami Zayn should win MITB. When he cashes in, something happens so he doesn’t win the title, feeding into his conspiracy theory." (@AcesAnd8s)

    This is the kind of storyline that would work perfectly for Zayn, but it would also waste the Money in the Bank briefcase for the sake of a storyline that has been going on for several months.

    As much as Zayn deserves a huge win like this, it would be much more beneficial for somebody to win the briefcase and successfully cash it in to win a world title.

    After last year's briefcase switched hands between The Miz and Otis before The A-Lister cashed it in for one of the shortest title reigns in years, it would be a mistake for WWE to miss the opportunity to build a new star in this match.

    Big E and Cesaro are two men who have the support of the fans and need something like this to push them to that next level. As great as Zayn would be ranting about being screwed out of what appeared to be a guaranteed world title, WWE should give it to someone who will actually benefit from the push.

A Hot Take on Kenny Omega

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    "Kenny Omega is the worst champion in all of wrestling right now." (@balor00)

    A great man named Jeff Lebowski once said "Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man." 

    Listen, I know Omega is not everybody's cup of tea. He is over the top and works a very specific style of pro wrestling that a lot of fans can't connect to, but saying he is the worst is a bit of a stretch.

    Omega is one of the few wrestlers who can be considered world-famous without having spent any time on WWE's main roster. He didn't get to that level by being a scrub.

    I will admit that I don't always find him entertaining, but I can recognize what it is people like about him. He is a great technical wrestler who incorporates a lot of explosive offense, but he can also take the performance aspect of the business a bit too far. It's a fine line to walk.

    Omega is always going to be controversial because people feel so strongly about him one way or the other, but as long as he draws money, he will always be in-demand.

Should WWE Book John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley?

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    "John Cena should fight Bobby Lashley, not Roman Reigns. A win for Lashley would cement him among the elites." (@NYCSports321)

    This is an idea I fully support because Cena was one of Lashley's final opponents during his initial run with WWE that ended in 2008.

    The two powerhouses collided at The Great American Bash 2007 in a match that saw Cena score the win. The All Mighty took a break to have surgery shortly after the loss. He was released from his contract in February of 2008, so there was no rematch.

    Having Cena and Lashley pick up where they left off 13 years ago would be a great way to use the Suicide Squad star if he does return to the ring for a brief program.

    While Cena may not be the dominant force he once was, a win would still help establish Lashley as one of the top stars in WWE. That reason alone is enough to make this feud happen.

How Will Crowds React to Top Stars of the Pandemic Era?

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    "Certain top stars of WWE, like Drew McIntyre, will receive a different reaction when fans are back in full attendance." (@theronaldking)

    This is something I am anxiously waiting to see. The crowd is such a big factor in which Superstars are pushed, and without them for more than a year, WWE only had social media reactions to go by, which are not always an accurate representation of the entire WWE Universe.

    McIntyre, Reigns, Lashley and several others have been featured heavily during the pandemic era, but that doesn't necessarily mean that will continue.

    The fans responded well to McIntyre before the pandemic, but if crowds do not react the same way when touring resumes, he may find himself struggling to reach the main event scene again.

    I think Reigns and Lashley will be just fine, but McIntyre is more of a question mark in my eyes. He will probably be all right, but WWE may end up turning him heel if he doesn't get the kind of pops management expects.

Quick Takes

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    "Liv Morgan will find her way into the Money in the Bank ladder match and win it all, guaranteed." (@Ogswagatron)

    The way WWE has been building this storyline certainly seems to line up with Morgan winning the briefcase. Naomi, Zelina Vega and Nikki Cross are also good choices, but based on the way this has all come together, Morgan feels like the best. 


    "I think WWE needs to let Triple H run the company. He has done a great job with NXT." (@redsrock92)

    This has been a topic of discussion for years, but NXT has slowed down a lot since it moved to USA Network. The talent might have had more to do with NXT's initial hype than Triple H, but he definitely helped nurture those stars to be the best. 

    Whether it's Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Disney, Amazon or Barry Horowitz, some fans will be happy to see anybody take over for Vince McMahon. 


    "With the rumors going around that Seth Rollins will wrestle Roman Reigns after SummerSlam, do you think there's a chance he beats Reigns?" (@MrAbreu)

    There are only a few logical choices to beat Reigns on SmackDown right now. If it's not going to be Cesaro or Big E, Rollins is the most realistic option. Whether he turns babyface to feud with Reigns is the big question. 


    "What do you believe is going to happen with Reigns' storyline following Jey Uso's disappearance from TV and Jimmy Uso's DUI?" (@fcourtney27)

    My main concern here is Jimmy getting whatever help he may need. WWE can just bring Jey back or have Reigns go it alone for a little while. The Usos' part of the story can be continued at a later date if that is what's needed. Reigns will be fine either way.


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