The Best Opponents for Braun Strowman Outside of WWE

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2021

Professional wrestler Braun Strowman throws out the first pitch before a baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers Sunday, April 21, 2019, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Aaron Gash)
Photo via WWE.com

WWE has been releasing a steady stream of talented Superstars over the last several weeks, but the biggest surprise departure was former universal champion Braun Strowman.

Not only did Strowman win the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36 against Goldberg, but he also followed it up with feuds against major stars, including Shane McMahon and Bray Wyatt.

With more options outside WWE than ever before—companies like AEW, Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling are thriving—Strowman will have ample opportunities to prove Vince McMahon and company made a mistake letting him walk.


Shingo Takagi

One of the biggest stars in the wrestling world is IWGP world heavyweight champion Shingo Takagi, but one way for New Japan Pro-Wrestling to cement his status as a beloved babyface would be to have Strowman challenge him for the title.

A surprise debut from Strowman would leave the audience in shock, and a massive beatdown on Takagi would ensure the former WWE Superstar is met with a monster heel response from the crowds.

Takagi should have a long run with the championship, so establishing him early by having him run through a series of top heels would be ideal booking. Like a final boss in a video game, Strowman should be portrayed as the biggest threat to the IWGP title.

While Takagi would obviously retain the championship, Strowman could become the monster gaijin New Japan and its audience have always enjoyed.


Kenny Omega

As a former universal champion, Strowman would be a marquee addition to the AEW roster, but he would need a first feud that convinces even the most skeptical fans about his worth to the company.

Strowman should arrive on Dynamite and challenge Kenny Omega for the world title.

Not only has Omega proved he can make any feud convincing in the ring or on the mic, but Strowman would also provide the unparalleled power and size Omega has rarely seen from a challenger during his career.

Instead of allowing Strowman to beat Omega for the world title, though, interference from Don Callis and his crew should cost him his opportunity. With the numbers game too much to handle, Strowman could begin working with a faction like the Dark Order, following in Brodie Lee's footsteps.


Orange Cassidy

Instead of AEW signing Strowman and putting him against Omega as a triumphant face arriving to save the day, The Monster Among Men should debut to a positive reaction from the fans, only to destroy Orange Cassidy.

Leaving Cassidy a bloody mess in the middle of the ring would be key to Strowman's success as a monster heel.

Strowman is one of the most talented big men in professional wrestling today, but dreadful booking in the latter stages of his run with WWE hurt his cache with fans. In AEW, he would be booked properly as a true monster heel bent on tearing the roster apart en route to the world title.

With AEW's ability to highlight the positive traits of its performers while hiding their weaknesses, Strowman should become a cornerstone of Dynamite each week by dominating everyone in his way before eventually challenging the face champion who defeats Omega.


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