Final Picks for Fatal 5-Way Match and WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 Card

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJune 13, 2021

Final Picks for Fatal 5-Way Match and WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 Card

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    NXT TakeOver: In Your House makes its return Sunday night on Peacock and WWE Network.

    After the success of the last two shows since the pay-per-view returned after a 21-year absence, it's great to see this old-school event brought back once more and carrying its original name.

    This time around, the NXT Championship is on the line in a Fatal 5-Way, Raquel Gonzalez will defend the NXT Women's Championship against Ember Moon and more.

    Who will walk out the winners and what surprises could be waiting at the PPV?

    Let's take a look at what's in store at NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 and try to predict which Superstars will be victorious.

Winners Take All 6-Man Tag Match: Bronson Reed and MSK vs. Legado Del Fantasma

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    Bronson Reed and MSK have been partnering up to fend off Legado del Fantasma's attacks in recent weeks.

    This has led to a fantastic way to get six Superstars and two titles on the card, as the challenge was accepted to do a six-man tag team match with both the North American and NXT Tag Team Championships on the line.

    It wasn't long ago Santos Escobar held the cruiserweight belt, but he's lusting after some replacement gold now. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza have been close to obtaining the tag titles on numerous occasions and are well set for another shot.

    However, MSK and Reed are fighting champions and have proved themselves worthy of the titles. They won't drop them without a fight.

    This is interesting because the titles could well change hands, although it's slightly more likely they'll stay where they are. Neither Reed nor MSK have had lengthy reigns, and there's nothing to indicate they will have to drop the belts soon.

    Also, at least one title is guaranteed to go to someone new on this show, and WWE might not want to replace too many champions in one go.

    Prediction: Reed and MSK win.

Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship: Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

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    Who would have thought Cameron Grimes making jokes about investing in Dogecoin and AMC stocks would turn into a feud against LA Knight with Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Championship up for grabs in a ladder match?

    If nothing else, this proves WWE can sometimes go off the rails and be unpredictable, despite being so formulaic usually.

    Grimes and Knight both stand a chance to win this. If it's going to be more serious, Knight makes more sense as someone with the bravado to carry the title, but Grimes has been the focal point of this story, so it would be odd if he didn't win it.

    WWE isn't above some third-party screwjob ending, either. It's entirely plausible The Million Dollar Man has a third Superstar in mind who will climb the ladder, take the title for himself and screw over both these guys just for a swerve.

    That's not a prediction you can bank on, though. When in doubt, go with the simplest option, which is that Grimes has been working his way toward this goal and he'll achieve it.

    Prediction: Grimes wins.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li

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    In a rare instance of continuity, Xia Li is finally ready to get revenge on Mercedes Martinez for the latter's victory in the 2017 Mae Young Classic.

    Four years later, Li has honed her skills and become a true warrior who can put up a much better fight. In fact, she's the favorite to win this.

    As great as Martinez is, she's yet to work any programs where she doesn't ultimately come up short. Her role appears to be more in line with the veteran who will put over the younger girls and work with them as an in-ring teacher.

    Li has been protected very well these past few months since Tian Sha's formation, too. It would be shocking if Martinez was the one to put a dent in that armor.

    This feels like Li getting a win over an established name rather than Martinez recalibrating her own losses.

    Prediction: Li wins.

NXT Women's Championship Match: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon

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    The easiest match on the card to predict is Raquel Gonzalez will defeat Ember Moon to retain the NXT Women's Championship.

    Gonzalez is far too fresh as a champion to drop the title now, and The War Goddess isn't the right Superstar to be next in line for the belt.

    Moon had her time as champion in only a short reign at her peak. Why would she take priority over the younger star who WWE spent nearly a year building up for this run?

    Ember's Law will be broken. She's here to lose and boost Gonzalez's title reign with not just another win but also one that happens to be against a former champion.

    Prediction: Gonzalez wins.

Fatal 5-Way Match for the NXT Championship

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    Given how unstoppable Karrion Kross has been, it stands to reason his match should be an easy call. But it's actually the hardest to predict on Sunday's card.

    Since this is a Fatal 5-Way, the titleholder doesn't have to be pinned or tap out to lose the belt. It's the perfect way to transition to a new champion without hurting his credibility or having him vacate the championship.

    Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Kyle O'Reilly and Pete Dunne are all great choices to be the next champion, too.

    Cole and Gargano are anchors for the black-and-gold brand who have been champion before and may hold it temporarily for someone like O'Reilly to win it later in the year. But he could also win it now and take that top babyface spot and cement himself a top guy.

    Dunne proved himself worthy of a belt like this when he was NXT UK champion for a whopping 685 days.

    This is a match we'll look back on in two months and it will all make sense. If Kross is going to Raw or SmackDown in the 2021 draft following SummerSlam, this is the time to switch to a new champion.

    All outcomes are possible, though, so your guess is as good as any other. However, with the amount of screen time that has been dedicated to The Way having fun and Gargano just losing the North American Championship, perhaps this has been leading to his time back on top.

    Prediction: Gargano wins.


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