The Usos Earn Title Shot, Mysterios Retain and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2021

The Usos Earn Title Shot, Mysterios Retain and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

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    This week's SmackDown leaned heavily into the tag team division, with both the men's and women's divisions getting serious attention.

    The Usos reunited to battle The Street Profits in a fantastic opening bout. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins did their best, but it wasn't enough to overcome The Usos' experience.

    Bayley sat ringside for Bianca Belair and Carmella's match, and the duo of Natalya and Tamina took on Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

    Kevin Owens faced Apollo Crews in a non-title encounter, but wherever Crews goes, Commander Azeez won't be far behind.

    We also saw Rey and Dominik Mysterio defend the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler in the main event.

    Let's take a look at the most important moments from this week's SmackDown. 

The Tag Team Division Is Heating Up

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    SmackDown opened with a backstage shot of The Usos and Reigns discussing Jimmy and Jey's match with The Street Profits. Jimmy tried to convince Reigns that having the tag titles and the Universal Championship would benefit the whole family.

    The Tribal Chief wished them luck but made sure to separately tell Jey that he should keep his brother in check. It was clear Reigns did not think the tag belts should be a bigger priority than being his henchmen. 

    Ford and Dawkins gave a pre-match promo that mocked The Usos' former gimmick that featured them wearing facepaint and dancing during their entrance. The Usos came out to respond, and both duos delivered a fantastic verbal exchange before the match got going.

    These are two teams a lot of people have been dying to see have a feud together, and it looks like we are finally getting our wish. As expected, they tore the house down during their encounter, and WWE made sure they had enough time to do everything they needed to do in order to make this memorable.

    After a long and grueling battle, The Usos secured the win. While this was not officially a No. 1 Contender's match, Adam Pearce agreed with The Usos that they should get to face the champs next week. The look on Jey's face when he realized he would have to tell Reigns was pure gold. 

    As The Usos gain more success as a team again, it will continue to drive a wedge between The Tribal Chief and his Right Hand Man. Jimmy may end up paying the price before too long, especially if he and Jey are unsuccessful in winning the championships. 

    Later in the main event, Dominik Mysterio singlehandedly retained the tag titles against Roode and Ziggler after his father was attacked backstage. Rey showed up toward the end to give Dom the distraction he needed to retain their belts. 

    The Usos vs. the Mysterios is going to be a barn-burner in every way. Next week's show is gearing up to be a great episode. 

The Riott Squad Is Still Undervalued by Management

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    We might be critical of the way WWE books the women's tag team division, but credit needs to be given where it's due. WWE has featured the women's tag titles on both shows regularly for the past few months. Nobody can deny that somebody is making an effort to make sure this division is taken more seriously.

    After not being in the hunt for the belts for far too long, The Riott Squad was given a chance to face Natalya and Tamina in a non-title match this week. 

    Unfortunately for Riott and Morgan, the champs were too much for them to overcome. Tamina scored the win with a huge splash from the top rope.

    While The Riott Squad would be a breath of fresh air in the title scene, it doesn't look like WWE is ready to give the team a big championship push. 

    It's a shame management hasn't used them more often because Morgan and Riott have developed into one of the best teams WWE has right now. Let's hope this loss was just a hiccup and they rebound in the coming weeks. 

Bayley Still Has Her Sights Set on the Title

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    WWE kept the women's division in the spotlight by going from the tag champs right to the SmackDown women's champion when Bianca Belair faced Carmella in a non-title bout.

    Before they could get started, Bayley jumped out from behind the barricade and joined the announce team with Michael Cole and Pat McAfee. 

    The Princess of Staten Island gave The EST a bigger challenge than she expected, but Mella should not be overlooked. As a former SmackDown women's champion, Battle Royal winner and two-time Ms. Money in the Bank, she has done quite well for herself. 

    However, this was not Carmella's time to shine. This match was designed to give Belair a hard-fought win to strengthen her as the SmackDown women's champ.

    The feud between Belair and Bayley is far from over. It would be shocking if they didn't end up in some kind of match together at Hell in a Cell. To freshen things up, WWE may add somebody like Mella to the mix to make it a triple threat. 

Kevin Owens Earns a Title Shot the Hard Way

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    Crews and Owens met this week for a non-title match, but Commander Azeez ended it prematurely by interfering to cause a disqualification. He drilled KO with his Nigerian Nail, but he couldn't have known it would give Owens the ammo he needed to make a certain request from management.

    As he was being examined by medics in the back, Owens asked Pearce for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship without Azeez at ringside. Pearce agreed and booked the bout for next week.

    Crews has relied on his bodyguard to both win and keep the title around his waist, so next week will be his first real test against a top competitor without any unfair advantages.

    With Big E still wanting the belt back, it's highly likely he has some kind of presence during next week's encounter. Whether he helps or hinders KO is the question.

    If Big E wants to beat Crews himself, we could see him cost Owens the win. While that might get him closer to his goal, he will end up on Owens' bad side if he does. It creates a conundrum for the former IC champ because he could be the deciding factor in the match if he chooses. 

    With tag title and Intercontinental Championship matches booked for next week, SmackDown looks like it will continue to outshine Raw for at least another week.