Ranking the 10 Best Slogans in WWE and AEW Today

Philip LindseyContributor IMay 23, 2021

Ranking the 10 Best Slogans in WWE and AEW Today

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    To this day, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling. The third-generation Superstar had all the tools to resonate with its audience: a great look, exceptional comedic timing, a memorable finisher and, most importantly, a way with words.

    The Great One's promo work and a slew of quotable catchphrases helped to make him an icon during the Attitude Era. Of course, the 10-time world champion wasn't the first to use this formula. After all, the crowd reaction is so integral to pro wrestling, and all-time greats like Ric Flair made their careers by benefiting from the traditional technique of the call and refrain frequently found in music.

    To that end, the right slogan or moment could shift the trajectory of someone's career. For example, "Austin 3:16" changed everything. It's largely considered the most popular catchphrase in professional wrestling history, and it helped to transform "Stone Cold" Steve Austin into the megastar we know today. Moreover, the utterance of those famous words at King of the Ring 1996 could be considered the start of WWE's most lucrative period.

    It's tough to top that, but some modern stars have managed to create something that either fits their character perfectly or miraculously caught on with live crowds, such as Rusev Day. Similarly, there is an emotional and nostalgic connection to something as simple as the late Hana Kimura's "Everybody's different. Everybody's special."

    The 22-year-old, who was best known for her work with Stardom, died on May 23 last year, but her rallying cry lives on. Let's take a look at 10 of the best slogans in WWE and All Elite Wrestling today.

10. Braun Strowman: Get These Hands

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    On the Jan. 11, 2018, episode of Raw, Braun Strowman told Heath Slater, "Look, you got two options, you cheerleader. You're either going to stand on the floor and shut your mouth, or you're going to get in the ring and get these hands like your partner." The rest, as they say, is history.

    The quote took off, thanks in part to the similarity to colloquialisms "catch these hands" or "throw hands," which simply means to start a fistfight. The hilarious moment turned into The Monster Among Men's catchphrase and adorned several T-shirts.

    A few years ago, this entry would have been much higher on the list because it caught on at live shows, but WWE quickly ran it into the ground. Also, Strowman isn't nearly as popular as he was back then, but this quip still suits him well.

9. The Street Profits: We Want the Smoke

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    Like Strowman, The Street Profits capitalize on popular slang with their catchphrase "we want the smoke." The slogan essentially means anyone can get this or we will take on any challengers.

    The saying originated from the hip-hop term "free smoke," which is the title of a song on Drake's 2017 album, More Life. The phrase is in reference to gun smoke, so when someone says they want all the smoke, they mean they are not afraid of any figurative shots fired at them.

    The saying has become a big part of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford's act, and it helped to give them some credibility. This isn't just something someone backstage told them to say, so it feels genuine. On the Oct. 2, 2019, episode of WWE NXT, rapper Wale even used their slogan as he accompanied the team to the ring for their match with The Undisputed Era.

8. Bayley: Ding Dong, Hello!

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    Bayley famously joined Raw as a beloved babyface, but recently, she has made a much bigger impact as a heel. In this role, the former WWE SmackDown women's champion is routinely obnoxious and petulant.

    As such, her catchphrase, "ding dong, hello!" fits her character like a glove. If you're reading this and saying to yourself that's annoying and doesn't belong on this list, then that's precisely why it works so well. It's biting and condescending, just like the blue brand's resident Role Model.

    Even more, it's a testament to just how much Bayley has improved as a talker. The slogan appears online often, and it has turned into a T-shirt and talk-show segment. It will be fun to see how live crowds respond to the phrase once WWE leaves the ThunderDome this summer.

7. Elias: Walk with Elias

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    That's right: WWE stands for walk with Elias. This is one of those aspects of the company's humor that doesn't seem like it should work but became wildly popular.

    However, no one else on the roster would have been able to get thousands of people to chant it with him but The Drifter because at one point he was one of WWE's hottest acts. In 2017, The Living Truth consistently got a loud reaction, and most insiders will tell you that's half of the battle for new stars.

    If the audience is responding, you're doing something right, and that was evident because "walk with Elias" caught on like a wildfire. Elias was such a welcome change that WWE briefly tried to turn him face. Given the crowd's response to him, it made so much sense, but it didn't click.

    Nevertheless, Elias's refrain worked well, and the recognizable slogan will connect again when live events return.

6. New Day: New Day Rocks/Feel the Power

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    The New Day took lemons and made lemonade out of a dated gospel gimmick, complete with a call for the crowd to clap and repeat "New Day rocks." Initially, the chant flopped and the audience gleefully told The Purveyors of Positivity that they sucked instead.

    That's hard to imagine today because live crowds have fully accepted the trio. It's nearly impossible not to get excited as Big E stands backstage and proclaims, "Don't you dare be sour. Clap for your world-famous 11-time champs and feel the power!" It was one of the highlights of WrestleMania weekend this year because fans haven't seen the team's powerhouse introduce them in so long.

    The successful tag team has come such a long way, and they remain among the most wholesome and well-received members of the rosters. Now when Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods starts a clap, the arena repeats "New Day rocks" with no exception.

5. 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt: Let Me In

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    Although it's unclear when fans will see The Fiend again, there is no denying that Bray Wyatt's demonic alter ego was one of the best characters in recent memory.

    Wyatt's creation was a hit with viewers who love the theatrical side of professional wrestling. His first match as the persona at SummerSlam 2019 was chilling and awe-inspiring, and the Firefly Fun House segments on Raw were so weird but unique. It all worked perfectly because the former cult leader committed to the new role with such vigor.

    As such, when he eerily told us to "let him in" to light the way, it was easy to buy in. Wyatt's call to the audience and his opponents is so cryptic and off-putting, but it suits The Fiend's M.O. and cleverly calls back to the character's roots as head of The Wyatt Family. It's also kind of meta because viewers could interpret it as an invitation to immerse themselves in his world of bleak storytelling and eccentric characters.

    The catchphrase made it this high on this list because it's so well thought-out. It would be difficult to name many wrestlers today who put as much effort into small details as Wyatt.

4. Kenny Omega: Goodbye and Goodnight, Bang!

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    Kenny Omega is on an incredible run as a triple champion, and his emblematic closing words are still as fresh and quotable as ever. Fans of his runs with New Japan Pro-Wrestling will immediately recognize it because he used it to close many events or promos.

    The Cleaner introduced the phrase, "goodbye and goodnight, bang!" in 2015 during his run with Bullet Club as the IWGP junior heavyweight champion. Omega also famously used the line when he kicked AJ Styles out of the stable at New Year Dash in 2016.

    The dramatic line is so appropriate for the Canadian wrestler because his character work is usually so over the top. It's memorable and distinct, but Omega's delivery of the catchphrase is what sells it.

3. Adam Cole: Adam Cole Bay Bay!

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    Sometimes an indy wrestler is so hot that their equity translates to the biggest stages. Adam Cole is the perfect example of this phenomenon

    The former NXT champion and leader of the dominant Undisputed Era made his debut for the black-and-gold brand in 2017 at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. The Barclays Center crowd immediately recognized the ex-Ring of Honor star as he, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish attacked Drew McIntyre.

    After the show, the audience loudly shouted, "Adam Cole bay bay," a catchphrase he started using during his time with ROH. It was surreal to see how quickly it translated to a new audience, and now fans all over the world know it. Even as a conniving villain, Cole can expect a chorus of his homage to Chris Jericho during his entrance.

2. Penta El Zero M: Cero Miedo

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    Penta El Zero M is so charismatic and intimidating. This makes his performance both convincing and eye-catching. When he exclaims, "cero miedo," which means "no fear," we not only believe him but also shout it to the rafters in response.

    If you have ever seen the veteran luchador live, we don't have to prove this to you. But for the sake of this article, go back and watch his match with Kenny Omega for All In in 2018, and listen to how loud the "cero miedo" chants are every time he does his trademark gesture.

    The saying and the accompanying hand gesture transcended wrestling when San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle used it as a first-down celebration. Kittle even used it after anΒ amazing play in Super Bowl LIV.

1. Daniel Bryan: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    For the first time in 10 years, Daniel Bryan is technically not a WWE Superstar, as Roman Reigns banished him from SmackDown on the May 4 episode. That means the five-time world champion could be the hottest free agent in the industry.

    Nevertheless, the "Yes!" chant is undeniably the most popular in wrestling today, and it will follow him wherever he shows up next.

    Bryan started using the indulgent celebration in 2011 when he cowardly cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on a prone Big Show. The chant caught on, and as Bryan became an unexpected fan favorite, it transformed into the Yes! Movement.

    The "Yes!" chant has narrated several iconic moments during the 40-year-old's career and took on a life of its own as a staple at sporting events. Even if you don't know who the WWE superstar is or if you have never watched wrestling, chances are you have heard his rallying cry.