Los Angeles-Denver: Clipper Crystal Ball

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IINovember 20, 2009

Great news. The crystal ball is back from the shop.

They charged me an arm and a leg for the repair, but I have two of each so I paid up.

The ball is polished and ready to dispense solid and accurate information about tonight's battle between the Clippers and Nuggets: The Nugs are, in a word, scary.

After years of being a good team with a reputation for being soft, they seem to be the real deal this year. Denver has a bona fide stud in Carmelo Anthony, a solid supporting cast, and a good bench. Additionally, George Karl is a good coach with a solid resume.

The Clippers are, in a word, trying. No really, they are.

They return from a 1-2 road trip that included two very lopsided losses against teams nowhere near as good as the Nugs. Still, no Eric Gordon or Blake Griffin in sight. Marcus Camby, however, will suit up and the game will be shown nationally on ESPN.

That's right; ESPN is officially on the Clipper bandwagon! I'll scoot over and make room for the broadcasters from Bristol.

They are showing the game to highlight the Clips, right?

On paper this looks like a "W" for the visitors, but the crystal ball disagrees. It puts great value in the game being played in Los Angeles.

The crystal ball sees a Clipper team motivated by word that their coach is on the hot seat. It senses a big game from former Nugget Camby. That's right, the newly polished and repaired Clipper crystal ball is predicting yet another Clipper victory.

Clippers cruise in an upset win 103-98.

The Clipper crystal ball is never wrong!

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Well, hardly ever.

OK, it's wrong sometimes.

OK, OK, it's never been right but it's due, isn't it?