Why Drew McIntyre Deserves Another Lengthy Run as WWE Champion

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2021

Why Drew McIntyre Deserves Another Lengthy Run as WWE Champion

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    It's Drew McIntyre, not anybody else, who should be top dog in WWE again. 

    The Scot had an incredible run last year, almost single-handedly keeping Raw afloat on a weekly basis without fans in the crowd to liven up the product. Along the way, he rejuvenated the idea that lengthy title runs can work and didn't have much of a weak point to his journey. 

    WWE oddly derailed that journey at the finish line, though, ripping the title off him and then making him take a loss at WrestleMania 37, going the opposite of where his momentum needed to go. 

    So now? It's time to get McIntyre back on top. Here's why. 

The State of the Roster

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    If not McIntyre, who else? 

    The Raw roster doesn't exactly have a ton of options at the moment. Bobby Lashley has the big push as champion after his 'Mania win, and WWE could attempt to make him follow The Scottish Warrior's same trajectory from last year. 

    But if that's the attempt...things aren't going well. The All Mighty is simply bringing the midcard to the WWE title scene, feuding with Braun Strowman yet again and mixing in some McIntyre for good measure. 

    The rest of the roster isn't encouraging, either. WWE seems gun-shy on Keith Lee, and major names such as AJ Styles and Randy Orton are now tied up in the tag division. A relative unknown by comparison taking down Lashley just won't get the boost they need to have a sustainable run. 

    So, why McIntyre? He carried Raw last year, making even so-so feuds seem special. He's the lone guy capable of elevating the feel of the main event scene, which is important when taking into account the next point. 

The State of the Schedule

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    Welcome to the doldrums of the WWE schedule. 

    The post-WrestleMania stretch isn't much of a fun one, even if it's supposed to sport new, refreshing storylines to keep things going into the summer. Outside of Money in the Bank in June, landmarks on the schedule like Extreme Rules are "meh" material. 

    But they don't have to be totally pass-worthy affairs if someone like McIntyre is top dog. While MITB is the big exception, that pay-per-view works best if the briefcase is eventually going to one of the company's next big stars: think Keith Lee. 

    McIntyre running through this schedule as champion while always needing to look over his shoulder at a serious threat (unlike Otis last year) would add a fun dimension to the slog and build something special for SummerSlam. 

McIntyre's Last Reign

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    WWE likes swerves, so much so that it tends to overdo it. A case in point being McIntyre.

    The company ripped the belt off him before The Show of Shows, which seemed to clearly set up his big reward. After carrying WWE through the pandemic era despite the lack of fans in the stands, it was surely time to give him a big win in front of a live crowd. 

    Instead, a loss. And since? The same old thing, sparring with Strowman, playing second fiddle to Lashley and even encounters with Mace and T-Bar. 

    That's not exactly a way to reward a top talent, let alone a guy who's supposed to be the very top dog. WWE doesn't need to reward Superstars for making things work, but it sure would send a nice message to the roster and fans. 

The Risk of Damage and a Verdict

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    That's the biggest problem with McIntyre's role right now. How are fans ever going to take stock in a Superstar being the guy if he gets treated the way he is right now?

    The Scot had a long and impressive run as champion after returning to the company for a bit and dwelling in the midcard before taking down Brock Lesnar, only to unceremoniously lose his title, miss out on a 'Mania moment and then feud with jobbers. 

    If McIntyre doesn't get the title back soon against this crop of opposition, there's a chance fans won't take him seriously again. And that's a terrible possible outcome for a company that has struggled for so long to find a new headlining act; and it's even worse for Raw specifically because it continues to lag so far behind SmackDown, where Roman Reigns guarantees that isn't a problem. 

    And maybe that's the point. WWE would never handle the current Reigns in this manner. But based on the way things are going, if one had to predict a verdict, it sure seems like McIntyre won't come close to the belt again for the foreseeable future. 


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