The Real Winners and Losers from AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Results

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 31, 2021

The Real Winners and Losers from AEW Double or Nothing 2021 Results

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW Double or Nothing was a night unlike All Elite Wrestling wrestling fans have seen in a long time. The wrestlers got to compete with a full, loud crowd behind them.

    The card was stacked from start to finish. The Elite found themselves facing down rivals who could genuinely end their reign of terror. New stars such as Anthony Ogogo got their first big opportunity, and established talent like Dr. Britt Baker DMD had the chance to rewrite their legacy in AEW.

    This night brought a lot of joy to fans of AEW. The wrestlers delivered on the special energy of the night and provided some great matches all around.

    These were the biggest winners and losers of AEW Double or Nothing 2021.

Loser: Eddie Kingston

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    Eddie Kingston had the chance to become a champion in AEW for the first time. Jon Moxley brought everything to the table to get his friend over the finish line. Instead, they lost to The Young Bucks.

    There is no dishonor in losing to Matt and Nick Jackson, but this was set up clearly as The Mad King's moment. He couldn't beat Moxley for the AEW World Championship and now couldn't beat The Young Bucks with Mox.

    He looked good throughout, not even taking the fall. However, this was an emotional low for Kingston at the close.

    No one knows for sure how much The Mad King has left. Before he was signed by AEW, he was seemingly at the tail end of his career. He is 39 years old and put his body throughout so much in his nearly 20-year career on the independent scene.

    With each failed opportunity, it becomes more likely that Kingston could potentially never win gold in AEW. However, he always has a chance to compete against anyone thanks to his unforgettable promo work. Hopefully, it will come for one of the hardest-working veterans in the business.

Winner: Jungle Boy

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    Everyone expected Christian Cage to win the Casino Battle Royale and a shot at Kenny Omega. While Captain Charisma made it to the final two after opening the match, Jungle Boy sent him to the floor to win.

    Jungle Boy has been one of AEW's most interesting young stars to watch in recent times. While he continues to get opportunities, he has not always been able to finish the job. He will get a shot at Kenny Omega now.

    Jungle Boy has often been close to big moments, but this was his biggest victory to date.

    With every opportunity, Jack Perry gets closer to becoming the huge star many expected him to be when he was first signed. He is one of AEW's true original signings.

    Christian is perfectly suited for moments like this. He has a ton of experience and credibility and can be used to put over 23-year-old future stars.

Loser: Anthony Ogogo

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    Anthony Ogogo walked into his match with Cody Rhodes undefeated. It was his first real challenge, and he had so much to prove. For one night, Cody was The American Dream, and if Ogogo had beaten him, it would have been remembered for a long time to come.

    Instead, Cody put down Ogogo with a brand new finisher that had not been properly established. It was a tough loss for a young athlete who has a ton of potential long term.

    A loss to Cody is far from the end of the line, but it is a tough one to take. Ogogo had a chance to build a dominant legacy from the start. 

    The same thing happened to Lance Archer when he arrived in AEW. While The Murderhawk Monster remains relevant, he has yet to truly succeed due to AEW's continued protection of The American Nightmare.

    While AEW should establish top guys, it also makes sense to use those top guys well in developing your unique talent and stars who have been built from the ground up in training with AEW.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker DMD

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    Dr. Britt Baker DMD was the first woman signed to AEW. She has often been seen as the face of the women's division. However, All Elite Wrestling has waited for the right moment to pull the trigger on her winning the AEW Women's Championship.

    That time is now. She can do anything AEW needs her to do as an ideal performer to promote the brand.

    Baker waited and let the story progress that allowed her to get to this moment to beat Hikaru Shida. It feels all the more special because of how long it took. She ended the longest reign in AEW to date and has the chance to work the next year as champion too.

    The opportunities for challengers to DMD are numerous. Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb, Riho, Tay Conti and Red Velvet initially come to mind. That's just the tip of the iceberg, especially if AEW continues to look for new women to sign.

    Baker has earned this. AEW has needed this. Bring on the DMD era of AEW. The women's division is ready to continue thriving.

Winner: Sting

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    Sting walked into his first live in-ring match with a serious history behind him. Many never expected him to compete again after he suffered a serious neck injury on September 20, 2015.

    It took a long time for him to get back into the ring. Even his match at AEW Revolution was heavily produced to protect him. This was the true test, nearly six years after his injury at the age of 62, and he delivered in a way few could have expected.

    He looked fast and fluid throughout. He never had to let Darby Allin work with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page alone for long. Some of the best spots of the match involved The Icon.

    It was a special match to watch, but it had to feel even better for Sting. The Icon's career nearly ended. He was ready to complete his career as a WWE Hall of Famer.

    Now, AEW has given him the chance to rewrite the end of his career, and he has made the most of it. His partnership with Allin has done wonders for both of them.