The Best Current WWE and AEW Stars to Host 'Jeopardy!'

Philip LindseyContributor IApril 30, 2021

The Best Current WWE and AEW Stars to Host 'Jeopardy!'

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    There's something so nostalgic about Jeopardy! It represents a simpler time when we could sit in our living rooms after school or work and try to answer the questions along with the contestants. Sadly, its beloved longtime host, Alex Trebek, died in November.

    Trebek created a legacy with the popular game show that will be impossible to replicate. Nevertheless, a succession of guest hosts have stepped in to fill in for Trebek since March 8.

    Well-known journalists and celebrities like Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts and LeVar Burton will all stand behind the iconic lectern. In return, Jeopardy! will donate the cumulative earnings of all the contestants during their time on the show to the charity of their choice.

    Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers and Dr. Mehmet Oz have already had runs as host.

    That raises the question: Which active stars from the wrestling world could step up to fill the role? Here are five WWE and All Elite Wrestling performers who have the personality and aptitude to host Jeopardy!

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett left wrestling in 2016 to pursue an acting career. However, the 6'7" Brit returned as an on-screen personality in 2020 and is now a color commentator for NXT.

    Barrett would make an interesting choice for a guest host because he has such a commanding voice and presence. Don't let the former bare-knuckle boxer's size and background fool you; he is pretty smart. In fact, the 40-year-old has a degree in marine biology from the University of Liverpool.

    If nothing else, it would be hilarious to watch the 2015 King of the Ring deliver the bad news when a contestant gives an incorrect answer.


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    If Jeopardy! is looking for a larger-than-life character from the wrestling world to host the show, Luchasaurus fits the bill.

    Imagine the Jurassic Express member standing behind the lectern, decked out in a suit and tie and his trademark dinosaur mask. It would be quite a sight to see, but the AEW star also has the scholastic background to be a credible fill-in.

    The California State University, Northridge, grad has bachelor's and master's degrees in history. In grad school, he studied and wrote his thesis about medieval studies. So the 36-year-old could bring the perfect blend of personality and intelligence to the table.

Daniel Bryan

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    One would be hard-pressed to find someone as passionate and personable as Daniel Bryan in the professional wrestling industry. Those traits are a fraction of what made Trebek so special as the host of Jeopardy! for 36 years.

    As such, the five-time WWE world champion would make an excellent guest host. Bryan is well-read and insightful, but he also brings some level of star power to the role as a long-tenured WWE superstar and a reality TV star.

    The Planet's Champion's time as an on-screen personality and co-host of WWE Talking Smack will have helped him to get more comfortable as a talker. It's evident in his promo work, and he could prove how much he has grown from being just a wrestler's wrestler here. Moreover, his beliefs in various environmental and social causes would guarantee that the gig's charitable contribution would be put to good use.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

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    If any woman on the AEW roster could shine as the guest host of Jeopardy!, it's Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

    The Pittsburgh native is the best character in the division, and she has blossomed on network television over the past year. Ever since the company's inception at the onset of 2019, Baker has been a big part of it.

    That's why many fans assumed she would become the face of its women's roster. The real-life dentist earned a degree in behavioral medicine with a minor in human development and family studies at Pennsylvania State University. Of course, Baker also graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied dental medicine.

    A tenure as a guest host on the famous game show could be the next step in her rise to superstardom. It could also be fun to see her stay in character for the role and deliver quick and sarcastic responses to the unsuspecting contestants.

Xavier Woods

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    Xavier Woods apparently has unearthly time management skills. The trombone-playing member of The New Day somehow competes as a WWE superstar, stays in shape, records a podcast with his stablemates and hosts gaming YouTube channel UpUpDownDown.

    It's preposterous to envision Woods adding one more gig to his schedule, but he would be amazing as a guest host on Jeopardy!

    Woods' drive and charisma have already earned him a role as the host of an upcoming video game competition series on G4 later this year. But his intellect and love of nerd culture would make him perfect for Jeopardy! as well.

    The Furman University grad has two bachelor's degrees in psychology and philosophy and a master's in the former. In addition, Woods also has a Ph.D., making him the most educated entry on this list. So the 11-time tag team champion is more than qualified to add yet another accolade to his inspirational resume.