AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 14

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 14

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The war between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle intensified last week, culminating in the return of Mike Tyson to AEW Dynamite, and Wednesday the boxing legend served as the guest enforcer for a blockbuster main event pitting Chris Jericho against Dax Harwood.

    The latest chapter in that red-hot rivalry headlined a show that also featured championship defenses, a women's grudge match and the in-ring return of the company's resident alien.

    What went down on TNT and how might it affect AEW's top stars on the road to the Double or Nothing pay-per-view?

    Find out with this recap of the April 14 broadcast.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks vs. Death Triangle

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    Credit: AEW

    Dynamite kicked off with The Young Bucks recapping their actions from last week's show and vowing to show a new side of themselves in All Elite Wrestling.

    Elsewhere, MJF approached Mike Tyson with a blank check, only for the night's special guest enforcer to chew it up and spit it out at the Pinnacle leader.

    Back inside Daily's Place, Death Triangle's Pac and Rey Fenix made their way to the ring for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match against The Young Bucks, an opportunity they earned by way of their win in the Tag Team Casino Royale at Revolution.

    The Bucks entered with new gear, accompanied by Impact Wrestling EVP Don Callis.

    Fenix and Pac dominated early, keeping Matt and Nick Jackson off guard. An alert Matt swept the leg out from underneath Fenix, dropping him on the top rope and seizing control of the match for his team while the likes of SCU and The Butcher and The Blade watched on from the stands.

    Pac regained the upper hand momentarily until Nick tripped him up. On the floor, the Bucks delivered stereo apron powerbombs to their opponents. The Bucks proceeded to work The Bastard over, cutting him off from Fenix throughout the commercial break.

    Fenix tagged in, exploding into the match with the high-flying, dynamic offense that has made him one of the breakout stars of AEW. He delivered a double cutter for a near-fall on Nick.

    Pac hoisted Matt in a deadlift German, and Fenix added a kick to the face before wiping out Nick on the floor with a tope suicida. Back inside, Pac scored a two-count off the German before heading up for the Black Arrow. Nick cut it off, the Bucks uncorked some superkicks and Nick delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Fenix.

    On the floor, Fenix and Nick delivered stereo poison ranas to their opponents. Nick rocked Fenix with a superkick, but the luchador answered with a cutter.

    Back in the ring, Pac delivered the Black Arrow, only for Nick to break up the pin. The younger Jackson brother caught Pac with a low blow, superkicked Fenix and ripped his mask off before delivering one last kick for the win.



    The Young Bucks defeated Death Triangle to retain the titles






    Anytime you hear "The Young Bucks," "Pac" and "Rey Fenix" in the same match, you can expect something special. This was no different.

    The cocky, arrogant Bucks are just better than the undefined babyfaces who floated into and out of tweener roles as desired. They seemed to relish in the opportunity to embrace their heel selves and be the unlikable bad guys they have not yet had the opportunity to be since the inception of AEW.

    Fenix was great, as was Pac, and the finish was a creative way to put over the new personas of the champions in a big title bout. This was the perfect way to kick off the show and follow up last week's less-than-perfectly executed show-closing angle.

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The rivalry between Red Velvet and Jade Cargill continued Wednesday with their first singles contest against each other.

    Velvet exploded from the outset, attacking Cargill and firing off some boxing-inspired body blows. Cargill weathered the onslaught, including a tope suicida, and sent Velvet into the guardrail. She added a fallaway slam that sent her opponent into the front row before focusing her attack on the midsection throughout the break.

    Back from the commercial, Velvet rocked Cargill with a kick and then evaded a corner charge, leaving the heel to crash into the turnbuckle.

    Velvet downed Cargill and tried for the moonsault but crashed and burned. Cargill flattened her and scored the win.



    Cargill defeated Velvet






    This was a really solidly booked match.

    Velvet was the energetic underdog, throwing everything she had at Cargill, but in the end, the uber-athletic heel simply outlasted her and used her strength to put the babyface away.

    It was not overly complicated, it flowed well and the result was a better match than some may have expected.

    Kudos to whoever put it together with the performers because the match was exactly what it should have been.

    Where this leaves Velvet now, and if she continues to chase a win over her rival, remains to be seen.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Cole Karter

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The Factory's Anthony Ogogo made his AEW Dynamite debut, battling young Cole Karter.

    A single punch to the midsection dropped Karter and led to a referee stoppage.

    QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto joined him post-match.



    Ogogo defeated Karter






    This wasn't exactly the most impressive debut, by any means.

    Ogogo is physically impressive, but the punch he delivered to warrant the referee stoppage wasn't. It didn't look at all devastating, even if it was portrayed that way.

    More ring time, more opportunity to develop his in-ring presence and a more polished worked punch will go a long way in helping Ogogo develop.

Chris Jericho vs. Dax Harwood

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    With only one member of each The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle allowed at ringside, Chris Jericho battled FTR's Dax Harwood in singles competition. Sammy Guevara seconded Le Champion, while Cash Wheeler rooted on his tag team partner from the floor.

    The action spilled to the floor after an exchange of rights and lefts. Harwood gained a momentary advantage before the action again made its way to the floor, where special enforcer Mike Tyson attempted to maintain the peace.

    Harwood sent Jericho into the guardrail and jawed with Tyson heading into the picture-in-picture commercial.

    Le Champion fought back, rocking Harwood with a lariat. Back to his feet, the inaugural AEW world champion set Harwood up for a superplex, but the former tag champion slipped out and delivered a slingshot powerbomb for a two-count.

    Harwood tried for a diving headbutt but crashed and burned. Jericho applied the Lion Tamer, but Wheeler delivered a cheap shot, breaking up the hold. At ringside, Guevara wiped Wheeler out.

    Jericho tried for the Judas Effect, but Harwood ducked and delivered a brainbuster for two.

    Members of both factions poured into the arena, Tyson flattened Wheeler and Jericho floored Harwood with the Judas Effect for the win. After the match, Jericho announced Tyson is an ancillary member of The Inner Circle.

    Backstage, Alex Marvez stood with Don Callis, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.

    Callis said that when you think you know the answers, you really know nothing. Omega said the Bucks aren't changed. They just got tired of doing what everyone expects. The Bucks called themselves the best tag team in the world, and Callis rocked the cameraman with a superkick to end it.



    Jericho defeated Harwood






    This wasn't as great a match as you would have expected from two guys of Jericho and Harwood's abilities. It was perfectly acceptable wrestling, though, and that will always be appreciated.

    The finish was wild and chaotic, something you would expect from a rivalry of this intensity, while Tyson's appearance paid off with one good shot to Wheeler.

    It did nothing to really advance the story but did keep the program at the forefront of AEW programming ahead of the May 5 Blood and Guts match, which is all it needed to do.

    The promo from The Elite was fine for what it was, but if I'm Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, I'm questioning Matt and Nick Jackson calling themselves the best tag team on the planet. The tease by Callis was nice and should give way to another major development soon.

Kris Statlander vs. Amber Nova

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Kris Statlander returned to action for the first time since suffering her knee injury, battling Amber Nova.

    The company's resident extraterrestrial barely broke a sweat as she dominated the action en route to a pinfall victory by way of the Supernova.

    Statlander celebrated with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy after the match.



    Statlander defeated Nova






    This was all about reintroducing Statlander to the squared circle for the first time since her return a few weeks back. She looked strong and dominant as she defeated Nova with ease and announced to the rest of the AEW women's division that she is back and better than ever.

    Excalibur pointing out that Statlander is the last woman to earn a pinfall victory over Hikaru Shida was certainly no accident and may tip AEW's hand as far as the women's champion's next opponent.

    All things considered, that wouldn't be a bad thing by any means, especially as Shida looks for fresh new opponents after her dominance last year as champion.

Falls Count Anywhere for the TNT Championship

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The TNT Championship was up for grabs in a Falls Count Anywhere match in the main event of this week's show as Matt Hardy challenged Darby Allin.

    Hardy rocked Allin with a steel chair shot to the back and then focused on the midsection. He pummeled the champion, throwing him face-first into said chair. He tried for a chair-assisted Twist of Fate, but Allin creatively countered and delivered his own chair shots to the challenger.

    As Allin built momentum, Hardy Family Office's Private Party, The Butcher and The Blade all interfered. The Dark Order made the save, followed by Sting. During the break, the brawl between Dark Order and HFO continued as Hardy teed off on Allin at ringside.

    Back from the break, Hardy sent Allin over the steel steps and crashing to the arena floor, where he covered for a two-count.

    Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attempted to attack Sting from behind, for...reasons...until Lance Archer interjected himself in the proceedings.

    Sting gave Allin his bat, and the champion teased using it, only for Hardy to catch him with a low blow. Hardy again sandwiched Allin's head in a steel chair, this time executing the Twist of Fate. He was unable to keep Allin's shoulders down for three as the resilient babyface kicked out at two.

    Backstage, Hardy set Allin up on a table before climbing a ladder. Hardy came off it with a leg drop, crashing into Allin and driving him through the table. Hardy tried for a powerbomb off the stage, but Allin caught him with a low blow before retrieving the bat.

    Allin battered Hardy with the bat, knocking the heel out with a hit to the face. From there, Allin scaled a rigging truss and delivered the Coffin Drop, flying 20 feet through the air and driving the challenger through a table. Allin covered for the win.



    Allin defeated Hardy to retain






    As wild, chaotic arena brawls go, this was a hell of a lot of fun.

    From Hardy Family Office being driven to the locker room by Dark Order and Sting, to the high spots and that jaw-dropping finish, this checked every box. It was true to the ongoing feud between the performers involved, featured enough moments to warrant its placement on the card and continued to spotlight Allin as the one guy who has truly become a breakout star since the inception of the company.

    Whereas others were known in promotions across the country, Allin was only starting to become a recognizable star on the indies before his big opportunity with AEW. He has made the most of it and continues to be one of the company's most reliable draws in these big Dynamite main events.


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