Logan Paul Accepts Sami Zayn's Invite to WrestleMania 37 on WWE SmackDown

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2021

FILE - In this Aug. 13, 2017 file photo, Logan Paul speaks at the Teen Choice Awards at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. YouTube has temporarily suspended all ads from Paul’s channels after what it calls a pattern of behavior unsuitable for advertisers. An email sent to Paul’s merchandise company for comment was not immediately answered Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. (Photo by Phil McCarten/Invision/AP, File)
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YouTube star Logan Paul appeared on Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown on Fox for the red carpet premiere of Sami Zayn's conspiracy documentary.

Zayn came down to the ring and introduced Paul in the WWE ThunderDome. Paul walked down the ramp and sat with Zayn, who asked the YouTuber if he would be his guest at WrestleMania 37:


"Will you be my guest at #WrestleMania?" - @SamiZayn "It'd be be my pleasure, Sami." - @LoganPaul #SmackDown https://t.co/jKS7HIaRaX

Paul agreed, and then the trailer for Zayn's documentary, Justice for Sami, appeared on the Titantron:


Dear @TheAcademy, Is it too late to nominate this for 'Best Documentary'? Asking for a friend. @SamiZayn #SmackDown https://t.co/C5joABLxu4

Zayn asked for some thoughts from Paul, who didn't appear convinced that there was a conspiracy against the ex-intercontinental champion.

Paul also said he spoke backstage with Kevin Owens, who told him that Zayn's theories were nonsense. He did credit Zayn for the effort.

Zayn was upset upon hearing that news and said he didn't care for Owens' opinion. He asked Paul what he thought again, but before he could say much of anything, Owens appeared from behind and gave Zayn a Stone Cold Stunner:


All @SamiZayn wanted was a calm red carpet experience with @LoganPaul. @FightOwensFight wasn't about to let that happen! #SmackDown https://t.co/5z0WjSc0rG

Owens then pushed Paul before exiting the ring, but Zayn got the last laugh on the night, beating up his WrestleMania opponent backstage:


"YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!" #SmackDown @SamiZayn @FightOwensFight https://t.co/zbS5RwVCpi

For the past few months, Zayn has brought two cameramen around with him on every SmackDown and pay-per-view in an effort to document what he claims is a conspiracy against him in WWE.

Recently, Zayn attempted to get former friend Kevin Owens involved, but KO wasn't interested, which led to Zayn hitting Owens with a Helluva Kick while he was on commentary for one of his matches.

Last week, Owens had Zayn on The KO Show, and while Zayn apologized for what he did, it was clear that Owens was furious, leading to him challenging Zayn to a match at WrestleMania 37.

With Zayn seemingly fearful of Owens and wanting to escape unscathed, he reluctantly accepted, only for Owens to beat him down.

In addition to his squabbles with Owens, Zayn has mentioned Paul quite often on SmackDown lately and has been corresponding with him on Twitter as well.

Zayn reached out to Paul multiple times, and Paul seemed receptive, even agreeing with Zayn that there was a conspiracy against him:

Logan Paul @LoganPaul

damn. they did this man dirty https://t.co/F2Cyar5u49

Logan Paul @LoganPaul

yeah i checked it out. you might be on to something 😯 https://t.co/RtKm0L5mo1

Within the fabric of the storyline, it made plenty of sense for Zayn to try to get Paul on board given his sizable following on the internet.

The 25-year-old Paul is a well-known actor, podcaster and social media influencer who has nearly 23 million subscribers on his YouTube account.

In addition to him being an asset for Zayn within the conspiracy angle, Paul is a huge deal for WWE as well in terms of drumming up some crossover interest.

WWE has done precisely that leading up to WrestleMania 37 with Grammy-winning musician Bad Bunny on Raw, and Paul's appearance on SmackDown could be another thing that helps WWE appeal to a younger audience.

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