Soulja Boy Challenges Orton; Jericho Says Vince Hates Rasslin; Latest on Omega

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Soulja Boy Challenges Orton to Fight

Rapper Soulja Boy continued his recent Twitter feud with WWE Superstar Randy Orton on Tuesday by challenging The Viper to a match.

The issues between Soulja Boy and Orton started last month when Soulja Boy tweeted: "Rap game faker than WWE."

Orton responded on a couple of occasions, including with the following tweet on Tuesday:

Randy Orton @RandyOrton

Fake. Right @souljaboy ? Btw, which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again? I assume they all own yo ass so whose cuttin those checks. https://t.co/EvZUOcJ3Hx

Soulja Boy then replied to that tweet, writing"Yeah that s--t is fake homeboy. And I don't got no baby mommas fool. Looks like your the one looking for relevancy. Enough talking set it up so I can slide on u for the gang, u think s--t sweet huh."

Given how deeply entrenched he is in WWE, Orton has a reputation for having no filter on Twitter. He often uses that platform to stand up for the business he has dedicated his life to.

Many wrestlers and wrestling fans have responded positively to Orton going off on Soulja Boy, and there is no doubt that there would be plenty of interest in them mixing it up.

With rapper Bad Bunny holding the WWE 24/7 Championship and Bow Wow wanting to become a WWE Superstar as well, there is more crossover between WWE and the rap world than ever before.

It is difficult to imagine Orton vs. Soulja Boy actually happening, especially since Soulja Boy isn't mainstream currently, but WWE has a long history of working with celebrities to great effect.

Jericho Says Vince Hates the Term 'Rasslin'

AEW star Chris Jericho provided some insight into how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon views the term "rasslin" and the meaning behind it.

Appearing on the Barstool Sports podcast Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker (h/t WrestlingInc.com's Jason Ounpraseuth), Jericho said: "You know who hates the word 'rasslin?' Vince McMahon. That's how he'll equate something if it's a bad idea. He'll go, 'Oh, that's such a rasslin idea. That's just rasslin.'"

There isn't necessarily a hard-and-fast definition for "rasslin," but it essentially refers to old-school professional wrestling, especially the type of wrestling that occurred in the south. It largely existed before McMahon took WWE national and global, and started referring to his brand as "sports entertainment."

It is no secret that McMahon has pushed for use of the term "sports entertainment" instead of "wrestling" over the years, but the grip has seemingly loosened recently, as the word "wrestling" is used fairly often now in WWE.

Vince's apparent hatred for "rasslin" likely derives from the fact that he viewed the professional wrestling business as something bigger and more grandiose than it was in the territory days.

That is what led to the creation of WrestleMania, which was a spectacle so big that it helped WWE overshadow all other wrestling companies and essentially destroy the territory system that existed for decades.

Currently, there are many other wrestling promotions enjoying success, such as AEW, Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but WWE undoubtedly remains the worldwide leader, so it is difficult to argue with McMahon's philosophy.

Omega Set for Exploding Ring Explanation, Impact Title Match

On the heels of his win over Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW Revolution on Sunday, AEW World champion Kenny Omega is in for a busy several weeks.

Unfortunately for Omega and Moxley, their match was overshadowed by an embarrassing ending to the pay-per-view when the highly touted "explosion" of the ring ended up only being a few sparklers. That, in turn, made everyone look bad, including Eddie Kingston, who sold the explosion while trying to save Mox.

AEW President Tony Khan tried to explain it away by saying Omega "built a dud" since he was responsible for building the ring from a storyline sense, although it didn't add up based on the way Kingston and the announce team reacted.

During an appearance on Impact Wrestling this week, Khan promised an explanation from Omega on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite.

It was also revealed on Impact that Omega is in line for a huge match in the near future following a unification match between Impact World champion Rich Swann and TNA World Heavyweight champion Moose.

The winner of that match will face Omega at Impact Wrestling's Rebellion pay-per-view on April 24 in a title vs. title match.

It seems unfathomable that Omega will drop the AEW World Championship to Swann or Moose, meaning Omega will likely add another belt to his collection, which already includes the AEW World title and the AAA Mega Championship.

Omega has been working with Impact often in recent months due to his relationship with Impact executive Don Callis, and with a huge match scheduled, it looks like he could be in the mix for Impact for a long time to come.

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