Blake Griffin Discusses Signing Nets Contract, NBA Dunk Contest, More in B/R AMA

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistMarch 8, 2021

Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin plays during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

The newest member of the Brooklyn Nets wasted no time opening up and answering questions after joining the championship contenders.

Blake Griffin joined Bleacher Report for an AMA on Monday and discussed why he signed with the Nets, his favorite players growing up, his most memorable dunk, some of his work off the court, his relationship with Chris Paul and much more.

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.


Break down Double Cross with Blake Griffin. What can we expect from that show?

The show is a prank show where I sort of call it a prank inception: a prank within a prank. You take someone who always pranks people and you set them up to make them believe they're pranking someone when in reality we're getting someone else to prank them. It really turned out really well. 

Double Cross with Blake Griffin will debut on March 19 on truTV's Inside the NCAA.


@BBBRAND02: Why did you choose Brooklyn?

They have a need for a four-man. I've always had a lot of respect for Steve Nash and all of the guys that they have. Sean Marks has done great job there. It was a tough decision and I wanted to be on a team that was contending.


@nbatruth: Was your friendship with DeAndre Jordan a big factor in joining Brooklyn?

We go way back. Anybody who you're that familiar with it always makes it easier. That definitely played a part.


@BR_Kicks: What's your favorite sneaker of all time? And the first sneaker you ever cared about growing up?

Jordan 11. My first one was the black and white 11. Same shoe for both. I've been a Jordan guy since my third year in the league. You feel like you're a part of this elite family. You're sort of hand-picked at Jordan. It really is a family atmosphere. They take care of their guys.


@jtabula: What was your favorite moment while playing on the Clippers?

When the whole mess with Donald Sterling happened and we were playing Golden State in I think Game 5 at home. When we came out of the tunnel everyone was wearing black shirts. That moment was really special and we went on to win that series. We didn't know what we were going to do, but at the end of the day we never felt like we were going out there to play for this guy. We weren't gonna boycott the game. To go out there and not play would sort of let all our fans down. We worked so hard to get to that point so we didn't want to take that away from ourselves, but we did want to make a stand and show unity in that decision.


@BruMax17: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Michael Jordan. I was a big Vince Carter fan and then when I got a little bit older LeBron, Kobe.


@BayLegend: What will you miss most about Detroit?

The people. I have great relationships with not just people in the organization but with people in Michigan in general.


@NeverEVERwrong: How do you deal with critics? What is a good way to ignore them?

As I've gotten older, it's become easier. I can see something and if it's valid, it's valid. I had to be critical of myself too, I can't just think I'm the best player ever. People will say something outlandish a lot, and I can discern between the two. The ones that I don't believe in, don't bother me. The ones that I do, I'm already working on.


@maloas23: Who is your favorite player to go up against?

The best in my position - Giannis, AD, it's always a challenge so those guys are the most fun.


@Not_JaMorant: What's the fan base in LA like?

They're some of the most loyal fans because it's a franchise without a championship. They truly were great and I really enjoyed my time there. 


@salsotelo: What was the most memorable dunk of your career?

The one on Kendrick Perkins. He was such a defensive minded player and he always had the scowl on his face so that makes it a little bit sweeter.


@lilspoonin: Are you looking to go into Broadway?

I don't know I have the time to be in a cast, but never say never. Cats is a thing so I think I could pull that off.


@b_turner: What are your top 5 comedians?

Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Bill Burr, Rock


@raidersletmedown: Why didn't you jump over the middle of the car?

Next time you see a Kia Optima, just take a look at the car and get an idea of how high that is. I should have jumped over the whole thing and Baron Davis who was throwing me the ball, I don't know what I was thinking. People don't love that dunk and I get it. I gotta be better next time.


@nathanmccook3: What's your favorite commercial you've been in?

I was in a commercial for GameFly. I had a jetpack on. It was a stupid premise, but I try to do the jetpack and I'm just smashing into a wall having a conversation and it was just a lot of fun to make.


@Spursin9: 6-man Dunk Contest of players in their prime, who would you pick to be in that contest?

Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, Dominique Wilkins, Nate Robinson


@Elidwgg: Are you gonna do a stand-up special anytime soon?

Anytime soon, no. A special is a lot of work. I do a charity event every year where I write 10 mins worth, but when it comes to a special I would rather let the comedians handle that.


@just_in_time: Do you have any suggestions or tweaks you would make to the Dunk Contest?

Let them all dunk the same amount of times and put the total scores together. Don't do the rounds, because it limits the competition. Less judges too. I don't know who gave Cassius Stanley a 8 but they can't be invited back. That dunk was insane and he got a 44.


@mubarak2s: Are we gonna see you catch lobs now?

We'll see...


@kdkyriexjordan: What are your goals for this year?

My only goal is to help win a championship. Some years it's more realistic than others. But that's why I came to Brooklyn.


@gloopmcscoop: How was Doc Rivers as a coach?

Doc is one of the best motivators of all time. There's times where he would do a great pregame speech. One particular time in Cleveland - when LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin Love were there. He focused on the only time you'll be back here is if you make the Finals, and the whole thing was motivational. It's one thing he does better than anybody - his ability to speak and motivate guys.


@WizColeLifa: Who's on your Mount Rushmore of OU players?

Wayman Tisdale, Alvin Adams, Hollis Price, Buddy Hield. I don't put myself on there because if you want to look at that big of a rock sculpture of yourself then you don't deserve to be on a rock sculpture.


@jeremiahmccray: Did you mean to spill that water on the Warriors fan?

I didn't know there was water in the cup. I thought the cup was empty. I was so bummed. I didn't mean to get the guy wet.


@xonoah: Favorite jersey you've ever worn?

We had these old school baby blue and red uniforms with the Clippers. Not the powder blue ones with the sleeves. I didn't love the sleeves, but it wasn't that bad.


@vstax: What's your relationship with CP3 like?

I have a ton of respect for him. When I went to the Pistons, we have a younger team, I remember saying things he would say to us, so I'm very appreciative of those years. I have a ton of respect for who he is as a player and all he has accomplished.


What was your favorite behind-the-scenes moment of filming that Blake and Drake video with Drake at the ESPYs?

There's a scene where I'm pranking Drake and he's in like a dentist chair. The doctor was supposed to be Chris Brown and that was after their beef. The whole time, I see Chris Brown coming on the set and I slowly back up just in case this was an elaborate scheme to get them face to face.


Favorite moment at Oklahoma?

We had a great run, playing with my brother, we lost to North Carolina in the Elite 8. It was just a blast.


Favorite movie ever?