6 Wrestlers for New WWE Champion Bobby Lashley to Feud with Long Term

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMarch 4, 2021

6 Wrestlers for New WWE Champion Bobby Lashley to Feud with Long Term

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bobby Lashley has completed a journey that took 16 years. On Monday, he won the WWE Championship, his first world title. (He was briefly ECW world champion, but the title was never recognized as a true world championship by WWE's standards).

    The All Mighty earned that opportunity with work over that time that made him truly special. He spent a decade away from WWE, honing his craft in TNA/Impact Wrestling and dominating Bellator in mixed martial arts. When he came back in April 2018, WWE still moved slow with him, but MVP changed everything.

    The Hurt Business leader stepped in to let the monster be a monster. His mic skills elevated the presentation of The All Mighty, and a dominant run as United States champion set him up for this moment.

    Given all that he has done to get to this point, there is no way Lashley will let it go to waste. He needs to make this first WWE Championship reign count. The best way to do that is finding rivals who can match his level of intensity.

    From Drew McIntyre to AJ Styles, many names stand out as worthy challengers who could tell some unforgettable stories with The All Mighty.

Honorable Mentions

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    These are a few names who could challenge Lashley, but they are not currently members of the Raw roster.


    Brock Lesnar: This is a dream match that fans have long discussed. Even The All Mighty himself wants it. Unfortunately, it has never happened. Brock Lesnar does not appear to have re-signed with WWE yet, and it's possible he never will again. If he does, though, this has to be his first match.


    Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. He and Lashley have never wrestled one-on-one, but their David vs. Goliath dynamic would be something special to watch. Both can be technical, but it will be the speed vs. power that would make this wonderful.


    Roman Reigns: Roman Reigns and Lashley have faced off before, but they are both in better places now. The Head of the Table is carrying SmackDown, while The All Mighty just became the top star on Raw. This is a powerhouse clash that needs to happen some time down the line.


    Cesaro: This may be the most unlikely, but WWE has recently put serious hype behind Cesaro. After a strong showing in the Elimination Chamber, he has started a feud with Seth Rollins. If The Swiss Cyborg wins that, he can be ready down the line for a pure battle of strength against one of the few men who can match him.

Drew McIntyre

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    This is a no-brainer, and it's just a matter of how long WWE wants to run with this story.

    Drew McIntyre is the top babyface on Raw, while Bobby Lashley just became the top heel on the show.

    The new titleholder helped The Miz steal the WWE Championship from the Scot at Elimination Chamber and then took the title for himself. It was clearly a devised plan to avoid the dominant McIntyre.

    However, that doesn't mean Lashley cannot beat The Scottish Warrior. He came close at Backlash in June before Lana got involved.

    However, Lashley vs. McIntyre would be an incredible match to behold and could happen at WrestleMania 37 on April 10-11.

    The story could also build beyond The Show of Shows. It may turn out to be the best feud of both men's careers given their chemistry and current spotlight.

Bray Wyatt

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    Credit: WWE.com

    No one does a feud quite like Bray Wyatt. Especially since his evolution into The Fiend, he has changed the business with each appearance, telling a completely unique story.

    Lashley can have a conventional rivalry with many on the Raw roster, or he can step into the ring with The Fiend.

    When his current feud with Randy Orton is over, Wyatt will need a fresh challenger. And who better than the WWE champion to fill that role?

    The Hurt Business can be dominant against just about anyone, but MVP will not be able to help The All Mighty contend with the mystical resilience of The Fiend.

    Wyatt has the potential to defeat anyone, even a monster at the level of Lashley.

    The matches would be more story-focused than usual, but Wyatt can match power and ferocity with The All Mighty.

    It would certainly last a while given how far most Wyatt feuds can go.

Keith Lee

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    WWE wants Lashley vs. Keith Lee, and it's a feud that has been teased on several occasions.

    The Limitless One is the rare Superstar to have pinned The All Mighty in the middle of the ring, and he was clearly set up as the one who could dethrone Lashley as United States champion.

    When Lee is ready to return to action, he can stand toe-to-toe with the WWE champion without backing down. He has the presence to defeat the entire Hurt Business on his way to challenging The All Mighty.

    Lashley needs challengers like Lee, rising talent that can legitimately dethrone him. This feels like a marquee match that could easily headline a major WWE pay-per-view. It would be a special match and rivalry to change Raw's image.

    It is hard to say who would ultimately win this feud. The Limitless One has potential to carry Raw just as Lashley can, but it is hard to say who WWE wants to work at the top of the company.

    Still, the suspense of every encounter would be special. This could establish both men among the best on the red brand.

AJ Styles

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    AJ Styles continues to look like one of the best of all time every week. His work with legends and new stars alike has constantly drawn new eyes to the product. He is a multiple-time world champion despite spending much of his career away from WWE.

    Lashley and Styles may both be heels at the moment, but it would be easy for The All Mighty to transition into a face role. After all, he has fan support behind his long-awaited WWE Championship victory.

    When their roles are set, The Phenomenal One can bring the best out of Lashley. The two have perfect competing styles. The All Mighty is a powerhouse, and he knows how to work with high fliers; Styles is a fast-paced striker who can target and wear down The All Mighty with the help of Omos.

    While Styles himself may not be imposing, he is crafty and decorated. The Hurt Business won't be able to stop him when he strikes, playing the conniving heel to combat Lashley's dominance in a way The Miz couldn't.

Kofi Kingston/The New Day

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    The Hurt Business vs. The New Day has been a story since MVP brought together his dominant stable.

    Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin managed to dethrone Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as Raw tage team champions in December. And while Bobby Lashley did get involved at times, it was only from a distance.

    It's also worth considering the possibility of pitting these veterans against each other. Kingston is one of the best long-time Superstars in WWE. He has put in the work and deserves more chances at the top of the card.

    He proved as much with an emphatic performance in the Elimination Chamber in February. He would be the underdog against The All Mighty, but it's possible he would push Lashley to his limit.

    It would be a natural evolution of the feud with The New Day, and WWE could go all the way with that story. Kingston and Woods could both get title shots against The All Mighty. WWE could even bring in Big E despite the big man being on SmackDown.

    Big E vs. Lashley is especially enticing. It would be a contest of power against power that fans have not seen yet. It may take some massaging of the rosters given the brand split, but if The Hurt Business tried to end The New Day, Big E will help his friends.

Cedric Alexander

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    The Hurt Business remain a strong unit, but it wasn't that long ago that Cedric Alexander's ego nearly broke them.

    MVP was struggling to keep the group's youngest member contained at the time, and all it would take is one opportunity for Alexander to try it again.

    There are many ways a stories like this could go. The obvious one would be for Alexander to get cocky and earn a shot at Lashley that goes horribly wrong for him. He would be humbled, and little would be gained from it.

    A more interesting possibility would be if MVP pitted Lashley and Alexander against each other. The Hurt Business leader would put himself in the position to decide who he wanted as champion. It could be the moment when Alexander is finally made.

    While he will never be The Rock, there are elements of Alexander's arrogance in this stable that are similar to how The Brahma Bull treated The Nation of Domination. He can use the stable to launch him into superstardom if he is ready for it.

    A battle between Lashley and Alexander would be the story that would define The Hurt Business' legacy on WWE. If the group can take The All Mighty to a world title and help Alexander reach the mountaintop, it would make the stable one of the all-time greats.