FCF 2021 Week 3 Rosters, Schedule, Live Stream and Format

Kristopher Knox@@kris_knoxFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2021

Zappers co-owner Dalvin Cook
Zappers co-owner Dalvin CookBruce Kluckhohn/Associated Press

Fans who have watched Fan Controlled Football (FCF) over its first couple of weeks have noticed some similarities to other recent spring leagues, as well as a whole lot of differences.

Over the past two years, football fans have been treated to new spring leagues that haven't exactly made significant marks on the sporting world. Neither the AAF nor the XFL finished its inaugural season—technically, a reboot in the latter's case—and neither set the stage for a second consecutive campaign.

The one notable benefit of the AAF and the XFL is that they helped put more NFL hopefuls into the spotlight. Offensive lineman Michael Dunn, for example, played in the XFL last year, signed with the Cleveland Browns and wound up starting and winning a playoff game.

Like the AAF and the XFL, the FCF is helping to get unemployed football players on to a playing field. The similarities sort of end there, though. FCF games are more similar to arena-style football, with seven-on-seven action taking place on a 50-yard indoor field. The FCF has also taken a novel approach to rosters, play-calling and its first-season format.

With a four-team league and a four-week regular season, the FCF is in a far better position to crown an inaugural champion. The league's unique approach also seems to be a hit with fans.

According to Sam Carp of SportsPro, Week 1's live Twitch stream drew 700,000 viewers, while the FCF App was the most downloaded app in the Apple store over the weekend. The action continued in Week 2, when the Beasts and Glacier Boyz picked up wins and the FCF saw its first overtime game.

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Interest in the FCF remains high, and Minnesota Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook recently decided to get in on the fun. He recently became a co-owner of the Zappers and seems to enjoy the unpredictable nature of fan-controlled play-calling.

"It's different because you never know what the play call is going to be," Cook said, per Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune. "You've got some fans thinking one way, and you've got other fans thinking a certain way. I think that's the most curious part about it: you want to know how fans think. I think that's the most fun part about it."

Whether you've been a fan of the FCF since Day 1 or are looking to get in on the action as Cook has, you will have a chance to enjoy some Fan Controlled Football on Saturday. It's time for Week 3, and here's everything you need to know.


2021 Fan Controlled Football Week 3

When: Saturday, February 7

Where: Infinite Energy Stadium, Duluth, Georgia


  • Zappers vs. Wild Aces at 8 p.m. ET
  • Beasts vs. Glacier Boyz at 9 p.m. ET

All games will be live-streamed on Twitch and broadcast on gaming network VENN.


Rosters and Play-Calling Format

We took a more in-depth look at the FCF rules and format in our Week 1 preview and again in Week 2, but it's worth revisiting some of the basics for FCF initiates. If you're already familiar with how things work, feel free to skip ahead to this week's rosters. 

This will be the third week of a four-week regular season. It will be followed by one playoff week and then the FCF championship week. While many aspects of FCF will remain the same from week to week, the rosters will constantly change.

New rosters are drafted each week—though fans can choose one keeper—with three-man offensive lines and defenses each counting as single units.

As of Thursday, the official FCF website does not have individual defenders or offensive linemen listed among its team rosters. However, players for the individual squads can be found on the players page. As is largely the case in fantasy football, though, the emphasis here is on quarterbacks and skill-position players.

Play-calling will also be controlled by fans. They can increase their voting power by successfully constructing strong rosters and effective game plans. From the FCF website:

"Call the right play? You get some FanIQ. Draft the top players? Get some more FanIQ. Your FanIQ increases the more you interact with FCF and prove to other fans just how much you know the game. When you hit certain targets of FanIQyou level up! And as you level up, your voting power increases and all your votes count for more. The more you put in, the more you get out. So get to it!"

Fans can also earn special badges to increase their voting power and can gain special power-ups for their favorite teams. From the FCF website:

"In the FCF, what you do OFF the field impacts your team ON the field. Each week you and your fellow fans will have a chance to earn Team Powers for your squad. 5th Down, Power Play, Flip the Field - they could all change the course of a game. And in the Man Up! pre-draft show, a WR, DB, and QB will each earn a 1v1 Power that will go to whichever team drafts them."

Overtime rules are also different, and fans got their first taste in Week 2. As is the case in college football, each team has an offensive possession. There's no kicking in the FCF, either, with point-after attempts coming via a one-on-one receiver-defender showdown.

The full list of FCF rules can be found here.


Week 3 Rosters

Glacier Boyz

Team Owners: Quavo Huncho, Richard Sherman and Deestroying

QB: Ed Crouch, David Pindell

WR: Alphonso Carter, Andrew Jamiel, KaVontae Turpin

RB: Madre London, Calen Campbell

OL: Dam Nation

DEF: Heavy Hitters



Team Owners: Bob Menery, Trevor May, Ronnie Singh and Dalvin Cook

QB: Logan Marchi, Johnny Manziel

WR: Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, Travis Toivonen, Isaiah King

RB: Berkley Edwards, Anthony Jones

OL: Dam Nation

DEF: Shut Down Squad



Team Owners: Marshawn Lynch, Renee Montgomery and Miro

QB: T.J. Edwards II, Quinton Flowers

WR: Christian Saulsberry, Troy Evans Jr., Joseph Boykin, Yedidiah Louis

RB: Quinn Porter

OL: Block Party

DEF: Shut Down Squad


Wild Aces

Team Owners: Rachel Lindsay, Barbara Dunkelman, Austin Ekeler, Greg Miller and Jack Settleman

QB: Jackson Erdmann, Deondre Francois

WR: Douglas McNeil III, Raphael Leonard, Richaud Floyd

RB: LaDarius Galloway, Daryl Virgies

OL: Block Party

DEF: Heavy Hitters


Week 3 Standings

Beasts 2-0

Wild Aces 1-1

Glacier Boyz 1-1

Zappers 0-2