Nick Chubb Talks Browns' Baker Mayfield, LeBron vs. MJ, More in B/R AMA

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2021

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb carries the ball up field during the second half of an NFL divisional round football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021, in Kansas City. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

Through his first three seasons, Nick Chubb has established himself as one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Chubb was instrumental in helping Cleveland make the playoffs in 2020 for the first time in 18 years. He had 1,217 yards from scrimmage and a career-high 12 rushing touchdowns. 

On Thursday, Chubb sat down with B/R to answer questions about Baker Mayfield, the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate and many more topics in an AMA session. 

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.

We know you're partnered with Sleep Number, how does sleep impact your performance on the field?

Sleep is everything, since I've been in the league I'm trying to take care of my body the best way. Sleep number optimizes your recovery and dealing with injuries. Getting a goodnight's sleep makes sure to get me enough energy and boost my performance. 

@DawgNationn13: How was it going from beating Baker in the Rose Bowl to playing with him the next year?

It was interesting. That's just life you never know where you're going to go next. I had no idea who he even was and now he's my best friend. First time I ever met him we were roommates for camp, but he was cool about it. Now he's a great friend of mine.


@mroggoat: Best Baker Mayfield story?

I really don't have a story. It's something different every day.

@fitchkarma66: What was the locker room like after beating the Steelers in the playoffs?

I want to feel that three more times to get to where we want to be. It was crazy and also different because we didn't have players and coaches because of COVID-19 protocol. Our head coach wasn't there so people were walking around with him on FaceTime. It was different but it was a great feeling.

@Jcman1228: Who is better LeBron or Jordan?

I grew up watching LeBron, I've seen the Jordan doc which was amazing. For my generation, you gotta go LeBron.

@amandagroover13: What's your favorite memory with Sony Michel and Todd Gurley?

Todd, just how he was like the man on campus. He did anything he wanted to do, he got his way about anything. I was a freshman and just amazed. I lived together with Sony, we had a favorite restaurant called Grindhouse Killer Burger and we'd go every Friday before game days and get the same burger and milkshakes every time. We knew the workers, everybody.

@SocietyVertigo: In a squat-off who will win: You or Saquon Barkley?

It'd be me. Don't let his leg shots fool you.


@GreekFreak4MVP: Who are your top 5 Georgia RBs of all time?

Gurley, Sony, Herschel Walker, Knowshon Moreno, Garrison Hearst.

@fiitchkarma66: What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment?

Probably my first game playing Pittsburgh, I made a couple mistakes and got run over by linebackers. Realized I needed to get faster, bigger and stronger.

@gooOSU: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Every RB will tell you AP, he's a special player.


@blank214269: Who's your favorite Browns teammate?

I can't really pick just one, my RB unit, we are all close. Kareem, Dontree, Johnson, our fullbacks, even our RB coach.


@SportFanBeast: If you could truck one NFL legend who would it be and why?

Hahaha, I would go for Ray Lewis. I remember watching him play and he's a stud.


@joshsimms: Who is the funniest guy on the Browns?

Might be Kareem, he's hilarious. When you're around him you never stop laughing.


@2014ForestHillsD: Who delivered the hardest hit in your career?

Hmmm, That's hard to say, I don't take hits like that.


@Notmasonrudolph: Favorite hobbies besides football?

Got a dog named Dracco, love playing catch with him. Play some video games before bed. I've played with the Browns before on Madden, it's cool. I remember as a kid thinking I could be in the game.


@Whaler814: What is your favorite memory from Georgia?

Winning the Rose Bowl, playing in the National Championship. Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel went first round to the Pats and they were my roommates who then got drafted.


@Donk25: What is your weirdest fan interaction?

I was home at a restaurant and someone wanted me to sign something but they didn't have anything so they ripped off their shoes. I think I've signed a baby's head too.


@Onnpyt: What makes a great RB?

All in making the play, not getting taken down by the first guy. 


@catchkitchell12: What's the most underrated part of your game?

Probably my speed, I'm pretty fast.


@edwin_delgado: Do you do any trash-talking on the field?

I don't say a word. I don't hear people talking to me. I'm so zoned and locked in, so focused, I can't even remember the last play.


@Not_RudyGobert: What's your favorite locker room story?

Just when we beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. It was a great feeling. Everyone was happy and doing the Corvette Corvette dance. That was great.


@ChubbaWubbaHub: Who's your favorite superhero and why is it Batman?

They already know! It's Batman because he's a man just like us and he's facing the guys who can crush him but they can't because of who he is. If he was Superman he knew he couldn't die, you'd be brave, anybody would be brave there. But Batman can die at any time and he still puts his life on the line.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Are you pissed you were 4 yards short of 1K your first season?

Yeah I definitely held on to that, use it as motivation. I actually hit 1,000 yards and then a couple plays later I lost 4. I remember I hit 1,000 yards and people are tweeting "Nick Chubb hits 1,000 yards!" and then deleting it later on, so I made sure I get 1,000 yards now. Last year I missed 4 games and made sure I still got 1,000 yards.


Favorite movie ever?

I am Legend


Favorite sneakers?

Not really a sneaker guy. I like any kind of Nike, that works for me.

The Browns selected Chubb out of the University of Georgia in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft. His 4,769 rushing yards in college are the second-most in Bulldogs history, behind Herschel Walker's 5,259 yards from 1980-82.  

Chubb has been named to the Pro Bowl in each of the past two seasons. His 1,494 rushing yards in 2019 is the fourth-most by a player in Browns history, trailing only three different seasons from Jim Brown. 


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