Quick Takes on Brock Lesnar, Edge's WWE Royal Rumble Return, Jungle Boy and More

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistJanuary 31, 2021

Quick Takes on Brock Lesnar, Edge's WWE Royal Rumble Return, Jungle Boy and More

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    Brock Lesnar making a Royal Rumble return looks to be a likely possibility.
    Brock Lesnar making a Royal Rumble return looks to be a likely possibility.Credit: WWE.com

    Of all the WWE Superstars in the running to win the men's Royal Rumble match Sunday night, Brock Lesnar may be the one who ends up reigning supreme—much to fans' dismay.

    CEO Vince McMahon has proved time and time again that he refuses to move past the wrestlers of yesteryear in the main event of WrestleMania, with a part-timer involved in almost every 'Mania headline bout for the past decade.

    Edge coming out on top in the men's Rumble would be a much better option considering the fresh matches he could have with the champions on Raw and SmackDown. The incredible promo he cut Monday night announcing his participation in the annual Battle Royal left fans wanting to see him overcome the odds again and punch his ticket to the main event of The Show of Shows.

    That was easily the best part of Raw, while Jungle Boy's outstanding outing against Dax Harwood highlighted an entertaining edition of AEW Dynamite two days later. If it wasn't already obvious, Jungle Boy made it known that he has a bright future ahead of him, specifically as a singles star.

    His impressive win over one-half of FTR marked the beginning of his chase for championship gold. Jungle Boy's ceiling for solo success will be discussed in this week's Quick Takes along with The Young Bucks' opponents for Revolution, possible winners for the women's Rumble and more.

Brock Lesnar Winning the Men's Royal Rumble Is the Shocker Nobody Asked For

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    A returning name winning the Royal Rumble is always an exciting option to have—unless that person previously won a Rumble and has no business being back in the main event of WrestleMania.

    While it may not be the worst-case scenario, Lesnar reigning supreme in the men's Rumble on Sunday is far from ideal. It wouldn't be surprising or satisfying as much as it would be disappointing.

    WWE insider Twitter account WrestleVotes indicated Tuesday that a disappointing finish for the men's Rumble was being considered, at least according to one source. The company has been known to not give fans what they want with the Rumble before, and with no one in the arenas, whatever winner it has in mind wouldn't be booed like in years past.

    That report suggests there's a chance Lesnar comes back and secures his spot in the WrestleMania main event by winning the Rumble. He was last seen losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36, and a Rumble return would allow him to rekindle that rivalry.

    There's also the chance he chooses to go after universal champion Roman Reigns because of The Tribal Chief's association with Paul Heyman. It would be an interesting dynamic, but Reigns vs. Lesnar has already been done twice on The Grandest Stage of Them All, and there's no reason to repeat it again.

    With WrestleMania 37 being a two-night extravaganza again this year, the company will want to load up the card with star power. There's nothing wrong with Lesnar being back in action at that event, but a second Rumble victory for The Beast Incarnate is unnecessary.

The Possibilities Are Endless for Who Could Win the Women's Royal Rumble Match

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    Bianca Belair is the odds-on favorite to win Sunday's women's Royal Rumble match. And rightfully so. Following her recent victory over Bayley, she's riding a wave of momentum and should be next in line for a shot at the SmackDown Women's Championship.

    Belair vs. Sasha Banks is the definition of a marquee match, but there are other ways for WWE to get to that at WrestleMania 37 without having Belair win the Rumble. As long as whoever does win makes sense and Belair has a strong showing in defeat, that's all that matters.

    In fact, Rhea Ripley making her official main-roster debut and winning the women's Rumble might be an even bigger moment. It would also immediately cement her as a star, especially since she has yet to hold gold on either Raw or SmackDown.

    Alexa Bliss is another logical option because of how involved she's been with Raw women's champion Asuka lately, but Bliss doesn't need to win the Rumble seeing as how she's in the title picture. Becky Lynch returning and reigning supreme would be a better outcome because she never lost the belt in the first place.

    Charlotte Flair can't be counted out, either. She's waiting in the wings for a title opportunity against Asuka, while Bayley and even Ronda Rousey are dark horses as well.

    The EST of WWE is the best bet for the women's Rumble, but the possibilities are limitless as far as who else could win, which will make the match even more exciting than it already is.

Jungle Boy Has a Major Singles Run Ahead of Him in AEW

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    AEW produced one of its best editions of Dynamite so far in 2021 on Wednesday night, with the biggest highlight being Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood.

    Jurassic Express and FTR have been at odds for weeks, but nothing about the feud suggested that their match would have been anything out of the ordinary. Despite that, Jungle Boy and Harwood had an excellent match that saw Jungle Boy pick up the hard-fought victory.

    Not only did Harwood prove he could more than hold his own in one-on-one action, but it also showcased the singles potential of Jungle Boy, who has slowly been on the rise for some time. His ascent started when he and MJF nearly stole the show at Double or Nothing 2020 and continued when he challenged Cody Rhodes for the AEW TNT Championship on the June 3 episode of Dynamite.

    There's a lot left for Jurassic Express to do as a unit, including winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship, but it's wise to let Jungle Boy branch out into singles competition when they aren't in the tag title mix. AEW experimented with that Wednesday, and he came off looking like a total star.

    His stellar showing, combined with his catchy new entrance music, will endear him to the audience even more in the weeks and months ahead. Rushing him into the main event scene anytime soon would be a mistake, but the TNT title would be the perfect prize for him to hold before the year is through.

Who Will Face The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution?

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    In addition to Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood, The Young Bucks' reunion with The Good Brothers for the first time in five years was another highlight from Wednesday's AEW Dynamite. The four former Bullet Club members successfully defeated The Dark Order in the main event and showed no signs of dissension.

    However, the Bucks revealed that they will be involved in next week's tag team Battle Royal to determine the number one contenders to their AEW World Tag Team Championship at March's Revolution pay-per-view. If they win, they will have the opportunity to choose their own opponents, making a match against The Good Brothers a possibility.

    At this stage of their storyline, it's too soon for them to be facing off. It would make more sense for The Lucha Brothers to get the shot because of their recent beef with the Bucks, but since they won't be participating, Chris Jericho and MJF would be the next-best bet.

    Jericho and MJF are the official tag team of Inner Circle by virtue of their victory over the other members a few weeks ago and have been on a winning streak the past few months. They wouldn't and shouldn't take the titles from Young Bucks, but it would allow them to continue telling their story and get one step closer to whatever the endgame is going to be.

    The only other appealing option is Private Party, but AEW should wait a while before revisiting that rivalry. After all, Private Party have their Impact World Tag Team Championship match with Good Brothers to look forward to at Impact's No Surrender show February 13.

Why WWE Was Wise to Announce Edge's Royal Rumble Return Ahead of Time

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    Edge's declaration of his involvement in the men's Royal Rumble match got everyone buzzing coming out of Monday's Raw. The Rumble pay-per-view is famous for its surprises, and it seemed strange to some that WWE would go ahead and announce it in advance.

    While that is typically true, Edge is a special case. He's returned in the men's Rumble twice before: once when he won it in 2010 and in 2020, when no one thought he would wrestle again. There was no way he was going to top either comeback, so it made more sense for him to be advertised this time around.

    Plus, the story with Edge is naturally fantastic. He wants to regain the gold he never lost when he was forced to retire from the ring a decade ago, and the only way for him to earn that opportunity is to win the Rumble for a second time.

    His promo was phenomenal and immediately gave him a direction and motivation that many WWE Superstars lack. The only issue with it was that it should have happened weeks ago so the company could have properly built it up ahead of time.

    Otherwise, it was a smart tactic on WWE's part to give fans something to get excited about in the men's Rumble and establish another contender. Regardless of whether he wins is irrelevant—his return will provide Raw with the star power it desperately needs.


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