Matt Riddle Says Brock Lesnar Is His Dream Opponent for WWE WrestleMania Match

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 23, 2021

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WWE Superstar Riddle is still hopeful that a WrestleMania match against fellow former UFC star Brock Lesnar could be in the cards one day.

In an interview with Catch Off, Riddle revealed that Lesnar is still his dream WrestleMania opponent despite the small likelihood that the match will ever happen (beginning at the 14:20 mark):

"I always want to go to my go-to, and that's Brock," Riddle said. "He's the best. He beat [The Undertaker's WrestleMania] streak; the guy has got it. You know, I'm still talking about him. but I know he's not really interested in wrestling me or fighting me, so I'm not gonna push it."

Riddle vs. Lesnar would make sense as a WrestleMania match at some point since both Superstars have successful MMA backgrounds.

Before making the transition to professional wrestling, Riddle was 8-3 with two no-contests during his UFC career.

Meanwhile, Lesnar went 5-3 with one no-contest in the UFC. That included beating Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 91 in 2008.

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Despite the parallels between them, a match between Riddle and Lesnar may not be in the offing since The Beast Incarnate apparently doesn't want it.

In June, Riddle told Alex McCarthy of TalkSport about an interaction he had with Lesnar and Paul Heyman at the 2020 Royal Rumble:

"Then, of course, Heyman and his security guard—I won't mention his name [laughs]—him and his security guard come up to me and basically told me I had no chance in hell—it was very Vince McMahon like [laughs]—no chance in hell that I was going to get that match with him and I'd have better luck doing something else.

"And I'll be honest, at first, I was just like awww [disappointed], I got this far and you're literally holding me like this [tightly]. Like, he's holding me like we're friends but we're not. And then he [Lesnar] tells me, 'It's never going to happen.'"

For now, Lesnar isn't under contract with WWE, although it seems likely that he will be back at some point, perhaps as soon as the Royal Rumble on Jan. 31.

As for Riddle, he is a staple on Raw and is in the midst of a feud with The Hurt Business, and specifically United States champion Bobby Lashley.

Riddle vs. Lashley has been entertaining thus far, and given Lashley's body type and background, it could be a preview of how Riddle vs. Lesnar would look if that match ever does happen.


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